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BLOG POST - Cash Magnets

Of course, Bill thinks he is a chick magnet, but the Clinton’s are masters at finding the cash and acquiring financial help to facilitate their lifestyles and agenda.  History indicates that former Texas Governor Jim Hogg was quite corrupt and would sell favors for money.  The story goes that he was at a gala and someone accidently stepped on his foot and said, “Pardon me, Governor Hogg.”  The governor responded, “That’ll be $25,000.”  Bill and Hillary Clinton’s mantra is or should be “Show Me the Money!”  The list of questionable and corrupt sources of donations and funds that have come and are coming to them is almost endless.  However, so little is said about it by the media and sadly the Republican Establishment considers the topic too close to home for them to venture into the debate.  The result, the Clintons continue their “influence peddling” and amassing fortunes and campaign donations from sources with views and agendas totally foreign to the American ideals or benefit for America.

This is not new with them and another reason I would like to see the campaigns shortened significantly, Super-Pac’s eliminated, and the corruption in campaign contributions dealt with.  Not that this was the first, but back in 1996, Bill received large donations from people or organizations representing Communist China.  Now, why would a political candidate be supported by China?  I can assure you it was not an attempt to do the right thing for America, but if you believe it was harmless then maybe you can help me catch the unicorns that graze in my backyard from time to time.  Do you remember the names, Johnny Chung and Charlie Trie?  They were the source of millions to the Clintons and the recipient and the donors broke existing federal laws.  How about, Bernard Schwartz, the chief executive of Loral Space & Communications?  He managed to drop $1.3 million in the Clinton coffers and in return Bill gave the green light for Loral to aid Beijing in their rocket program.  Bill overruled the State Department and ignored the concerns of the Pentagon, but when you “sell influence” you have to pay up if you want the flow of cash to continue.  America’s best interest?  As Hillary would say, “What difference does it make?”  After, all the “end justifies the means” right?

BLOG POST - Clinton Cash

The Clinton’s left the White House in 2001 and virtually raided it taking furniture, dishes, etc.  Their claims to be “poor” always fails to acknowledge that their financial problems were due to their having to deplete their holdings to defend Bill from impeachment charges.  They may have been broke when the departed the White House but all of us would like to be as broke as they are today.  It is estimated they are now worth well over $200 million and most of it has come from “influence peddling” where the funds are funneled through the Clinton Foundation.  It did not end when they left the White House, but continued in Hillary’s Senate tenure and became even more pronounced while she was Secretary of State.  Do you really wonder why she opted for a “personal, private email server” against the directives and regulations of the State Department and federal law?  If you are seeking to “hide” your activities from Congress, the Courts, and the Public you ignore the law refuse to be transparent and conduct illicit activities knowing you will likely never be prosecuted if what you have done is discovered.

BLOG POST - Bill Clinton

There is much ado about Donald Trump’s failed University and it would appear there should be some concerns, but nothing is mentioned about Bill Clinton’s being hired as Chancellor for the Laureate Network, the world’s largest for-profit university network.  Bill and some of his cronies were hired to promote the university and investors in this multinational university include Henry Kravis, George Soros, Steve Cohen, and Paul Allen.  In fact, one of the investors in Laureate University, S A C Capital Advisors LP, is a hedge fund that had to pay $1.2 BILLION in a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice to settle allegations of insider trading.  You and I would have gone to jail for less but not the Clinton’s or their friends.  The law, it would seem, only applies to the average citizen or a conservative constitutionalist.  A judge recently released sealed documents on the Trump University but there has been nor will there be a release of documents showing how much Bill Clinton was paid for his promotion of Laureate, or what other possible connections there might be for the Clinton Foundation.  Do I sense a bit of hypocrisy in all this?  But alas, the media and the leftist tell us, “Nothing to see here, move on.  After all, this was in the past so it is no longer fair game.”  SORRY, but I don’t see it that way.  The Clinton’s have demonstrated a willingness to flock with some very dirty birds and if the saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together” is true then they too are dirty birds!

We dare not forget or fail to consider the corruption or apparent corruption involving the Clinton’s when it comes time to elect a President in November.  If we do and she is allowed to be sworn in as President of these United States of America the price will be greater than we can pay.  REMEMBER NOVEMBER!  

God bless you and God bless America!


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