BLOG POST 1 - Old News

The Washington Compost I mean Post recently published an article that cited U.S. Intelligence Officials on the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analysis as being a new revelation.  The new revelation according to the Washington Post was the increase in the number of bombs in North Korea’s atomic arsenal.  The report was that Little Kim has as many as 60 nuclear weapons. These warheads are small enough to be attached to ICBM’s and launch an attack against the United States of America or our allies.  This revelation by the Post was an attempt to make it look like there had been a dramatic escalation under President Trump’s watch and that it was somehow his incompetence that has created this nightmare scenario.  I beg to cite a few facts in rebuttal.

It was William Jefferson Clinton that gave North Korea the technology and wherewithal to develop nuclear weapons although the, like Iran, insisted they only wanted nuclear power for domestic purposes.  Yeah, and pigs are flying over the unicorns in my back yard.  We know that even while negotiating they were moving rapidly toward the development of nuclear weapons but Clinton, the Democrats, and most Republicans ignored the matter.  I guess they were hoping the Communist lunatics in charge would honor their word and only use them for domestic purposes.  They didn’t, and now we have this nightmare on our hands that President Trump inherited from Barack Obama and the Democrats.

This information was revealed in 2013 that the North Korean had nukes and guess who was in the White House at that time?  You get a Gold Star it was Barack Hussein Obama entering his second term.  North Korea, like Iran and the rest of the world, knew that he was so weak willed nothing would be done so they continued.  Then in 2015 during the infamous negations with the Mullah’s of Iran North Korea transferred nuclear weapons to Iran, weapons that were small enough to be attached to missiles.  Obama knew this but continued in his pursuit of his facilitating and equipping Iran to become the supreme Islamic power in the Middle East with the capacity to do incredible harm if not total destruction to our only friend in the region, Israel.  Yet, he and the Democrats tell us the Iran deal was and is a fantastic arrangement.  We are told that the Iranians only want nuclear power for domestic purposes even though they openly avow that it is nuclear weapons they desire and the total destruction of the Great Satan (America) and the Little Satan (Israel).  [Their descriptions not mine.]

The lunatic in North Korea, a man who kills family members who threaten his position and power and enslaves an entire nation is a problem that cannot be ignored.  Will President Trump’s firm stand have an impact on him and decrease the level of concern?  Oh, he has backed off a bit but I doubt that this little tyrant will cease to be a concern because it seems that he believes he is invincible and because he can run rough-shod over his own people he has the capacity to do that to the rest of the world.  Would a strike against North Korea result in a World War?  Possibly.  Would it cause economic and diplomatic problems in the region and the world?  Likely.  Who would be our allies and who would be our foes?  I really don’t know with the current mindset and political correctness running rampant throughout the world.  Can we allow him to attempt to strike Guam or any of our territories or allies?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  If we do, we open the flood gate for terrorist and despotic regimes to launch attacks on a much larger scale.  You must meet a threat such as this head on and use the appropriate might, muscle, force, and power to quickly dispense of the problem.  Would innocent civilians be harmed in the process?  Yes, in war there are always collateral losses and innocents are harmed.  I wish there was a diplomatic solution but thus far Little Kim shows no signs of being willing to listen to anyone and China, the one nation that might be able to rein him in has chosen to sit on the fence and watch.  Why?  Multiple reasons and one is they know that if we take out Little Kim, they will be in a position to put their puppet on the throne and have even more power.  They are not innocent bystanders but active participants in this mess and the world must hold China accountable as well.

The Arab saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” seems to be in full function in the alliance and accord between North Korea and Iran and maybe even China.  Bill Clinton and Barack Obama allowed or facilitated the rise of two despotic regimes to develop nuclear weapons and now the world will pay the fiddler for dancing with the devil under those two Democratic Administrations.

I do not envy President Trump in having to face this incredible situation but I’m glad we have a President who is willing to do what is necessary to protect America and thereby the world rather than what we had for eight years.  Our founders and famous generals of the past all knew that the surest way to peace is through the demonstration of power.  To prevent war, you must prepare for war.  I’ve been hearing in my spirit for some time that the Prepared hearts will have full hands and the unprepared hearts empty hands.  I know that was a spiritual message to me and all who can receive it but I also believe it applies to the nations of the world.  We will be forced to make some difficult choices in 2018 and 2020 and if we are to restore the Republic and help make the world a safer place we MUST NOT FAIL to make the right ones.  Evicting every politician who does not honor the Constitution and is not in Congress to serve the best interest of the American people is our only choice.  There are many Republicans and most Democrats who need to be shown the door.  I’m praying for godly, honorable, honest, constitutional, conservative, and Patriots to run in 2018 and 2020.  If you feel the tug at your heart let me know and I will pray with you and if you fill that bill I will do all I can to help you in your quest.

God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


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