BLOG POST - America Weeping

My brother and I were discussing politics and the conditions of our nation and world and he said, “I don’t think I have voted FOR a candidate rather than voting AGAINST someone since Ronald Reagan.”  I would have to agree, for the most part.  The senior Bush troubled me for I viewed him, at best, a moderate and often liberal in his political ideology.  I could not avoid his own words and apparent connections to the Bilderberg Group, Agenda 21, and New World Order movements.  I voted for George W. Bush both elections and my vote were a mixed bag of sorts.  I supported him on many fronts and he left me wanting on others, but the Democrat option was an absolute NO so I voted.  In the past two elections, I most assuredly voted against Barack Obama rather than voting for John McCain or Mitt Romney.  I believed and still believe that either of them would have been a far better option for America than what we now have.  I am trying not to be in that same boat in this election but there are some things that give me concern.  Be angry with me for that statement if you please, but if I do not ask questions and attempt to obtain definitive answers that quiet my fears I feel I have failed in my responsibility as an American citizen charged with selecting and electing a leader for my nation.

I am heartbroken over where I see our nation, the divide that has been exacerbated by the current administration and ideological pursuits of the Democrats.  I am heartbroken over the lack of intestinal fortitude, conservative values, or constitutional convictions by the elected Republicans on many fronts.  Our societal attitude seems to be shifting toward an ideology that embraces Socialism to some degree and the Entitlement mentality or participation has surpassed the 50% threshold and at that point, no Democratic Republic can survive.  The attempts to completely rewrite history, strip away the moral fabric, abandon foundational values and allow political correctness to run amok pushes me beyond heartbreak into despair.  I weep over the conditions I see existing in my nation.  We are standing on the precipice where a few more steps and we careen over the edge into oblivion never to be restored.  Some, discount that concern saying, “Well America has always survived and will survive this.”  No, our founders understood that we could lose our Republic as have many through the years.  We, as Ronald Reagan declared, “Are one generation away from losing our liberty.”

BLOG POST - Crooked

We are now on the brink of the 2016 Elections in which an individual who is suspected and, in my view, guilty of criminal activity will likely be the Democrat nominee for President of these United States of America.  The Republican Party is so divided that there are NEVER groups who are adamantly determined to prevent the likely nominee from winning the White House.  I have heard many arguments to support that view and at the end of the day I keep asking, “Can We Afford 4 or 8 Years of Hillary Clinton as President?”  She is on the record of wanting to reduce, restrict or rescind our Constitutional Rights as citizens to “keep and bear arms”.  She is on the record supporting “Amnesty” and allowing millions of Illegals to become citizens and cast ballots to determine the course America takes in the future.  She and her husband’s hands are so dirty via the “influence peddling” that it is mind boggling how any American who wants to preserve our Republic and honor the Constitution could consider voting for her.  The Clinton’s left the White House with a net worth of near ZERO and now are worth over $200 MILLION.  How?  How can that be?  Their foundation, which is largely a fund to support their political aspirations and provide them a lavish lifestyle, has received hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign nations and entities many of whom have or do support terrorism.  She engaged in questionable if not illegal activities as Secretary of State and long before she or He were in national politics they were engaged in questionable activities.

In 2016, many seem to be losing sight of the elections some call secondary, the House, Senate, Governorships, State Houses, and local elections.  I cannot ignore those for even the Republicans win the White House and lose the Senate, the Democrats win and will continue to advance their liberal leftist ideology and agenda.  If the Democrats win the White House, they will likely regain control of the Senate and that would be a disaster on so many fronts, the Republic, in my view, could not survive.  Hillary Clinton will, if elected, raise taxes, damage our economy in the continuation of the leftist war on fossil fuels, destroy or damage or Religious Freedom, launch a full-scale attack on our 2nd Amendment Rights, further damage or military, and allow incredible and dangerous holes in our national security.  She will open our borders and the dangers of that are so disturbing I will hold comments for another time.

BLOG POST - Choices

We have a choice in 2016.  We can either VOTE AGAINST Hillary and the Democrats in a way that will ensure they are not elected and cannot regain or keep power or we can ALLOW their ascension and continuation.  I speak this to those who are not firmly established in their support of the likely nominee and if the nomination becomes a reality, I ask you to prayerfully consider the impact on the nation if HILLARY CLINTON becomes President.  We can ignore the lower races and allow the liberal leftist to make significant inroads eroding our liberties and constitutional government or we can roll up our sleeves and become aware and involved.  Yes, I am Heartbroken and then some regarding my nation.  I know many of you are as well.  My continued commitment is to pray for my nation in intercessory prayer and do all I know to do to defend and fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!

BLOG POST - American Flag

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