BLOG POST 3 - Shame

Not to get into old news but how many of the Leftist comedians have been vulgar, vile, and engaged in horrific diatribe and rhetoric against President Donald Trump and received virtually no condemnation by the Left?  Where is the outrage from the Left, Media, Hollywood, and Democrats?  It is virtually nonexistent because they agree and enjoy the vitriolic rants calling it entertainment.  However, were the shoe on the other foot and had comedians, entertainers, and politicians engaged in the same activities regarding Barack Obama there would have been rioting in the streets and the PC Police would have been issuing warrants for their arrests.  I’m sure that would have also brought them under the scrutiny of the FBI, NSA, IRS, Homeland Security, the DOJ, the media, and every other possible law enforcement entity.  If not arrested they would, without a doubt, been harassed by the IRS and banned from the public airwaves for their crimes.  But, when the Left does it there is nothing more than a brief mention, a mild pat on the wrist, and a wink of the eye.  After all, we are talking about Donald Trump, who in their eyes is the incarnation of Lucifer himself.

When Kathy Griffin held a fake bloody head of Donald Trump she experienced some push back, and rightly so, but not nearly enough to deter future such acts.  When Stephen Colbert can refer to the president’s mouth as a receptacle for the male appendage of Putin of Russia and it is deemed as within his constitutional rights and acceptable language for the public airwaves it reveals a serious problem.  Others on the conservative side have been censored for things much less egregious.  But the double standard is alive and well, so we should not be surprised.  When entertainers like Snoop Dog can produce a video in which he engaged in the assignation of the President and that is deemed humorous but not serious or dangerous, it reveals a problem.  Yet, even criticism of Barack Obama was deemed worthy of criminal indictment.  When people like the endless list of Hollywood types, entertainers, politicians, media pundits, and others can rant and rail against President Trump and be called heroes or praised for their public stance and any opposition to Barack Obama vilified we have a problem.

I opposed Barack Obama in both elections and lamented many of his actions as president but I never called for his murder or sought to see harm come to Michelle or the daughters.  I spoke against his actions and consider him a traitor to America, in violation of the American Constitution much of the time, and believe he is guilty of crimes worthy of indictment.  I desired and desire the peaceable, legal, and constitutional actions taken to deal with the damage done by him as President.  If you believe Donald Trump is in violation of the Constitution and operating outside the law, by all means, seek peaceable, legal, and constitutional means to deal with that issue.  BUT, please have a smidgen of shame and demand the vulgar and violent rants, riots, and calls for his murder cease.

I am convinced this goes far beyond politics and it reflects a heart condition in America and the world today.  It is, in my view, an evidence of the moral decline in our society and is the result of multiple generations of liberal brainwashing in our schools both primary and secondary.  It is the result of the Political Correctness that has permeated our world and the incessant insistence that we tolerate everything and accommodate that which violates our basic spiritual and moral convictions.  It is reflective of the ME-ness and Self-Centeredness into which our society has descended.  There was a time in America when we were neighbors to our neighbors.  There was a time when we considered patriotism an honorable position and valued the principles upon which the republic was established.  There was a time when we could set aside personal preference and political posturing in the interest of the nation.  In the environment in which I grew up, people cared about each other, offered help, encouragement, and support without expecting personal gain.

If we allow the ME-mindset to rule and continue to look to government for our sustenance in life, we will descend into a virtual if not literal slavery in America.  If we continue to allow liberal professors, Hollywood, entertainers, and activist define what is acceptable and desirable in speech, political views, and actions we will experience irreversible decay in our nation and society.  WE MUST, take to heart the message of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and realize that we have drifted from our founding principles, our moral moorings, and return to that which allowed us to become the nation that became arguably the greatest nation in modern history.

America, it is high time that we band together and DEMAND a cessation of the vile vitriolic assault and War on Freedom.  It is now time that we band together and DEMAND politicians put America before party and position.  It is the time that we band together and DEMONSTRATE the resolve of WWII and the Revolutionary War America settling for nothing less than a return to the condition that made us or makes us ONE nation, UNDER God, INDIVISIBLE, seeking and affording liberty and justice for all.

God, bless you and God bless America!



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