The increasing divide in America that has grown exponentially during the past 8 years will likely be even more pronounced after January 20, 2017, as Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States of America.  The Leftist are intensifying their resistance and rhetoric against President-elect Trump.  They demanded that those of us on the Political Right accept Barack Obama, give him a chance, work with him, and not criticize him in any manner.  They went berserk when Donald Trump did not immediately say, during the debates that he would accept the outcome of the election.  They called it Un-American and suggested that his response was so foreign to what America is about it was reprehensible.  However, the same question was never asked Hillary Clinton and as we now know her answer would have been “I will accept the outcome ONLY if I win!” 

President Barack Obama stated almost immediately after the election that Donald Trump had won, the election was legitimate, and we should give him the opportunity and/or benefit of the doubt.  Hillary said much the same in her belated concession speech.  We have subsequently learned that as she was making that speech she had an army of lawyers looking for ways to overturn the election and oust Donald Trump.  So much for accepting the outcome, I guess.  Information has surfaced that various Soros funded and directed groups have worked with the many leftist activist groups, the DNC, and the Clinton Camp to cause unrest, intimidate, and attempt to delegitimize and even overturn the election.  Then, Jill Stein became a useful tool in the recount attempts.  It advanced their agenda, gave her more national notoriety, and lined her coffers with needed funds.  Their efforts failed and now the President is calling for the military to question Mr. Trump’s authority and orders and is advancing rhetoric that is inflammatory and divisive.  The Left are vowing to fight tooth and nail the entire term of Mr. Trump and will be more obstructionist than the Republicans could ever have been accused of being.

Dare We Dream in Twenty-Seventeen (2017)?  Are we such a divided nation that there is no hope of healing in America?  Have we crossed the line of demarcation from which there is no peaceable solution?  Have we reached the place in our society that what our personal preferences are of greater importance and value than what is best for the nation or constitutional?  Have we reached a place that we reject the other side, not based on substance but on their political identification?  Have we destroyed hope to the point that we dare not dream?  I PRAY WE HAVE NOT!

America, as founded, was to be a Limited Government as a Constitutional Republic, not a Pure Democracy where mobocracy could rule.  We were to be a Representative Government following a very clear set of laws, rules, and principles and would adamantly defend the inalienable rights of citizens which include the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  That includes or demands that we have Freedom of Speech, Religion, and be afforded the right to peacefully assembly and even protest.  It also embodies the idea that we have the right to our property and self-defense of our person and property and to facilitate that Right we have the 2nd Amendment which shall not be infringed.  Our founding fathers would be livid today were they to see the Entitlement Mentality, the Government Confiscation, the Bureaucracy of Washington, the porous borders, the Tax burdens on Americans, and so much more.  They envisioned a nation in which HOPE was a daily reality and DREAMS were more than fantasies.  So, again I ask, Dare We Dream in Twenty-Seventeen (2017)?

I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible and therefore, I am praying for our nation that we return to the first principles that propelled America into Greatness.  I am praying for a healing of the divide among the people of various sects, groups, and ethnicities.  I am praying for a restoration of the Authority and Power of the Constitution and Rule of Law.  I am praying for America!  I personally believe that without a Spiritual Revival we will not heal but you may not hold that view.  However, I believe we can agree that a House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand and we are a Divided House in need of a bridge to span the crevice separating us.

I am hopeful that this 2nd Chance we have been given will not be squandered and that after enduring 8 years of iron-fisted rule in enacting a leftist agenda and an incredibly weak position in world leadership we can move to rightness and strength.  May we see a return to a Government of the People, by the People, and for the People.  I refuse to give up my dream so I WILL DREAM IN TWENTY-SEVENTEEN (2017) of a Restored America who has returned to her founding principles and roots. 

God, bless you and God bless America is my hope and prayer!

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