BLOG POST 2 - End Game

What dots are you talking about Roy?  Thank you for asking and allowing me to discuss something that has been troubling me for a number of years and is resurfacing in some intriguing ways.  The United Nations Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Initiative includes the belief and theory that the population of the world must be reduced by approximately one-third for the planet and race to survive.  Those in modern society who embrace that doctrine want various forms of controls to be placed on governments and individuals to limit the birth rate.  Some of the policies being advanced by certain segments are incredibly like the “Super Race” objective of Hitler’s Nazi Germany it is frightening.  Of course, they do not go quite as far as Hitler in his blatant actions but their backdoor approach is designed to accomplish the same thing.

In recent history with the advancements of science and the ability of assisted reproductive technology including gestational surrogacy, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, and cytoplasmic transfer many are embracing Eugenics.  I am aware of families who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to have the PERFECT CHILD whose genetics makes them the prettiest, smartest, or most gifted athletically. There are those who want that PERFECT CHILD who will not be genetically subject to many diseases.  The child that does not possess the genetic qualities desired or displays evidence of some handicap is deemed unacceptable and thus the push for abortion on demand to guarantee the family is not burdened with that less than PERFECT CHILD.  We have those who push for sterilization to prevent the reproduction of the LESSER, as they deem them.  This is another attempt of man to play God and place value on certain characteristics and qualities thereby devaluing those who do not measure up genetically.  How is that different from the Nazi pursuit of their SUPER RACE?

Eugenics comes from two Greek words meaning “well-born” and I’ve heard that term in so influential circles to refer to people of their perceived socio-economic level and to stigmatize and show disdain for anyone not “well-born.”  I had a man tell me once that our church needed to attract “quality people.”  That made my blood boil because who among us is qualified to determine who is “quality” and who isn’t?  I asked, “What quality were you before you were saved?”  He got my point and backtracked but the idea, whether benign or malicious is dangerous and plays into the hands of the Population Control proponents and opens a back door for Global Eugenics and Euthanasia.  It opens the door for the United Nations and Globalist who want to systematically reduce the population of the planet in the name of humanitarian good.  It neither humanitarian or good and I consider it an attempt to usurp God’s power, position, and authority as Creator.  If you do not believe in a divine creator you may have no problem with Eugenics or even Euthanasia UNLESS it touches you personally.

Not to single out Bill Nye, who is not worthy of being the spokesperson for anything remotely akin to the Scientific, but he is attempting to lead the charge for a form of Eugenics.  He argues that there are too many people and parents, at least in the developed world and nations should be punished for having too many children.  In his Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves the World” he suggested that the government should punish people for having too many children.  How many are too many?  Is this an equal standard for all countries?  Who decides how many are too many?  If those questions were answered I believe there would be an outcry against this proposal, but they will never be truthfully answered.  He argued that the average Nigerian emits 0.1 metric ton of carbon annually but the average American emits 16 metric tons.  Therefore, the average of two children per household in America is a far greater problem than the seven children per household in Nigeria.

The Climate Change Activist are directly linked to the United Nations Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Initiative, Eugenics, and even Euthanasia.  But, the back door of those in America and around the globe who want to have ‘children to order’ is one step from those practices and ideologies.  Planned Parenthood is a major player in Eugenics either intentionally or by virtue of finding a ready market.  If you examine the data of abortions among blacks you will find that nearly one in three black babies died in the womb in 2010 and amounted to approximately 36% of all abortions.  If you realize that blacks represent about 12.8% of the population you will see a specific targeting of a segment of the population.  In New York City reports for 2012 indicated that there were a greater number of black babies aborted than birthed with 55.9% of black babies killed before birth and 42.4% of all the abortions of NYC were blacks.  Who is the racist now?  Not the conservatives and the pro-life crowd who want to protect life it is organizations like Planned Parenthood, the Soros Groups, the United Nations, and others.

Population control is tyrannical and whether they are attempting to build a Super Race of genetically perfect people or lower the carbon dioxide emissions it is CONTROL and DIABOLICAL.  The ecosystem of our planet was carefully designed by our Creator and works marvelously.  Carbon dioxide is the basis for all plant and animal life on the planet and the hype about overpopulation is just that hype.  The danger for man is people like Bill Nye, the United Nations, Al Gore, George Soros, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and those who seek to protect the planet by eliminating people.  Who decides who is worthy of living and who is not?  Who decides what countries are to be targeted?  Who decides which children can be born and which cannot?  I say to all of those following the philosophy of Climate Control, Eugenics, or Systematic Population Reduction – YOU ARE NOT GOD and you never will be.  We either believe the words of our Founders and Framers that each of us is endowed by our Creator with the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  If you believe that you should be alarmed by the dangerous and diabolically evil ploy being advanced and the attempted resurrection of the philosophy of Eugenics and Population Control.

God, bless you and God bless America!


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