MY MEMORIAL DAY MESSAGE – Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick…

BLOG POST 1 - Speak Softly

Theodore Roosevelt cited this as a West African proverb in a letter to Henry L. Sprague, on January 26, 1900.  It is a saying that conveys the idea of employing the tactic of caution and non-aggression, backed up by the ability to do violence if required.  That was then and this is now when the American President tiptoes through the tulips carrying a wet noodle demonstrating not desire, willingness or ability to wield a “big stick” except toward Americans and those who hold to our founding and moral principles.  I find the attitude, actions, and sentiments of the sitting president appalling, especially as I reflect on his administration this Memorial Day.  He has disparaged the memory of our fallen frequently and, in my view, once is too often.

BLOG POST 1 - Human Rights.gif

This president, unlike presidents of history, repeatedly demonstrates weakness and has reduced America to a nation no longer trusted by our friends or feared by our enemies.  I, personally, find lifting the arms embargo on Vietnam offensive for many reasons and one of the top is their history and the current state of utter disregard for human rights.  I served in Vietnam in 1967 and saw firsthand the incredible viciousness of the communist toward anyone opposing their agenda.  He continues to travel the world speaking apologetically for what he perceives as America’s sins and this action and his trip to Vietnam as his trip to Hiroshima is perceived by the world as an apology to Japan for using nukes to facilitate the end of the war and save millions of lives.  His last years in office are filled and will continue to be filled with acts designed to placate those who are or have been enemies and thereby denigrate the memories of the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in preserving and defending freedom for America and the world.  No, he carries no “big stick” only a “wet noodle” when it comes to the world, but wants to display an “iron fist” when it comes to attacking our Religious Liberty and Freedom and Founding Principles.

BLOG POST 1 - Foreign Aid

FOREIGN AID is the matter I most want to address in this article and use the aforementioned as a Segway into that subject.  I understand the need to offer “aid” to foreign nations from time to time and maybe all the time in some situations but there are conditions, I believe, should be requisites for that support.  I personally believe that our federal budget should not be “baseline” but “zero-based” where we start from ZERO each year and in everything including Foreign Aid we determine what, who, how much, and how long based on some definitive criteria.  I do not believe we should give ONE NICKEL to nations who:

  • Demonstrate an attitude of hostility toward America.
  • Are in any way complicit in the funding, harboring, or facilitating of terrorism or terrorist.
  • Demonstrate reprehensible patterns with regard to human rights.
  • Demonstrate no tolerance toward religious liberty for its citizens.

 Any nation such as Iran and other Muslim nations where the leaders participate in and the refuse to condemn the chants “Death to America” should never receive ONE NICKEL from the United States and we should NEVER give them a path to acquiring arms of any kind.  Nations that harbor terrorist groups which murder, pillage, rape, and impose their religious or political views on citizens demonstrating utter disregard for human life and human rights should never receive tax-payer funds from the United States.

I do not blame the entire situation regarding foreign aid on Barack Obama but his administration has certainly made the matter worse.  Congress, is complicit in this tragedy and UNTIL Congress is made up of elected Senators and Representatives who value the Constitution more than position, purse, and power nothing will change.  The lobbyist will continue to line the pockets and we will continue to grow government using the “baseline” budgeting process where even if they claim NO INCREASE in spending the increase will be 5-10% automatically.  Oh, they will proclaim that they reduced spending when, in truth, they went from a 10% automatic increase to a 5% increase.  The pork in the legislation, the backdoor funding of pet projects, bureaucracies, and entities is often unseen, unnoticed, and allowed as politicians “buy, sell, and trade” for personal interest not the best good for America.

BLOG POST 1 - Elections

In the Elections of 2016, I am fixated with a laser-like focus on the history, attitude, and actions of candidates regarding many things and “National Security” and “Foreign Aid” are high on my list.  I hear what they say, then, where possible, I examine their record and previous stances.  Can people change their views?  Of course, we all do from time to time and on certain things.  But, if you ask me to trust the political leopard’s spot change on face value you have come to the wrong place.  They have earned my skepticism.  We err if we only focus on the Presidential Election for the House and Senate are of equal if not greater importance in the future of the Republic.  But, we also err if we lose sight of the local and statewide elections.  WE NEED TO WAKE UP AMERICA!   The Republic is depending on us getting this right, or as right as we can.

God bless you and God bless America!


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