I have some who seek to challenge my concerns that if Hillary Clinton and the liberal leftist continue in power as President and possibly reclaim the Senate and make inroads into the House of Representative that we could or will LOSE THE REPUBLIC.  Their view is that America has survived in the past and four years will make little difference.  To that assertion, I have to ask, “Have the past eight years been simply a ho-hum period or has it be incredibly detrimental to the condition, position, and future of our Republic?”  I would also ask, “Have we witnessed any erosions of our inalienable rights and constitutional liberties?”  I must ask, “Can you honestly say the past eight years are inconsequential and have not been incredibly detrimental to the Republic?”  If you can, then elect Hillary Clinton and we will all likely go down together and you can apologize later, but your apology won’t be of any value or comfort.

What difference does it make who is on the Supreme Court?  It is the difference between a rubber stamp court that enables, empowers, and expands the leftist agenda stripping us of various constitutional rights.  It is the difference in maintaining our freedom of speech, religion, and other rights or becoming subjected to an all-powerful overreaching federal government that forces political correctness upon us.  It is the difference in having a government of the people, for the people, and by the people or an oligarchy or tyranny that is dictatorial.  What difference does it make?  In my view, it makes all the difference in the world.

What difference does it make who is Commander in Chief?  It is the difference in a strong national defense, secure border, and a military capable of protecting and defending America.  It is the difference in a strong standing in the world where we are respected if not feared or both or adopting such a corrupt and inept foreign policy that our friends do not trust us and our enemies do not fear us.  It is the difference in remaining a free sovereign republic or simply a member of a world without borders where national sovereignty is a historic memory rather than a reality.  What difference does it make?  In my view, it makes all the difference in the world.

What difference does it make who controls the Senate and House of Representative?  It is the difference, or should be, in maintaining a valid and proper separation of powers in Washington and providing the constitutional ‘checks and balances.’  It makes a difference in whether our right to Freedom of Speech and Religion are maintained as inalienable rights or subjected to governmental decrees and edicts.  It makes a difference in our Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the right and ability for ‘self-defense.’  It makes a difference in the Right to Life and addressing the rights of the unborn.  It makes a difference in how we deal with the ever increasing push of Washington to become our lord and master.  What difference does it make?  In my view, it makes all the difference in the world.

If the Supreme Court were packed with liberal activist jurist the constitution would become meaningless and the leftist would have a free pathway to the “fundamental transformation” that Barack Obama has begun and Hillary Clinton has acknowledged she not only wants to continue but expand.  Can we lose the Republic because of this election?  NOT BECAUSE OF ONE ELECTION but as the result of a culmination of years of the leftist agenda to completely reinterpret and invalidate our Constitution.  YES, we can lose the Republic after this election and YES, we can lose it in four years.  Once this snowball begins rolling down the hill there will be nothing in its way to prevent it from happening short of a full blown 1776 type rebellion and resistance.  DO I WANT THAT?  No, I do not.  I want to see us restore the Republic to its constitutional status and fully believe with the history, stated policy and probable agenda and actions of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats we will see such destruction to our Republic it becomes unrepairable.  THEREFORE, call me whatever you please and accuse me of overstating my position and concerns but please at least consider the real problems faced in a Hillary Clinton presidency.

God bless you and God bless America!

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