I am very serious and while some may discount my concerns, one of the things she did in the final presidential debate was unbelievable to me and to many of our military leaders and I’m sure was of particular interest to our enemies.  What did she say?  Among the many questionable assertions, she made while trying to make Donald Trump look like a raving lunatic who would plunge the world into a nuclear war was stunning.  She said, “There is a four-minute delay between the time the president gives the order to fire and the launching of our nukes.”   Even if our major enemies knew or thought they knew, that was a revelation to some of our lower level enemies and something that should never have been uttered by someone who will possibly be charged with the ‘football’ and our ‘nuclear arsenal.’  An old saying from WWII is appropriate, “loose lips sink ships…”  In my view, that was such a lack of thoughtful responsible judgment it should bring more than a little concern about Hillary as Commander in Chief.

Each time there is a question springing from the WikiLeaks revelations in her emails she attempts to divert the attention to the factual revelations to the Russians or some other enemy or potential enemy of the United States.  Before anyone questions whether or not I object to and condemn spying by our enemies, I must ask, “Isn’t that what enemies do?”  “Do we not spy on our enemies?”  That is cannot be a justification for her actions and those aligned with her as revealed in the emails and not a basis to discount them.  The WikiLeaks revelations are pulling back the curtain on the corruption, deviousness, and danger of a Hillary Clinton administration.  The additional question should be, “How much do our enemies know through their espionage and hacking Hillary’s emails, many of which were on a private unsecured server.”  How many secrets has she revealed?  How many things has she done to compromise her ability and ours, were she to be President, to effectively and properly deal with the outside threats?  Genuine questions and reasons to be incredibly concerned if she becomes the Commander in Chief.

The Clinton Foundation has and does receive millions if not hundreds of millions, from foreign entities, individuals, and governments that are not truly our friends and have atrocious records in human rights.  Those type people do not suddenly become philanthropic and want to reach out to their fellow man.  NO, they are always seeking to buy, influence, or gain a position of leverage.  Therefore, the question must be asked, “How much influence did they buy?”  She claims that 90% of the funds collected by the Foundation go to charitable causes but revelations and reports of independent agencies looking into this and calculating the expenditures reveal that between 5-7% actually goes to charitable causes, not 90%.  Therefore, the questionable associations of their private foundation which many deem nothing more than a ‘slush fund of corruption’ for the Clinton’s and their political machine.  That reality should give us great concern about a Hillary Clinton Administration.


What is there about Hillary Clinton that gives us a sense of assurance that under her administration we will be safer, able to combat our enemies on whatever front we face?  What is there about Hillary Clinton that gives us hope that she can resurrect our economy when she wants to pursue the policies of Barack Obama with such total commitment that they will be Obama on steroids?  What is there about Hillary Clinton that makes us think our Armed Forces will be stronger, better equipped, and allowed to function as they were designed to function?  What is there about Hillary Clinton that makes us feel our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights will be safeguarded and protected?  Her own the record, statements, proposed agendas, and ideological stances suggest she will do the exact opposite and we will be less safe, in a worse economic condition, and find our Constitutional Rights and Liberties in jeopardy.  The Supreme Court question was asked and she NEVER answered if she believed the Constitution should be interpreted as the Framers intended.  Rather she skirted the issue and revealed an ideology that would take us in a direction for decades, if not permanently, from that which the Founders Originated and Intended.  If that is not a source of sufficient concern to reject her then I guess my words fall on deaf ears.  I fear that nothing short of a direct and divine revelation from God cause some people to truly and objectively review and evaluate the danger she poses to America.  I did not mention taxes and the unavoidable increase in spending and the debt but hope you take the words of Albert Einstein to heart, “The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing expecting a different result.”

America, will we entrust the reigns of our nation in the hands of Hillary Clinton knowing her corruption, demonstrated bad judgment, and views contrary to the Constitution and the intent of our Founding Fathers?  So, I only ask that on November 8 or before if you vote early, you seriously pray, examine the positions and possible results of the candidates.  If we will pray God will guide our hearts.   The cry of 2 Chronicles 7:14 must become our cornerstone once again.

God bless you and God bless America!

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