ELOQUENCE ASIDE – Trump is Right…

BLOG POST 1 - Eloquence

I would never argue that Donald Trump always speaks eloquently but he often speaks to the heart of a matter and speaks with a forthrightness that is problematic for the Politically Correct, Establishment Politicians and the Main Stream Media.  They are unaccustomed to that kind of candor and prefer the dark shadows of deception, innuendo, and half-truths to keep the voters in the dark or confused enough to achieve their goals.  Thomas Jefferson is reported to have said, “the cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate.”  The argument that Informed Voters is the only safe and sure way to preserve our Republican Democracy is valid.  We are witnessing the clear and present danger of an uninformed electorate who advance a narrative presented by the biased MSM.  When individuals fail to listen to all sides of an argument and neglect doing the personal research to verify and vet what they hear and read, they fall prey to the devices of unprincipled and unscrupulous politicians and activist.  Donald Trump’s forthrightness and plain speak is the antithesis of the Leftist, Elitist, and Cronyism that has long ruled Washington, DC.  The Deep State and the Swamp hate the idea of people engaging in honest evaluation and using cognitive reason in looking at legislation, policies, or events in society.  That strips them of their power and control something they will fight to the death to preserve.

Before Donald J. Trump was inaugurated the Left, the Establishment Republicans, the MSM, and the Never Trumpist began laying their plans to either oust him from office or prevent him from keeping his campaign promises.  The Republicans, on the campaign trail, gave lip service to those promises but when the rubber began to meet the road they have shown their true colors that they are “Status Quo” proponents not “American Restoration” advocates. They would rather keep the spending bill of Obamacare and maintain their position than truly do what the America people voiced they desire.  They are not our representatives and not our friends.  I am convinced that the Government is a greater threat to our American way of life than Russia, North Korea, China or any other foreign power will ever be.

No matter what the president does or says, his actions and words are twisted, slanted, taken out of context or interpreted to mean whatever the Leftist, Democrats, MSM, and Elitist Politicians want them to mean.  They truly believe that if they tell a lie loud enough and long enough we are too dumb to see the truth and eventually we will wear down like water dripping on a rock and come around to their prescribed way of thinking.  I pray they are wrong, but previous elections suggest my hopes are in vain.

No matter the tragedy or heinous event, President Trump is in a no-win situation regardless of what he says.  He could say exactly what the MSM is saying and they would twist his words to attack him.  In Charlottesville, Barcelona, or any other situation where ideologies collide and terrorism takes place, Donald Trump will be painted as on the side of evil and against good.  The deranged individual who drove his car into the crowd and killing a woman in Charlottesville or the lunatic in Barcelona or any other place that uses a vehicle, gun, bomb, knife, or club is either a pawn of hell and filled with evil and hate to the point they are uncontrollable or they are so mentally challenged they do not know they are perpetrating an act of evil.  Both are dangerous.

Donald Trump may not have said what he said eloquently and with polish but he was absolutely right when he said there was blame on both sides in Charlottesville.  Eric Holder jumped in immediately and called the act in Charlottesville TERRORISM but called the Fort Hood massacre by Major Hassan as WORKPLACE VIOLENCE.  That is both hypocritical and helps to inspire violence.  In Charlottesville, there were two opposing groups of Fascist and the authorities knew there was the potential and likelihood of violence.  The Governor has issued blatant lies about the White Supremacist having caches of arms hidden around the city and that the police were outgunned by them.  The police and intelligence communities have exposed his lies.  He and the mayor as well as national figures were and are trying to use this event for political purposes not for finding a peaceful resolution and uniting the country.

I have been warning for a long time that if the buttons keep getting pushed and the Left keeps rioting and attempting to destroy our Republic there would be some fringe elements on the other side that would step forward to challenge them.  Those fringe right groups, as I warned, will not back down and are unafraid of violence being willing to meet blow with blow.  That opens the door for the Leftist to advance their gun control agenda and possibly impose martial law thereby taking total control.  That is why I have prayed and do pray that sanity will prevail in the minds of the American People and when we go to the polls in each election we will systematically purge the ranks of legislators sending the proponents of Big Government and Total Control home and replace them with those who will Honor the Constitution and truly represent the people who elected them.

Donald Trump’s plain speak may be grating at times because we have grown accustomed to Political Speak from Politicians but it is needed in this hour to expose the Deep State and the Swamp Denizens.  If we do not wake up, stay alert, become involved and pray we will witness the demise of the American Republic given us by the Founders and Framers and see it replaced with the Fundamental Transformation advocated by Barack Obama and the Left.  WHAT WILL YOU HAVE?

God, bless you and God bless America!


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