BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA – – His Final Days, America, and the World…


I have lived on this planet for several decades involved in Christian ministry, observing, and dealing with people of many differing and various personalities.  I have observed and participated in politics for some years and, as my brother said, “I have never seen anyone more narcissistic than Barack Obama.”  I believe him to be diabolical in many ways, and truly believe that the influence of evil in his life, stemming from his childhood indoctrination and choices subsequently have produced a psychological disorder in him that is dangerous.  I truly believe the man suffers from pathological narcissism and suffers from clinical delusions of grandeur that render him incapable of viewing reality and truth other than from his point of preference.  You may disagree and believe me to be too harsh or too easy but the past 8 years suggest I am correct and the past month indicates his parting shots at America and the world will not be gentle but aggressively destructive toward America and matters related to Israel and Christians.

He claims to be a Christian, but so do many people in this world.  No, I am not placing myself in God’s stead and sitting as his judge in this matter only that observation of the evidence and fruit of his life suggest his claim may is either insincere or misguided.  He has demonstrated a willingness and propensity to defend Islam at all costs and attack Christians, and traditional Christian values including Christianity’s history.  He distorts and inflated the contributions of Islam and diminishes the contributions of Christianity.  He sat for 20 years or more in a church that expresses hate toward Israel and toward America as founded.  His former pastor’s infamous declaration was, “Not God bless America but God d*** America.” 

His wife went on Oprah and declared that she and Barack were the parents and we were their hurting children.  I have mentioned that before, but that is so outlandish and filled with delusional visions of grandeur and narcissism it is stunning.  They have, through words and deeds, indicated they believe we are incapable of making proper decisions regarding our children, food, travel, associations, finances, and health care, among other things.  His recent attempt to put Donald Trump in his place, saying, “There is only one president at a time” is a further revelation of the thinness of his skin and his narcissism.  One would wonder, will he remember that once Mr. Trump is inaugurated on January 20, 2017?  I can answer that in a word, NOPE!  He believes that George W. Bush should remain silent and refrain from criticism of Mr. Obama’s policies but plans to take up residence in DC to ensure that Mr. Trump does not damage his so-called legacy.  He plans to be vocal and active in lobbying for his agenda, although he will no longer be president and in his own words, “There is only one president at a time!”


Mr. Obama has now declared that “Had he been allowed to run for a 3rd term he would have won.”  His declaration fails to consider the real possibility that since his policies were central in the decision of many voters to reject the Democrat candidate, he might also have been rejected.  Of course, the bloc of votes he got in 2008 and 2012 might have turned out in sufficient numbers to have gained him a victory, but they might not.  Many of that bloc have decided that what the Democrats and the policies of Barack Obama have not benefited them but have, in fact, hurt them economically.  Of course, he would, as he continues to do, fan the flames of racial discord, and sought to intensify the ‘class envy’ that is dividing America.

Mr. Obama, as has been documented as spearheading the United Nations Resolution against Israel and sought to use New Zealand and others to present the resolution that his administration prepared.  His hatred for Israel has been visible but never so pronounced as his instructions to Samantha Powers to ABSTAIN allowing the resolution to pass and placing Israel in much greater danger.  Regardless of what you believe biblically regarding Israel you surely recognize them as a valuable ally in the region and one of our only true allies.  We have taken a position that America has never taken and it, in my mind, continues to reflect Mr. Obama’s vision of himself as King of the World. 

He has crippled America through the massive increase of our National Debt, which is almost $20 TRILLION as he leaves office.  He has virtually destroyed our healthcare or health insurance industry and the fines, fees, and costs as well as the loss of coverage and doctors by millions is being felt and will be felt into perpetuity if not repealed.  His assault on the coal and fossil fuel industry is placing us in an energy pinch that is damaging our economy and mortgaging our future placing it in the hands of those governments and entities who hate us and have never had our best interest in mind.  His refusal to accept blame, accountability and responsibility for his failures reveals an inability to face reality but indicates that his worldview and view of himself is delusional.  We have had a president for 8 years who believes the Constitution is a nuisance, America is not nor has it ever been exceptional, and has demonstrated in various tours and actions that he does not love America.  He took an oath to “Protect and Defend” the Constitution of these United States and his words and deeds reflect that he has “Exposed and Assaulted” that document in ways too numerous to enumerate.


Will we fare better in 2017 and beyond?  That remains to be seen but we have endured 8 years of Extreme Narcissism where our friends no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear or respect us.  We are a facing some potentially very dark days in America and the world and the divide in this nation has been expanded by the actions of this President and his worldview.

God help us if we do not wake up and take definitive steps to restore America, heal the wounds, and seek, as a people, the best good of the Republic.  God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


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