Today, we have more civil disharmony than we have witnessed in decades and I lay a large portion of the blame at the feet of this administration, the Democrats, the MSM, and activist groups that are feeding on people’s fears and plight. Wrong is wrong and if you begin with a wrong premise you reach a wrong conclusion. If the root is wrong or faulty the tree cannot produce the desired fruit or good fruit.

I am troubled by the actions of a growing chorus of people in disrespecting America and our National Symbol and Anthem. I understand that people have a right to protest and would never want to censor people’s right or restrict their ability to rightfully and peacefully protest.  However, I believe that the actions taken with regard to the playing of the National Anthem demonstrate a disrespect that is not conducive to finding a resolution to the real or perceived problem(s). I am not saying there are not problems only that this is the wrong forum and in many ways fans the flames of discord rather than offering an olive branch or a viable solution. There are right ways and right times to voice discontent, debate, and even protest and in my view, this is the wrong way. Disagree if you please but that is my view and I do believe that I have the right to form my own opinion as much as those protesting have the right to voice and from theirs.

The narrative that we have a ‘systemic racial problem’ in our justice system and in the police forces across America is both flawed and detrimental to finding solutions to the problems that exist. When we paint the Police with the broad brush of ‘systemic racism’ we detract from the overwhelming majority of Police Officers who truly want to serve and keep the peace and are not racist.  Many of them, and I do not know the percentages, are minorities, are they also racist?  The number of wrongful shootings of anyone by police is a very small number statistically as the evidence has repeatedly revealed.  When police shootings, justified or unjustified, are compared to the homicides in our major cities where the vast majority of black people shot are shot by other blacks the protests lose credibility.  The idea that the police and white people, in general, are on a hunting spree to find and murder blacks is so ludicrous it deserves no response.

It is our right to protest, express dissent, and debate the issues and that is as American as Apple Pie.  I not only defend that right but encourage it when done peacefully, at the right time, and in the right way and spirit.  But, I can never justify the ‘rioting, looting, burning, physically accosting, and anarchy’ that is being demonstrated and promoted by groups like “BLM”, the “New Black Panthers” and other groups.  In what way does burning businesses advance the cause of those who truly believe that the System is Rigged, Systematically Racist and that the police are racially targeting blacks with abandon. Even if you believe that, how is destroying the property of others, harming others, stealing, and inciting violence ever justified?  When leaders of various movements and in protests declare that whites are devils and encourage the murder of police and whites, in general, how is that not destructive and blatantly racist?  PLEASE DO NOT argue that it is in any way justified. IT IS NOT!

When any police officer wrongly shoots any person regardless of ethnicity that officer should be and must be held accountable. PERIOD!  When the facts reveal that the shooting was justified there is no basis of protest, demonstration, or attempting to fan the flames of hate and fear.  “Hands up don’t shoot” was based on a fabrication that has been disproven.  Racism is wrong regardless of which direction it comes.  I understand that there are people who lived through the 50’s and 60’s that were discriminated against and wrongfully treated. I can’t go back and cause that to not have happened.  I understand that those individuals learned to distrust and have a very difficult time respecting authority. In the past 8 years, there has been an almost incessant attempt to fan the flames of racial discord. WHY?  That would take a book to answer and then would be incomplete. One of the reasons is HATE but another is more sinister and diabolical, the POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL designed to divide and conquer this nation.

If you are offended that I declare that ALL LIVES MATTER I am sorry you are but I believe that to not embrace that truth is to state that some lives are more important than others and can justifiably be identified as RACIST. I detest everything that the Islamic Jihadist stand for but do not consider their lives worthless for they were created by God like you and I. They have a wrong belief and it is destructive. Should they be held accountable? ABSOLUTELY!  I disagree with various movements but consider their lives worth saving, if possible.  Being lawless and doing harm to other people and public or private property is WRONG and cannot be justified.  A person is not bad because they are black, brown, white or any other color. Skin pigmentation does not define the person, attitude does. So, can we stop the use of ‘broad brushes’ for political or ideological purposes and address specific situations in a civil and peaceful manner?  When we actually listen we virtually always find something worth hearing and when we accept that different perspectives produce different views we have a basis to work toward a solution. RIOTING, MAIMING, MURDER, LOOTING, BURNING, and DISRUPTING only produces more distrust and discord, so STOP IT PLEASE!

God bless you and God bless America!


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