2020 AMERICA???

Blog Post - Four More Years

I like hearing hope expressed by the supporters of various candidates running for the office of President of the United States of America in 2016.  It is a good thing to be hopeful for without HOPE we would be a miserable lot and despair would overcome and overwhelm to the point that we throw up our hands and surrender.

  • Without HOPE, there is no determined struggle to overcome obstacles.
  • Without HOPE, there is no drive to climb to the pinnacle of accomplishment.
  • Without HOPE, there is sure defeat and I pray that we do not reach that low point in our American history.

I am HOPEFUL because I desperately cling to belief in America and the American spirit.  However, the strength of my HOPE is my confidence and faith in God.  I know that “with God” all things are possible and America can survive.  I also know that “without God” we will not succeed as the Constitutional Republic.  You may agree or vehemently disagree and find my mention of God offensive.  If that is you, I am sorry you feel that way but it is what keeps me going and when I read the writings of the founding fathers and research the history of the 1776 Revolution I cannot view it without seeing the hand of God in the process.  I am not saying that God saw the colonist as superior to or better than the British only that He had a plan for a nation to become and an incredible example of Freedom and a Light Shining to the World of Hope.  That, in my view, was our founding base and most or many of the founders would agree.

Blog Post - 2020 America0

Today, it is almost inevitable that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat Nominee for President.  Her history, record, failures and leftist views will not deter her nomination, so it seems, and the vast majority of Democrats will vote for the “D” behind the name with no consideration of the person.  Some Republicans will do the same for the Republican candidate and others will, as they did in 2012, withhold their vote because they find the nominee unacceptable.  I personally disagree with that because I consider Hillary Clinton or any of the Democrat possibilities as more dangerous and destructive to the Republic than the eventual Republican nominee whether that is Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich.

Blog Post - Constitution

The question in my title, “2020 America?” is, in my view, a valid one.  Can the Republic survive another four years should the Democrats keep the White House and possible reclaim the Senate?

  • If they do, the Supreme Court will be so altered and transformed into a Liberal Leftist Rubber Stamp the Constitution will be rendered meaningless and largely null and void.
  • If they do, Illegals will be not only offered a pathway to citizenship but afforded the rights and privileges of citizenship without the process.
  • If they do, the national debt will escalate even more rapidly than it has in the eight years of Barack Obama, taxes will increase exponentially, business will continue to be lost to offshore sites, the economy will continue to decline, and more people will be dependent on the government for their livelihood. It will be a UNSUSTAINABLE

 Therefore, my question is, “If the Democrats win, will we have an America in 2020?”  My prediction is, “Only theoretically!”  The Republic described and detailed in the Constitution will no longer exist and America will be America only in name, not reality or function.

Supporters of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich believe that if their candidate is elected America will be fully restored to her former status and constitutionality.  Some of the proposals of each of those candidates offer hope and some proposals are virtual impossibilities because they would require bipartisan support in Congress which would likely never happen and some would require a Constitutional Amendment that would likely take years to adopt if ever.  Could they use the Obama method of “Executive Orders” to arbitrarily impose their will on America?  Yes, but if you think the Democrats would not quickly challenge that with more intensity than the Republicans have, you are dreaming.

Blog Post - Hope

No, I have not lost HOPE but I am troubled deeply in my heart for my nation.  I believe, that if America or a significant portion of America would once again, “call on God” and turn from the path we are on of self-centeredness, selfishness, and self-exaltation and in humility, with repentance call on Him, He would bring us forth once again.  That is my view, you may or may not share that view but please understand that everything I say and do is based on my Faith in God.  I am a Vietnam Veteran, a Patriot, one who loves America and will every stand and fight for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.  

God bless you and God bless America!

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