Maybe that is unfair, she may not be able to stand considering her recent health issues and episodes of fainting or whatever has been happening.  I say that partially in jest and partially in seriousness, for I truly wonder if she does not have some major health issue that is being hidden like most other things with regard to this individual and the Clinton’s in particular.

She claims there were no classified emails sent or received and that she did not lie.  We know both those assertions were fabrications otherwise known as lies.  If she truly thinks that both are the truth, then her medical condition is clearly neurological and possibly psychiatric or psychotic.  She claims that she never advanced the ‘birther’ issue regarding Barack Obama but we know that her campaign did as she sought to bring question as to his qualifications in her attempt to secure the nomination in 2008.  There again, if she believes her claim to be truth then she either has some incredible memory issues or is pathological in her pursuit of falsehood.  She claims that she stands for women’s rights but viciously attacked the women accusing Bill Clinton of sexual crimes or liaisons as bimbo’s and liars even after standing before the world and saying that if a woman claims ‘rape’ she should be heard and believed.  Again, not sure what is going on but have a deep seated suspicion that it is a willingness to do whatever it takes to become president and I do mean anything.  She seems to have an incredibly bad memory, highly selective memory or is pathological in her abuse of the truth.

Then we come to the Clinton Foundation and its direct connection to their personal financial windfall as well as her campaign coffers.  The Clinton’s claim there is nothing to see here because the Foundation is a wonderful organization doing unparalleled good around the world.  The “pay for play” is almost too obvious to ignore and although there may not be sufficient evidence uncovered at this point to make prosecution unavoidable, I’m not sure law enforcement has truly looked and the smell of the rat and rottenness is unavoidable.  But, let’s consider the Wonderful Philanthropic and Charitable Champions of Human Rights and meeting dire needs in the world through the Clinton Foundation.

It is well documented that 85 of the 154 people she met with as Secretary of State were people who donated to her Foundation, Campaign or promised to support one of the international programs associated with the Foundation.  The donations from foreign entities are questionable if not blatantly illegal but, alas, “What difference does it make now?” would seem to be the response.  “Move on nothing to see here, that is yesterday’s news!”  How about the revelation that 50% of the staffers paid under the GSA program also worked for the Clinton Foundation.  That is, at best, a conflict of interest, and at worst fraud and corruption or both.  Her former chief of staff at the State Department, Cheryl Mills, also worked for the Clinton Foundation simultaneously.  Now, if nothing was illegal in the emails or the unethical dual association by Ms. Mills why was she granted immunity by the FBI to cooperate?  The fact that Ms. Mills was connected to both the State Department and the Clinton Foundation is not acceptable but alas, excused in the same vein as the FBI’s response to Hillary’s emails.  But, let’s get to where the rubber meets the road regarding the actual monies that were spent on charitable causes unless you consider the Clinton’s personal well-being a charitable cause.  The amount is atrocious!

In 2013 the evidence reveals that only 10% of their budget went to charity!  The breakdown is as follows:  Other expenses 34%, Salaries/benefits 33%, IT 2%, Office supplies 6%, Rent 5%, Travel 10%, and Charitable Grants 10%.  Take in consideration that Hillary & Bill claim that 88% of their expenditures go directly to life-changing work.  WHOSE LIFE?  The Clintons?  Then in 2014 it gets even better or worse depending on your perspective.  In the reporting year of 2014, the amount spent for Charitable Causes dipped to 5.7%.  The IRS filings made by the Foundation indicate that they spent almost $91.5 million in 2014 of that $5.2 million went to charity and almost $35 million in salaries and benefits and a whopping $50.4 million was classified as OTHER EXPENSES.  I wonder what those other expenses were.  Someone suggested that it was “Bimbos for Bill” but who knows.  We do know they continue to grow wealthier and foreign entities continue to funnel money to them and their foundation but precious little of the funds reach those in need of charitable grants.  Did I mention that $851,000 was listed as ‘professional fundraising expenses”?  But alas, the Clinton’s are personally very charitable they gave $1 million to charity and no one noticed that the million went to their personal slush fund.

Ethics and Hillary are not synonymous and yet millions are still considering allowing her to become president of the United States either by direct vote or backdoor vote.  I cannot fathom that as a real possibility but it is.  America, if we do not WAKE UP and RETURN to our founding principles we are going to do more than pay the piper we are going to see the demise of the Republic we have loved and now hold dear!

God bless you and God bless America!


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