AMERICA – Have We Opened Pandora’s Box?

BLOG POST 2 - Pandora

I had a friend chide me recently over my concern over the conditions in American Politics and Society.  He said, “People are basically good and we will survive this so don’t be overly concerned with the current direction things will get better.”  I have a problem with several parts of his hypothesis and the first being that people are ‘basically good’.  I do not find that consistent with my understanding of Scripture or my experience in 45-plus years dealing with people on a spiritual level.  Jeremiah warned in Jeremiah 17:9 that the heart of man was ‘deceitful and desperately wicked.’ 

I genuinely wish I could see a world that is getting better but I see a vastly different world as I attempt to honestly review this present world in America and around the globe.  Paul warned Timothy and those who would hear in 2 Timothy 3:1 that ‘perilous times’ were coming and as I study Scripture and view the direction of our world, nation, and society, as a whole, I see TROUBLE, not PEACE coming to our world.

The gradual and now not so gradual erosion of our Constitutional Rights and Liberties, as well as the wearing away the moral moorings nudging our world toward chaos, anarchy, and war, does not encourage.  China’s Sun Tzu once said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”  Former Defense Intelligence Agency Directory Lt. General Michael Flynn warned us that ISIS and other factions of Islam identified as ‘radical’ had doubled in size during this administration.  Yet our former president continually lectured America and the world that we dare not condemn radical Islam because of the Crusades.  He also argued that ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other factions are not Islam therefore not truly Muslim and to connect them to Islam is to suffer from Islamophobia.  General Flynn said accurately, “We need a much broader strategy that recognizes that we’re fighting not just this tactical problem of ISIS in Iraq and Syria… but we’re facing a growing and expanding threat around the world in some case.  You can’t defeat an enemy that you don’t admit exists.”  That is absolutely true!

To deny the real problem is to place ourselves in a position to be overcome and overrun eventually.  We are facing enemies who do not play by the rules, do not care about our political rhetoric and only want to defeat and destroy everything and anything not in harmony with their views.  The refusal to recognize, identify and define the enemy we are facing is to guarantee inability to defeat that enemy and could ultimately mean our subjection to them.  I find that UNACCEPTABLE!  Rather than carefully and soberly addressing our real threats we have a Democrat Party and the MSM on a 24/7/365 assault on Donald J. Trump and desirous to “take him down” or “take him out” at all costs.

The issue of same-sex marriage goes far beyond the ideological view of legitimatizing marriage for that group of individuals.  I realize that some in Christendom disagree as to what the Bible teaches regarding that lifestyle and others reject the biblical stance totally.  If we consider the problems the SCOTUS ruling presents we can see issues that are incredibly far reaching.  The homosexual community and supporters have argued that marriage is a right and that opens the door to polygamy and even incestuous marriages and Justice Roberts’ dissent gave a warning that is likely prophetic.  We already see lawsuits being levied advancing the idea of the right to polygamy and other issues of marriage.  Maybe one could marry themselves and then claim an additional dependent on their taxes.

I read recently that a known pedophile threatened to sue using the argument from the homosexual community that young children should be encouraged to express their sexual orientation and participate in Gay Pride Parades, etc.  The pedophile argued that children should be allowed and encouraged in the same manner regarding pornography and sexual activity.  Have we created an undefeatable monster with today’s Progressive, Liberal, and Leftist Politically Correct World?  Have we opened Pandora’s Box and rendered America so depraved that there is no societal morality any longer?

In allowing vocal groups that are a small minority in society control the dialogue and determine what is allowable we are inviting sure and certain destruction.  When we allow ourselves to become virtual slaves of Political Correctness we edge nearer and neared the abyss of destruction.  We have an enemy and that enemy is, too often, us if we allow our nation to ignore right, call good evil and evil good, evict God from our political, economic and interpersonal lives we sign our own death warrant.

Politics cannot be ignored or eliminated from our lives and Christian or not if a safe world that your children and grandchildren can grow up and live in and maintain the Free Constitutional Republic is important to you ELECTIONS and POLITICS MATTER.  It is more than just getting your candidate nominated it is DEFEATING EVIL.  You cannot defeat evil by refusing to participate in the fight against it.  You cannot defeat evil by withdrawing when you don’t get your way.  You defeat evil with good and UNLESS we come together and fight.  A few of us in the fight will not win the war!

God, bless you and God bless America!



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