AGREEMENT – America’s Downfall…

BLOG POST 2 - Agreement

No, being in agreement is not and will not be the cause of America’s demise, destruction, reduction or lapsing into something other than the Constitutional Republic designed and desired by the Framers and Founders.  It is the LACK OF AGREEMENT or being a HOUSE DIVIDED that will bring about our calamity and continue to impose on us the direness of darkness politically, socially, morally, economically, and spiritually in America.  Please do not take that statement to mean that I believe we are doomed, I do not.  We are not doomed providing we alter our course and return to some of the founding principles upon which this nation was founded and operated for many decades before the common era.

We are not ONE NATION.  That borders on my being Mr. Obvious but let me continue and explain.  We are not in AGREEMENT in America and the DIVISION is more pronounced than I have ever witnessed in my numerous decades on the planet.  I will concede that we have NEVER been in total agreement in America but have found the pathway and cause to come together for a common purpose in the past.  I’m not sure that is possible today because of the DIVISION now existing and being nurtured in our society.  We were not in total agreement in 1776 but there were sufficient numbers of citizens who believed in the cause of Freedom and embraced the vision of a Free Constitutional Republic to enable us to stand, having done all, and stand firm in faith and with the conviction to fight to the finish.  We were not in total agreement in WWI or WWII but sufficient numbers of Americans rallied around the cause of preventing despotism from controlling the known world and we made the national commitment to fight to the finish.  We AGREED that stopping the Nazi’s and Imperial Japan in WWII was more important than our political, social, or ideological differences and we UNITED to Win.  We were not in total agreement on 9/11/2001 but there was visible evidence that the spirit of American Patriotism was alive and well and we crossed party lines to speak against terrorism and united, at least for a time in sufficient numbers to demonstrate to the world WE WERE AMERICA a Republic of United States, and that was refreshing.

The UNITY diminished and in November 2008 we woke up to realize that those because too many who were conservative, desired the Constitutional Republic of the Founders and Framers were either apathetic or had drifted from their resolve and Barack Obama became President.  That occurred again in 2012 to my dismay for I could not imagine a nation inflicting the kind of pain and wounds upon itself a second time with all the evidence of that administration’s plans of destruction and the facilitation of our enemies and desertion of our friends.  There were lies about Benghazi, fabrications as to the state of the economy, denial of the extent and impact of Islamic terrorism, and many other factors.  Once again, millions of those who should have gone to the polls exercised their right to protest by not voting and America suffered.  The DIVISION grew racially, socially, economically, morally, and politically and by the time 2016 arrived there were sufficient numbers of America citizens who said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and rejected the Democrats and their Liberal Progressive Socialist position and candidate and elected Donald Trump, the Republican nominee as the 45th President of these United States of America.

It has not been the Leftist alone who not only oppose President Trump but hate him with such a passion they are willing to do anything to stop, impede, and/or destroy him.  The Never Trump Crowd is standing with them in resistance and our DIVISION has produced an impasse that nothing short of a miracle of God can bridge.  We are a DIVIDED HOUSE and the biblical and historic warning is that if we remain so WE WILL FALL.  Jesus explained in Matthew 12:22-28 that any kingdom divided against itself is brought to ultimate ruin and falls.  We find in Amos 3:3 the truth that two cannot walk together unless they are in agreement.  The question I feel compelled to ask is, “To What Extent Are We to Be in Agreement to Succeed as A Republic?”  We will never be in TOTAL AGREEMENT nationally or individually.  That is a human impossibility and even with a sweeping revival from God, total agreement will not be a reality on earth so long as man rules man.  But can we bridge the chasm of division and find enough foundation for agreement, that we can advance the cause of freedom and liberty in this nation and work together for the good of the nation?   I hope we can, but the evidence of today in the funded protests, the collegiate insanity regarding free speech or the lack thereof, the determined obstructionism of Congress and the Never Trump supporters to DENY him any success is daunting.

America, we have enemies that are salivating over our division and long for an opportunity to strike in our weakness and distraction.  There are those who have vowed to destroy us and have learned they can accomplish more from within than by frontal assault.  They have infiltrated our government, bureaucratic organizations, the MSM, and our college campuses.  They have a platform for promoting division and disseminating discord and misrepresenting truth fanning the flames of DIVISION.  America is more important than our personal preference in elected officials.  I wonder who the Never Trump Crowd would be fully satisfied with?  I wonder what President most have every been fully satisfied with?  The Liberals would only accept a radical leftist so it is not they who cause me to ask my question. We will NEVER be in total agreement and if we reject the policies and agenda of this president based on our dislike for him personally we will do harm to the Republic that may not be repairable.  I do not ask anyone to like Donald Trump only seek to find it within your heart to lay aside your personal dislike and rally behind those things he advances that are good for America.  I believe it is possible to become so determined in our rejection of a person’s person that we fail to hear or see their actions that are positive and good for the nation.  I know that some will take offense to that assertion and demand they are only standing on principle and because of the character of the person the politician must be summarily rejected and all he stands for or advances unacceptable.  I disagree and believe that America is more important than my preference.  That disagreement does not mean we cannot find common ground and WORK or WALK TOGETHER for the Good of the Republic.  I urge you to join me in evaluating every proposal of this administration and if they are in the best interest of America, rally behind them.  I also ask that you join me in praying for America and our leaders that they will make the right choices and that Congress will awaken to the reality that America is more important than partisan politics.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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