BLOG POST 5 - disagree

Someone recently accused me of being a water boy for the Republican Party and President Donald Trump saying, “You never disagree.”  I beg to differ and here is one thing that I hold a different opinion, the Alabama Senate Race.  The President has sided with Mitch McConnell on the candidate he supports, Luther Strange the appointee.  I am not from Alabama but if I were I’d be backing Judge Roy Moore in this race based on what I have been able to discern through research.

I find it interesting that Luther Strange would say that he wants the Trump agenda passed but has stood with McConnell who has not truly been behind the agenda and the campaign promises.  Strange wants McConnell to remain as Senate majority leader and both Judge Roy Moore and Mo Brooks, his opponents have called for McConnell to be replaced.  The President said that Strange is already “doing a great job for the people of Alabama” and is “tough on crime, borders, etc.”  Strange is clearly the pick of the Establishment and Senator McConnell’s PAC or Organization has spent $10 MILLION to elect Luther Strange.  If the money was being spent to defeat a Democrat that would be understandable but to defeat to very conservative opponents suggests the pick of the Establishment and that always causes me concern.

Although I disagree with the President on who should represent Alabama in the Senate I would far rather see Luther Strange in DC than the Democrat on the ticket. The Democrat, Doug Jones, a former U.S. Attorney under Bill Clinton and backed by Vice President Joe Biden.  The other candidate had name recognition.  He was Robert Kennedy, Jr., a Navy veteran but unrelated to the famed Kennedy family of Massachusetts.  He would possibly have been a more palatable candidate than Jones but I suspect his call for building bridges with Republicans and Independents is campaign speak not what would transpire were he elected.

Some argue, that since the President has thrown his support behind Luther Strange that the defeat of Strange would be a blow to the President’s agenda.  I disagree, I believe that it would be a blow against the Political Establishment, Deep State, Swamp dwellers and would signal to Mitch McConnell and the RINO Republicans that America is still paying attention and still angry.  It would suggest that we are both angry and unified enough to target each and every one of them in upcoming elections.  Would that cause them to change their policies, actions, and antics?  Probably not because they do not believe this unity or anger will last and since they have been elected and reelected repeatedly they are safe or immune from our ire.  I pray that we stay engaged, unified, and committed to dealing with the Deep State, the Political Establishment, and the Swamp and restoring the Republic to her true Constitutional status where WE THE PEOPLE are the overseers of government.

No, I am not part of the NEVER TRUMP crowd and appreciate every effort this President has made to fulfill his campaign promises. I appreciate every action that has resulted in positively advancing those promises and his willingness to stand up to despotic tyrants who threaten us.  The successes and accomplishments of his administration or either not reported or under reported and everything he does painted in a bad light.  The President has allowed the Globalist in his administration to influence him negatively and that is disappointing and pray that this will not continue.  When I compare how the Senate operated under the Democrats and how they are operating now under Republican control, I scratch my head in wonder.  The Democrats backed and defended Barack Obama but far too many Republicans are willing to see the Democrats win rather than back Donald J. Trump because of their personal preference and his threat to the Ole Boy System and Status Quo.

I could be wrong about Luther Strange and Judge Roy Moore but I doubt that I am.  Why the President is backing Strange is somewhat of a mystery to me but I suspect he is being advised by those Establishment types in his administration and thinks Strange is a known commodity whereas Brooks and Moore are more unpredictable.  Predictability among the Senators on the Republican side is not an easy determination but with the slim majority, we need Conservative Constitutionalist in every seat not wishy washy Establishment Senators.  Therefore, Mr. President, I disagree with your choice and although I will continue to support your efforts to fulfill your promises I pray your endorsement fails and Judge Moore wins the primary and the general election.  Those of you from Alabama may tell me I am wrong and I will respect that since you are directly impacted by this election to select a Senator to represent your state.

As I have said on numerous occasions, I will be vocal and work to elect Conservative Constitutionalist to every national office I can.  I only ask the good people of Alabama to seriously consider the candidates and be prayerful in your consideration.  In this contest, I pray that whichever Republican candidate wins the nomination also wins the general election.

God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


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