That’s right, I said that God demands assimilation and does not allow those seeking to be incorporated in the Body of Christ to keep their old identities, ways, practices, and the rigid preservation of their ethnicity or culture.  He demands that we FOLLOW HIM by dying to self and becoming as He is, shunning the very appearance of evil and walk in adopt His precepts and principles as our guiding force and assimilate into the Family of God.  Therefore, if God makes that demand, where do politicians and activist get off telling us that ASSIMILATION is unacceptable, immoral, unethical, and wrong for those seeking to immigrate to our country?

The influx of those immigrating to the United States, both legal and illegal are no longer expected to attempt to assimilate, rather we are told we are not to impose that requirement on them.  WHY?  What is the motivation?  From our beginning as a nation ASSIMILATION was expected or demanded as a requisite for citizenship.  In our current situation with those identified as ‘refugees’ from Middle-Eastern countries do not have sufficient documentation, cannot be thoroughly vetted, and there are economic, health, social, political, and national security issues with many of them.  Yet, we are chastised if we resist allowing an almost endless flow of those to enter this nation.  We are told that to do so is somehow UN-AMERICAN and not what we are all about?  Really?  Have you examined our history and read the constitution?  Oh, sorry, I forgot those are anathema to the leftist, globalist view and we dare not confuse the issue with true history and facts.  We are told by our own intelligence agencies, our military, the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and the NSA that thorough vetting is not possible.  Yet, that is not a deterrent to the globalist in Washington and the World.

Why would any politician who is even marginally concerned about our National Security and National Sovereignty be willing to expose our nation to such significant risk?  They are Globalist who believe in a ‘Borderless World’ and our national sovereignty is antithetical to their views and vision.  There has been such a push for ‘diversity’ that we have lost the vision of America and what made America great.  Hillary Clinton once stated that Angela Merkel of Germany was her favorite current world leader.  Wow!   The Leftist in America repeatedly demands that we allow this massive influx of immigrants as a needed pillar as a true indication of America’s commitment to diversity.  We once identified ourselves (America) as a ‘melting pot’ where people of various ethnicities, backgrounds, religions, and cultures were melded together into Americans!  They were not required to ignore any of those but were expected to become Americans.  Today, we ask them to become hyphenated Americans and the hyphen becomes more important than American.  In so doing, we are losing our nation and while we like to say we are a nation of immigrants, I must ask, are we?  Yes, many, if not most, of the original settlers of this nation were largely immigrants not native.  However, they became Americans and that was quite diverse.  I am of Scottish, Irish, Cherokee lineage but I have never considered myself a Scottish-Irish-Native American-American.  As a friend of my who is black said, “I am not an African-America, although my ancestry can be traced to West Africa.  I am an American and no hyphen is needed or desired.”  You may ferociously disagree and that is your choice but America or any country should expect those seeking to become citizens of that nation to assimilate.


John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and most leftist are seeking a ‘World Without Borders”.  As Edward J. Erler of the Heritage Foundation recently wrote, “A world without borders is a world without citizens, and a world without citizens is a world without the rights and privileges that attach exclusively to citizenship.”  That is powerful and something that far too many in Washington and throughout the country seem to have overlooked.  Without borders the American Constitution is meaningless.  The Globalist want to strip us of our citizenship and thereby our rights.  They seek to create a world where the only effective means of governance is tyranny and the likely result is anarchy in rebellion and reaction to the removal of identifiable citizenship.  Citizenship affords rights and privileges which demand accountability and responsibility of the citizens.  In their borderless Utopia, everyone is effectively positioned to become a law unto themselves and in that state chaos or tyrannical suppression is the only logical conclusion.

Thus, my drive and focus is and will continue to be seeking Congressional Representatives and Senators who will commit to Secure Borders and a Strong National Defense.  That means we must know who is coming, as best we can, and determine how many we can safely and effectively assimilate into our society in a given timeframe.  So, Congress, I a, serving notice that I will continue my effort to inform people of the condition and danger of the leftist push for eradicating our borders and revoking our American citizenship while surrendering our national sovereignty to some Global Entity.  I will continue to fight for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.

God, bless you and God bless America!



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