I am all the above regarding the state of POLITICS in America today!  The MSM, for the most part, is in bed with the Liberal Leftists Democrats and offer no semblance of news, truth, facts, or honesty.  They have an agenda and that agenda is to STOP TRUMP and then to STOP or IMPEDE anything and everything the Republicans, Conservatives, and Constitutionalist try to advance or accomplish.  We know that, so that alone is not what is causing my angst, it is anticipated if not expected.  The Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, and Socialist Activist are in the same mode and although they have gone far beyond what I anticipated, they are on an ideological mission to DESTROY.  Even coupled with the MSM the Democrats are not what is causing my severe case of angst.  There is more hate being spewed in the public arena today that I have witnessed in my numerous decades on the planet and although I am alarmed and disturbed by what is happening I am fully convinced that could be overcome, so that is not the root of my angst.

Why am I FRUSTRATED, ANGRY, and ALARMED?  Why am I more DETERMINED than ever to press through to full and complete victory in America?  The reasons are many but let me offer something that may help explain my sentiments and hopefully will encourage you to either become or stay involved in the process and reject the temptation to throw in the towel and concede even in victory.  The primary root of my angst is REPUBLICANS in Washington.  Do I mean every Republican is deserving of this FRUSTRATION, ANGER, and ALARM?  No, some of them are fighting devotedly for what they promised the American voters in November and in previous elections.  However, the Establishment Republican Hierarchy is anything but on board with the Promises to the People made in the 2016 Campaigns and Election.  Those Republicans who are part of the RESISTANCE are the focus of my frustration and I am on a mission to see them evicted from their perches in the next election cycle in which they are up for a vote.

The Republicans holding the line for keeping Senate Procedures that allow the Democrats to filibuster, block, stall, and derail much, if not most, of the Trump agenda and the Republican Promises, appointees, and refuse to ACT definitively and positively for America and Americans are the problem.  If any of those Republicans truly believe that were the situation reversed the Democrats would allow anything to block their agenda, they are delusional.  Once, Harry Reid exercised the NUCLEAR OPTION and forced Obamacare and other things down our throats the gate was opened to never be closed again.  Republicans asked for the House and we gave it to them.  They asked for the Senate and we gave it to them.  They asked for the White House and we gave it to them.  If they fail to act now and allow the losing party that is in the minority to control the agenda, determine the outcome of legislation and appointments they deserve to be ousted at the earliest possible opportunity.

The MSM, Democrats, and even Republicans are failing to identify the accomplishments of President Trump and his team.  People like Lindsey Graham and John McCain seem to be determined to discredit him at every opportunity and allow the Democrats to derail that which the American people voted for.  Why?  Only they or God could fully answer that but they have demonstrated the truth that they are not Republican or Conservative in the politics but Establishment and defenders of the ole boy system of Capitol Hill Cronyism.  They participate in the Russian Investigation but have no stomach for targeting the many things that Hillary Clinton, Valarie Jarret, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Jon Podesta, Susan Rice, and Barack Obama should be investigated for.  The Democrats colluded with the Ukrainian Government to influence the election and that is a “non-starter” for them but if there is even the slightest connection of Trump or anyone connected to him dealing with a foreign entity, that is TREASON, in their minds.

Republicans in Washington, this American, Vietnam Veteran, Patriot, and Voter is decreeing that I am on a mission to send you home IF…  If what?  If you fail to do what you promised to do and have the power to do.  You can secure the border.  You can repeal and even replace Obamacare.  You can deal with Tax Reform.  You can strengthen our National Security.  You can deal with Islamic Terrorism.  You can lift the many stifling regulations that the Obama administration placed on businesses both small and large that have crippled our economy.  You can approve the many appointees needed in the various places in the federal government.  You can address the waste, spending, and corruption that exists on Capitol Hill.  YOU CAN and if you fail to do so, I want to see you gone and will do whatever I can to expose your true colors and attempt to rally support for your ouster in your next election.

I am FRUSTRATED, ANGRY, and ALARMED but I am incredibly HOPEFUL and DETERMINED to continue the Fight for Freedom and a Restored Republic.  I am encouraged that we have been granted a small window of opportunity to RETURN and am the many who express their willingness to join me and those like me in PRAYER and INVOLVEMENT to FIGHT FOR AMERICA!

God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!

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