The Pogo comic strip years ago, used a statement, “We have met the enemy and he is us” that is apropos for today in America and much of the world.  The lunacy that we are witnessing today on the national scene is beyond ludicrous it is dangerous and eroding the very fabric of our society and the foundations of our freedom.  If we allow our nation to continue down this slippery slope into those turbulent waters, we will witness the complete implosion of our American Democratic Republic.  Anarchy and chaos will be the norm not the exception and the result will be fate experienced by ancient Greece and other similar societies.  We can only exist within the framework of the Rule of Law and with strong moral moorings, which are evident in the pillars of our American Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights.

Let me elucidate this as thoroughly as I can in a few short paragraphs and hopefully, you will see a reason to unite in prayer and action to combat this cancerous plague that is ravaging our society and republic.  I do not mean to be offensive but this Leftist Lunacy is just that lunacy.  When President Donald Trump is vilified for his comments on Sweden’s issues of civil unrest being the result of an influx of migrants, refugees, or immigrants from primarily Muslim countries without proper vetting without acknowledging the facts that is criminal and dishonest.  The government of Sweden has curtailed the number of immigrants from 275,000 to 35,000 because of the issues but that is ignored.  The Swedish government released information that one-third of females in Sweden feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods, but that is being ignored.  The rise in gun violence, rape, and destruction of property has dramatically increased and that is being blamed on everything but the influx of immigrants.  When hours after Donald Trump’s comments there were, riots resulting in burning of cars and other property in primarily Muslim neighborhoods in Sweden that was omitted from news reports.  When citizens of Sweden issue warnings to the United States not to ignore the issue as their own government has, those warnings are not given credibility.  I find it astounding that the media could be so biased and dishonest, but they are.

When a mayor can go on national television and proclaim that he finds it offensive that the Trump administration would change the definition of criminal to include someone being here illegally, that is disturbing.  When he goes on to declare that those illegals using fake documents being called criminal are wrong because they must use fake documents because legal ones are not obtainable, that is troubling.  When he argues that it is wrong to call it a crime for someone to drive without a license or a fake license because they cannot obtain a state-issued license to drive due to the illegal immigration status that is at best misguided and at worse aiding and abetting criminality and encourages lawlessness.  That is the state of our nation today from the Liberal Progressive Leftist perspective.  Surely, American’s see through that and are not and will not buy the rhetoric, spin, and baloney being fed them by the MSM, Liberals, and Activist.

For the Governor of Connecticut to proclaim that his executive order to not cooperate with Federal Law Enforcement in detaining ILLEGALS is simply because the state should not do the Feds job, is a stretch.  The argument that when a State refuses to detain an illegal is not jeopardizing jobs and the safety of the legal citizens is a dangerous position.  If an ILLEGAL is apprehended by Law Enforcement and the Feds request those agencies to detain that illegal for questioning that is in the interest of every American, but not so to the governor.  Yet, on the matter of the Executive Order which basically turned the issue of Transgender Bathrooms back to the States, he argued that it was bigoted of Mr. Trump to do so.  How exactly is it wrong for the Federal Government to request the state to assist in detaining ILLEGALS because law enforcement within the state is a state issue but not so regarding the bathrooms?  Governor, you can’t have it both ways.  Deal with the issue according to how your state and local communities see fit and keep the federal government out of the bathroom, don’t try to posture yourself as morally superior and shirk your responsibilities.

When an LGBTQ activist can argue on national television that a person’s sex is scientifically determined by their personal identity and call it a “settled science” he surely cannot expect to be taken seriously.  But he was and accused anyone disagreeing as being unenlightened, monsters, bigots, and phobic.  From a purely biological position genitalia must be included in the determination of a person’s sex.  Hormones cannot be ignored and other biological factors.  Just because a person wakes up one day and says “I am woman” does not or should not allow them to participate in women’s athletics, get federal loans for women operating a small business, go to the bathroom of their choice, or even go to a prison designated for women.  The dangers of that are far too obvious to ignore and the lunacy of the LGBTQ argument to the contrary is not just insane it is diabolically dangerous.

That is where we are in America today and our Political Correctness where no one’s feelings can be hurt, safe zones must be created and maintained, and everyone forced to comply with the ideas and beliefs of a few activist or elements is not just wrong it is destructive and no republic or civil society can survive that type of incessant assault.  We are faced with the demand that God be removed from everything and anyone who holds to biblical teachings that identify sin are deemed misguided, bigoted, and monsters but those who hold views contrary to those teachings are a protected class.  THAT IS AN IMPOSSIBLE CONDITION and provides us with a Mad, Mad, Mad World.  We are being hurled headlong down a path of confrontation with biblical truth and liberal ideology and if we ignore the truth, morality, and sanity we will descend into a state of total debauchery in which everyone is a law to themselves.  No society can survive that.  We must have foundational principles upon which we are moored. 

I pray that we WAKE UP and return to our roots and restore moral sanity in America.  God help us if we continue down this path of destruction, politically, morally, and socially.  May God, bless you and may He bless America again is my prayer!

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