HILLARY CLINTON – How Low Can We Go America?

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I had a person who professes to be a Republican tell me regarding Hillary Clinton, “Well she paid her dues and deserves it.”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Paid her dues?  Deserves it?  Oh, she deserves it alright but not the “it” that this person was speaking of.  The history of Bill and Hillary Clinton would reward most average citizens with extended time in the Big House so in what way is she deserving of being President of these United States of America.

Hillary’s college days reveal that she was an avid follower of and enamored by Saul Alinsky and his leftist radical Anti-American ideology.  In the 60’s she was a militant activist for the leftist agenda and even her Wellesley thesis was securely locked away from public scrutiny during the Clinton Presidency.  David Brock said she was so radicalized by Alinsky she should be called “Alinsky’s Daughter.”  Barbara Olson, who died in the terrorist attack of 9/11 said that the Clinton’s hid her thesis because they did not want the American people to know just how completely radicalized and ideologically devoted Hillary was to the Alinsky model.  She hasn’t changed!

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It seems that Whitewater is long forgotten and as Hillary would say, “What difference does it make now?”  It matters because it is part of a history that reveals the character, intent, and willingness to follow the Alinsky model of “the end justifies the means” and as her Wellesley thesis was entitled: “There is Only the Fight.”  We have documented evidence of her involvement and video and audio of her attacking the women her husband is accused of sexually abusing.  She proclaims to be the standard bearer for Women’s Rights and yet she has done as much if not more to hinder women in her career than any candidate in the field.  It often appears that she is willing to sell her influence to achieve the money and power she seeks.

The Benghazi debacle that cost four American heroes their lives was covered up by Hillary Clinton, in part to protect Barack Obama in his reelection bid and she has continued to perpetuate the lies regarding what happened, her failures, and the subsequent cover-up.  To her, “people died, that happens.”  She, it seems, believes that what she did is excusable and even justifiable because it was a “means to an end” and they end was getting the Democrat leftist reelected to continue the agenda of “fundamentally transforming America.”  What difference does it make?  All the difference in the world, because we are talking about maintaining the Constitutional Republic or reducing America to at best an Oligarchy and at worst a Dictatorial Tyranny.  NEITHER ARE ACCEPTABLE.

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We have her email scandal or criminal activity which is being brushed aside on every hand and even now the so-called conservative “fair and balanced” network Fox News has aligned itself with the Establishment that there was no criminal intent.  We know from testimony and documents that she rejected warnings about doing this and knew that it was not only illegal but jeopardized our national security and potentially endangered Americans in the process.  I wonder how General David Petraeus, the former CIA director feels about this?  The direct connection to Sidney Blumenthal is inescapable although Hillary claims it was inconsequential and not official.  He had access to her and the State Department virtually at will and that is somehow inconsequential and his information random and unsolicited. It now appears that she had emails that were beyond “Top Secret” on her private and virtually unprotected server.  How is that acceptable for a potential Commander in Chief?  She is deserving for sure, but not to occupy the Oval Office but a 6′ X 8′ room in a Federal facility to incarcerate those convicted of crimes.

Hillary’s aides and the many conflicts of interest should be impossible to ignore and yet, she is deemed to have “paid her dues” and now “deserving”.  America, if we allow an individual with the history and track record of failure with such a clear lack of integrity to become President we are complicit in driving the final nails in the coffin of the Republic.  I CANNOT DO THAT and will do everything I can to prevent Hillary Clinton or any nominee for the Democrat Party to become President of these United States of America.  My Freedom is too valuable and precious to do less. 

God bless you and God bless America.


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