BLOG POST 2 - Quid Pro Dough

There has been much said about who is “owned” and who is not by special interest, big money, corporations, and power brokers in America.  Let me risk making everybody mad and say that, to a degree, they are all beholding to someone.  I realize that statement cannot be made without further clarification and if you will give me the opportunity I will explain what I mean.

If one engages in “buying” influence or “selling” influence their hands get dirty.  I will concede that the “sellers” of influence are possible more corrupt than the “buyers” but neither are pure and void of any skeletons in the closet that could or might be used to broker deals and, in a real sense, blackmail the politician.  When you “buy” influence there are things the “seller” knows that could be used against you and if you “sell” influence the “buyers” know things that could be used against you.  In a great measure, it is different sides of the same political coin and exists in the world of politics and business.  Therefore, I see no candidate who is completely free of that baggage.

BLOG POST 2 - Influence

My intent is not to attack Donald Trump in this statement and I hope you will hear the conclusion of the whole matter before kicking me to the curb in anger.  We hear much about “making deals” and “getting things done” in this year’s campaign.  Tell me, what politician is not a “deal maker?”  They all make deals and some are much better at it than others but “deal making” is not something unique to any one candidate.  Tragically, the Republicans have been making deals with the Democrats for years now and many of those deals have been very detrimental to America, the Economy, and our Constitutional Liberties and Rights.  The question is, “What is being dealt and what is being received?”  Just making deals does not interest me.  That ties back to the “buying” and “selling” of influence and what leverage the “buyer” or “seller” might have in the deal.

I appreciate Donald Trump’s effort to largely “self-fund” his campaign and thereby present the image, if not the reality, that he is free from the influence of special interests, super-PACs, Wall Street, Lobbyist, etc.  Yet, I cannot help notice that he has on his campaign staff Paul Manafort who is a “Lobbyist” and a very powerful one.  I also understand he has hired a former Goldman Sachs Partner and George Soros employee, Steven Mnuchin, as his Finance Chairman to solicit funds for the General Election.  Does that mean anything?  I don’t know but it opens the door for Hillary to question him on those fronts and in many ways would appear to negate his ability to use against her the argument that he is self-funded and takes no money from special interests.  It may mean absolutely nothing but I cannot imagine the Democrats not using it to suggest that Trump is being hypocritical, even if he is not.  Again, not an attack on Trump but something he and all Republicans should be aware of.  We all know that perception is reality to many people.

BLOG POST 2 - Political Mercenaries

We know that Hillary Clinton is in heavily funded by the national and international power brokers as well as millions coming from Muslim Nations or leaders and other foreign sources.  Donald Trump’s characterization of Hillary Clinton as “crooked” is absolutely apropos and accurate, in my view.  Hillary Clinton receiving almost a quarter million to give a 20-30 minute speech at Goldman Sachs was nothing more than “influence peddling” and “influence buying” and no one truly believes they paid her that obscene amount to give a motivational speech.  She gave three speeches for a total of $675,000.  The only question is what were they buying?  Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Clinton Foundation have been recipients of large donations from various foreign governments, organizations, and individuals.  Some of those nations are Saudi Arabia, Oman, Morocco and Yemen to name a few.  The fact that many of those donations and those received by Barack Obama are illegal and unconstitutional but when did that matter to them or many politicians.

I hope that my presentation does not so anger people they will no longer give me an opportunity to present what I see and ask my questions.  I hope that it does not dissuade anyone from voting and cause them to say, “See, I knew it is pointless and while we vote we have no real power or control, so why bother.”  I hope that it will cause us to ask questions, pressure our elected officials to “make definitive corrections” to our political campaign finance rules.  I personally would like to see the elimination of all Super-Pac’s and a much shortened primary process.  There are things we could do and still have limited government.  The process is a problem and sometimes the process brings corruption to the politicians or vice versa.

BLOG POST 2 - Vote for Money

I CANNOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON, nor can I do anything that will facilitate her election as President of the United States of America.  I will continue to be very much in prayer and seek to have all my questions answered regarding each candidate and UNLESS I find things that persuade me otherwise or dissuade me, I plan to vote Republican in November.  I know that is not a ringing endorsement nor is it a blatant refusal to support the nominee, so please be patient with me.  I have voiced questions about and to each candidate through the entire process and will not be deterred from asking questions.  I need to do so for my own conscience and peace of mind.  I want what you want, the best for America!  I like you, love this country and while I am convinced that Hillary Clinton and the major Democrats love something other than America the Republic and are imminent dangers to the Republic I will devote my energy and efforts to defeating them.

God bless you and God bless America!




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