We have a developing situation and condition in America that is truly a Recipe for Destruction.  It is not new to this presidential election or even to this decade but I see stages of destruction in America and we are in the late stages, I fear.  What is happening right now in this nation should cause all of us to fall on our faces in prayer, crying out to Almighty God for His help.  I truly see some stages of destruction that I believe have and do exist in this country and if we do not wake up and address them we will experience the final harvest of destruction and America will be no more.

The Stages or Phases of Destruction:


In my view, this begins with the planting of Seeds of Rebellion, (Disregard for the property and rights of others, Entitlement, Disrespect, Lack of accountability and responsibility).  I know that is quite a basket of seed but I do believe we have been planting or allowing those seeds to be planted for a very long time in America.  These have been planted in the classrooms in our schools, primary, secondary, and institutions of higher learning.  Academia has been active and diligent in the sowing of those seeds as they push their revisionism, secularism, socialism and Marxism, and the idea that being white is evil and being conservative and holding traditional biblical values is moronic, bigoted, intolerant, and racist.  When young minds endure that type of incessant brainwashing from the elementary school classroom through college and graduate school what could we expect but what we are seeing in the post-election protests and riots in our streets.  They have become so indoctrinated with the idea that the progressive, leftist, socialist view is the only acceptable view and all other views must be eradicated by whatever means possible.  Of course, academia is not the only guilty parties we must include the media, the activist, and too often the church and home. 


Those seeds produce the Fruit of Anarchy and I do believe we are witnessing that fruit in the streets of our cities, on social media, and in the organizations promoting this disruption.  It is one thing to have a peaceful protest but quite another to deface or destroy property, viciously attack individuals who disagree, and impede the normal operation of the country.  It is costing the ‘taxpayers’ millions and is being fueled by HATE not love, peace, or tolerance.  It is being fueled by a sense of ENTITLEMENT, not accountability or responsibility.  It is being fueled by people and groups who are not interested in those marching in the streets but in advancing their ideology, agenda, and empowering themselves.  It is lawlessness, petulance, and detrimental but they have been pampered so long they expect to get whatever they want with no real objections.  I have read that Twitter has blown up with calls for the assignation of Donald Trump and calls to rape his wife.  Of course, had Hillary won and someone did that, the FBI, Secret Service, HSA, and NSA would have made massive arrests.  The president is largely silent, Hillary in hiding, the media is silent, and Donald Trump can hardly come out and forcefully condemn the actions being taken, that would be quite counterproductive and fuel the fire.  No, the condemnation of George Soros,, BLM, SEIU, and all others involved should come from the left, the media, and Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


This is when we realize the complete collapse of our civil society!  At some point, people on the other side of the issue, who are losing property, paying the bill for repair, and fighting for their lives will push back.  That is when Anarchy boils over into a harvest of destruction.  Chris Matthews of MSNBC questioned what they were protesting saying that he understood protesting based on economics.  He then touted his love and admiration for the Marxist Economic model which he called very good.  The Bernie Sanders model for America was totally a Socialist model in which the evil wealthy would have their wealth confiscated and given to those who had not achieved, had no desire to achieve or no willingness to invest the time, money, or energy to achieving success.  NO, in their view, society owes them something because, after all, everything must be FAIR and it is not fair for someone to achieve success and another not have the same reward.  This participation trophy mentality will destroy our republic and probably sooner than later.

There is the expected move of the Leftist is to call Trump’s election illegitimate and claiming that the popular vote should supersede the electoral vote.  I have dealt with that but to put it in a nutshell if we allow the heavily populated liberal centers found on the left and right coasts (California and New York) to determine the outcome by numbers voting we negate the voice and vote of the other sovereign states and their citizens.  The system was designed to prevent localized areas from determining the direction of the nation.  We ARE NOT a majority vote Democracy we are a Republic and that demands that we remain a Union of Sovereign States and each State must have its proportional voice.  There is and will be a move to coerce the electoral vote to ignore the voice of their State and given to Hillary Clinton.  If that happens it will not be seeds of rebellion, the fruit of anarchy, it will be the harvest of destruction and full-scale civil war.

California has plans to put secession on the ballot in 2018 and 2019.  Oregon has something similar in the works.  Hollywood is in shambles over their failure to ensure the defeat of Donald Trump and the masses who do not think for themselves are following their directives like rats following the pied piper or lemmings going over the cliff.  AMERICA, it is high time that we awaken from our slumber and realize that more is at stake than getting our way.  This is about, the Constitution being preserved as it was intended.  This is about keeping America the Free Constitutional Republic our Founders gave us.  We are watching the culmination of the war between Populism, Nationalism, Federalism, Socialism, and Constitutionalism.  The factions are deeply entrenched and the divide quite severe in today’s America.  Are we witnessing the Harvest of Destruction or can we turn the tide and plant Seeds of Hope that can prevent our demise?  I HOPE SO, but truly do not know at this point.

God, bless you and God bless America!


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