I may say more about the reaction of the Left than the speech because I am thoroughly disgusted with the some of the prominent Democrats, Pundits, and the Self-Exalted Guardians of Society such as Michael Moore.  I was genuinely disgusted with the Face of the Democrat Party, Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, and others who reportedly refused to stand and pay tribute to the memory of Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens when his widow was introduced.  I frankly do not care if you disagree with or even hate Donald Trump but to disrespect, the widow and her husband’s memory (a true American hero) is beyond the pale for me.  That is about as low as one could go and if they did this then that is a reprehensible display of disrespect for the fallen serviceman should be etched on every voter’s mind.  Sadly, there are probably voters who agree with them and their vicious hate for Donald Trump and our military.  That is a sad commentary and indictment but one that I see no reason not to make.

When Michael Moore and the MSNBC talking, heads could viciously attack the President because he highlighted this widow and her husband in the base manner they did, I found that more than disgusting.  Michael Moore accused the president of pathological callousness and called him a ‘malignant narcissist’.  Even the every present and always Socialist Van Jones acknowledged this was a pivotal and extraordinary moment.  Not because of Donald Trump but because of the respect of those in attendance and millions watching for the fallen Navy Seal and his grieving widow.  Michael Moore’s evil heart seems to have no limits and he is willing to do or say anything to gain attention and advance his vitriolic diatribe and rhetoric.  He even said that Trump had Owen’s widow present as an “F You” to the people who are criticizing him.  He declared that Owens death came as a result of a dinner that Donald Trump had with his son-in-law and a political hack.  Mr. Moore, you advance false narratives continually as do people like Al Gore, the Hollywood elites, the MSM-Democratic Political Action Committee, and others.  Can you not zip your lip once to allow this widow, to feel the love of the American people and share her grief in the loss of her husband?  I GUESS NOT!

We are not talking about political differences we are talking about “pure hate” although hate is anything but pure.  Nancy Pelosi has now said that the President gave no direction for the nation in his speech and since he offers no guidance the Democrats will take the lead in guiding the nation.  Maybe she has forgotten that they DO NOT CONTROL either of the Houses of Congress or the White House or maybe she is counting on the same weak-willed Republicans in Congress.  I am becoming convinced that President Trump is inspiring some courage in formerly timid Republicans. I believe that I may be seeing signs of some of the establishment types fearing the loss of their position, power, influence, and purse coming around to dig in for the fight with the Democrats.  If the Republicans will STAND THEIR GROUND, they can win this fight and the American people will get behind them.  They do not have to deliver on every promise but the most significant ones they must.  I also believe that if they cower in the shadows as they have previously, the mid-term elections in 2018 will result in a significant number of Republican incumbents being shown the door.  I only hope that the result is not that the Democrats reclaim power, that would be slightly more disastrous than the RINO Republicans returning to office.

I could not help but wonder why the Democrats choose a former Governor from a state that Donald Trump won by garnering over 60% of the vote.  Was it because he is not running for office and basically had nothing to lose?  Was it because the Democrats from the Liberal States wanted no part in the so-called response or rebuttal?  Was it that the Democrats truly do not know what to do?  I do not know but I do know that their new DNC Chair Perez and his Deputy Ellison are Left Wing Liberal Socialist.  Ellison is a staunch defender of Louis Farrakhan and an Anti-Semite who has openly argued that “Jews are among the most racist white people I know.”  He advanced his theory that Zionist joined Hitler in killing Jews.  He does not simply criticize Israel’s policy toward Palestine, he opposes Israel itself.  He continually advances the talking points of the Nation of Islam and defends the Islamic jihadist and jihadist harboring and sponsoring nations.  How is that for the top tier Democrats looking toward the 2020 Presidential Elections.  Makes one feel warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?  Only if you are a Muslim, Jew-hating, White hating, radical.

I wonder how many Americans, for the first time, truly heard Donald Trump?  I wonder how many were shocked because what he advanced was not Un-American but very Pro-America?  I wonder how many were shocked as they ventured outside the MSM feeding zones and heard Donald Trump uncut and uninterpreted by the Left?  I would venture to say that millions did because CNN conducted a poll in which 69% of the public expressed confidence and hope for America after the Speech.  That is very different from the numbers the MSM, the Pundits, and Democrats would have you believe.  They want you to believe that ALL or the VAST MAJORITY of Americans are distraught, hiding in the shadows and so depressed they need medication and counseling to survive.  The Democrats have been advancing efforts to ‘discover’ impeachable offenses against Donald Trump, not that any have been committed but they are willing to offer fabricated news, completely debunked stories and accusations, and false narratives, so why would they not manufacture some bogus charge.  Please do not think that I equate President Trump to Jesus but the way they are going about it reminds me of the Sanhedrin’s hiring false witnesses against Jesus to ensure a conviction.  THEY HAVE NO SHAME and NO MORAL FOUNDATION, at least not from where I sit.

America, I have told you before and I repeat, WE ARE AT WAR.  We did not declare it the Left did but if we do not finish it and win the war we will lose the republic and I cannot accept that passively.  I want reconciliation and peace. I want harmony and a spirit of working together.  I want to see Congress move beyond partisanship and do what they were hired to do, SERVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  I have not seen that before and do not anticipate seeing it now but I will continue to pray for it and pray for America.  I have been told from some reliable sources that godly men such as James Robison and others have regular conversations with President Trump and that several his counselors and advisers are believers and engage in prayer.  That may not resonate with you, but it does with me.  I truly believe that God has given America another chance to RETURN to our Founding Principles and find our Moral Moorings. I am not proclaiming Donald Trump as righteous only that God used and is using him for our opportunity for restoration.  I do believe that window of opportunity is narrow and of short duration UNLESS we take definitive action to make 2 Chronicles 7:14 a keystone in our national posture.

God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer!

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