AMERICA, Are We Aware and Do We Care?


I have written about this before, the caring part, but the question keeps coming to mind as I watch and listen to the antics, diatribe, rhetoric, and ideological spin of the candidates and the reaction of the potential voters.  The mainstream media’s reaction is nothing more than an extension of the Political Party rhetoric so I don’t even bother with it.

The Monday Night awaited debate between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump is now history.  I would say “much awaited” but I’m not sure that is the case but nevertheless we knew the debate was going to happen, barring something catastrophic and some may even consider it to have been.  As the candidates and media prepared for the debate in Charlotte, North Carolina the rioting, protests, demonstrations, and looting (pick your descriptor) continued under the tutelage of the Black Lives Matter movement largely funded by George Soros.  The media coverage was and is, at best, biased if not incendiary designed to incite violence and disruption and that seem to be a definite political agenda.  You have not and will not see the rioters accosting a black man who hugged the police or attacking an elderly homeless person or a man being beaten down in a parking garage where thy stripped his pants from him to further humiliate him.  No, you will not see the incredibly dark side of what is happening, you will see it is a peaceful righteous protest against the evils of our systematically racist police and judicial system and the evilness of being white.  I am white and I do not HATE people of other ethnicities although I do DETEST the wrongness of wrong and criminal actions of all skin colors regardless of who it is.  There is widespread looting and I must ask again, “Do we care?”  Do we care that the looting, violence, and pillage that transpires has nothing to do with any possible injustice it is CRIMINAL and should be called such and treated as such!  Not so, we are told by this administration, Hillary Clinton, or the Media.  The president and Hillary Clinton suggest that “if it is happening at all” it is rare.  NO, it is routine these days and if there is a police shooting, regardless of facts or ethnicity of the officer where a black person is shot there will be a riot.  Not if it happens IT HAPPENS!

The Attorney General, the FBI, and other Government Law Enforcement Agencies are sitting on their hands with regard to the lawlessness in Charlotte and elsewhere and ignoring the most recent revelations of Barack Obama’s blatant lie that he was unaware of Hillary’s unsecured server.  He used a pseudonym to communicate with her on that server.  If he thought the server was secure why the fictitious name?  He knew, she knew, the FBI knows, the DOJ knows, the State Department knew and knows, Congress knows and WE SHOULD KNOW. 

In the Charlotte demonstrations or riots, the fingerprints of George Soros are clearly present but “Do We Care?”  They have bussed in protesters, organizers, and rioters from all over the country and the police have stated that 70% of those arrested were from out of state!  IMAGINE THAT!  In the midst of all this, we had and have Hillary Clinton touting the idea that our police are the problem not bad behavior and criminal activity.  She is unconcerned about the truth only about how to garner votes.  I read an article that indicated that what was pressing her button was not the external situation in Charlotte but the height of her podium for the debate.  She wanted to have both candidates seated to keep her from having to stand and to hide her plan to sit on a stool.  She achieved the reduction in height of her podium to offset any visual of the height difference between her and Mr. Trump.  We knew before the debate that the Media planned to use the descriptor STRONG to characterize Hillary if she did not collapse on stage.  They were going to tout this as a knockout victory’ for Hillary unless she became indefensibly incoherent.  Facts are and were of little consequence to them what can be spun is!  What is said by the Republicans and especially Donald Trump is of major importance when they can spin it the way they want it spun.

DO WE CARE?  If we do, then please join those of us who see the impending disaster and destruction if Hillary Clinton becomes President.  God bless you and God bless America!

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