I’M ONE OF THE STUPID PEOPLE – – In the Eyes of the Elitist Establishment…


I’m sorry to break the news to you but so are you if you voted for Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Elections according to the Leftist.  In their minds, we are delusional, demented, deranged, deceived, duped, and just down right dumb.  Of course, if you are part of the NEVER TRUMP crowd you probably agree with them and would rather have seen Hillary (Destruction) Clinton in the White House allowing the continuation of Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” on steroids.  That is beyond my ability to comprehend but then my views are to those who are so deeply entrenched in hatred for Donald Trump incomprehensible.  I would use the word “Mexican Standoff” but if I did I’d be accused of some kind of phobia rather than simply using a phrase that has been used for decades to describe an impossible stalemate.  In our Politically Correct Society, you can’t use so many words it is almost mandatory to have an auto-correct on our brains to prevent us from using those banned words and phrases.  The intolerance of those demanding tolerance knows no bounds so beware, this article is not PC and I will be guilty of stating views not acceptable to many millennials, all leftist, most Democrats, and many in the Republican Party.

I have one question to ask people like Bill Kristol who worked diligently to get Hillary Clinton elected in an attempt to STOP TRUMP, “What’s Your Problem?”.  He invested money and time in trying to get an alternative candidate to run and tried desperately to enlist National Review’s David French but was rejected.  He then turned to Evan McMullin a candidate that I’m not sure how any truly conservative and constitutionalist would be able to support.  Mr. Kristol was desperate and now is working to form a “Committee Not to Renominate the President.”  His hatred and rejection of Donald Trump rivals that of John McCain and he is willing to join forces with those seeking to destroy our Republic in order to ensure the President is rejected.   Mr. Kristol tweeted that Republicans should “rebrand” as liberals.  Wow!  He said, “We’re for liberal democracy, liberal world order, liberal economy, liberal education, etc.”  Mr. Kristol, I have heard you try to explain your opposition to Donald Trump and now I need you to articulate if you can, what you mean by that statement.  I cannot imagine any true conservative agreeing with you, but then I am one of the stupid people in your eyes and in the eyes of the NEVER TRUMPIST.

Governor John Kasich wants to be identified as a conservative and his views on most things do not even come to the moderate level and he is squarely in the NEVER TRUMP segment of the Republican Party.  Senator John McCain has affirmed that once he returns to the Senate from his cancer treatment he will team up with Chuck Schumer, the Democrats, and RINOs and seek to ram down our throats the “Gang of Eight” Amnesty Bill.  The voters clearly rejected that in the last election but Senator McCain appears to be only marginally concerned about what we think if he is concerned at all.

The Democrats in their “Resistance” which turned out to be riots, looting, and doing physical damage and bodily harm to citizens and property is and has been harmful.  It is not only supported by the Left and the many NEVER TRUMPIST as well as the former President and failed Democrat presidential candidate.  Many of the protesters were funded by Democrat operated organizations and inspired by the lack of action by the Feds and the DOJ as well as the lack of condemnation from the former president and other prominent Democrats.  The members of Congress, largely Democrats but joined by Republicans have sought to find ways to block everything that the President wants to do and ensure that he will be unable to fulfill his campaign promises.  In their minds, it was our fault, those of us who voted for him, whether for him or against Hillary Clinton.  To them, our voice in the election is invalid because it was not what they wanted or believed should happen.  Therefore, the only explanation they can embrace is that we are Stupid and because we are Stupid we were easily deceived and duped and our phobias have led to a demonstrated derangement.  On that basis, they believe, the election should be invalidated and their chosen one and fearless leader should be given the Golden Scepter of Political Power.

It is interesting that according to valid reports the Trump policies has resulted in a reduction of ISIS and his immigration crackdown has led to higher construction wages.  Imagine that, higher wages for American workers and the Democrats hate it because it touches one of their voting blocks, ILLEGALS who are made dependent on the udders of the federal cash cow and locked into the Democrat voting machine for life.  That is, unless, they realize they are being lied to and desire to break free and think for themselves using their minds not simply emotions.  I know some who were in that category who have seen the light and they are adamantly opposed to the Democrat agenda and realize that it is far more harmful than helpful.  I guess that makes them part of the STUPID PEOPLE SOCIETY.

I study, attempt to check the facts, try to look at the big picture, and consider what is constitutional, conservative, supportive of my Christian values and principles, and best for the Republic.  What I heard Donald Trump say during the campaign did not always resonate with me but much of the time his proposed agenda was what I desired and desire.  I want a secure border.  I want a strong national defense.  I want a military that is modernized, equipped, and trained to handle all enemies that might seek to do us harm.  I want a military that is disciplined and ready not one that walks on the egg-shells of political correctness.  I want the Free Market to be turned loose so that the economy can break free and all benefit.  I want tax reform and personally would like to see a flat or fair tax and the IRS abolished.  I want the EPA’s stifling regulations and targeting of non-leftist groups to stop.  I want the DOJ to enforce the law equally regardless of party, socioeconomic status or skin color.  I want our inalienable rights protected and am appalled at federal money being used for abortions.  Those are some of the things that caused me to vote Republican in the 2016 Election and against Hillary Clinton or the other candidates on the ballot.  If that makes me one of the STUPID PEOPLE to the elitist, then I will proudly wear that badge.  Some of their arguments help me to realize who is really challenged in the area of intellectual reason and who is standing intelligently for America.  You guessed it, those of us who voted for AMERICA and want Congress to back the President in the pursuit of the campaign promises made to WE THE PEOPLE.

We were angry, rightfully so, and if the Republicans work in cahoots with the Democrats and block the Promised Agenda of the President, we will be more than angry.  I believe that millions will become so livid we just might see many incumbents evicted from their lofty perches in Washington, DC.  I am hopeful and will continue to work and pray for what I believe is best for America.  Call me whatever you please but never accuse me of not loving or fighting for America and the Constitution.  I was not ashamed to be identified as one of the “deplorables” as the left called us and now unashamedly identify as one of the “stupid people” as they call us.  WE KNOW THE TRUTH!

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!



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