BLOG POST 1 - Please everyone

The MSM Leftist cannot be pleased by Donald J. Trump no matter what he does or does not do.  East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet or should I say Left is Left and Right is Right and where the MSM and Liberals are concerned NEVER and I mean NEVER shall the twain meet.  One of the things that continues to rub me wrong is politicizing a tragedy or disaster namely a hurricane as Texas has endured and Louisiana is beginning to feel.  This is a time, as in any disaster, that Americans should set aside their political differences and help their fellow man.  When people have suffered the loss of a loved one, homes, property, belongings, etc. anyone seeking political advantage disgusts me.  I have friends and relatives in the Houston, South and Central Texas regions and am aware of the pain they feel in what has been happening and will likely continue for days, weeks, and even months with the weather and aftermath of the storm.  They are not and do not care about politics or political jockeying, they care about what they are facing now and in the days to come.  They, as I am appalled when politicians and activist use things like this as a political tool or weapon.

For example, as this horrific storm developed there were those on the Left and some who are supposedly Republican began to maneuver to criticize Donald Trump or find some way to blame him.  No, most of them did not actually accuse him of causing the storm but they laid the foundation to question his every move and thereby blame him for any ensuing problems in the cleanup and rebuilding.  Had the President not come to Texas he would have been called insensitive, uncaring, inept, and many other names far worse and much more hurtful.  However, when he announced he was going on Tuesday there was immediate questioning with MSNBC saying, “He is going too soon.”  Had he delayed until after the storm had completely dissipated they would have said, “He waited too long.”  Therefore, no matter what he does, to them, HE IS WRONG.  Not because what he does or does not do is wrong but because, to them, HE IS WRONG.  Obama could do no wrong and Trump can only do wrong. 

We are witnessing DELEGITIMIZING HATRED.  When a college professor can issue a vitriolic hate-filled tweet that says Texas deserves all the damage Harvey can provide because they voted for Trump he delegitimizes himself and his position.  When a co-founder in the BLM can say that Trump has a plan to systematically kill blacks, she delegitimizes herself and when those of the movement refuse to reject that position their movement is delegitimized.  When, any leftist seeks to deflect any criticism, refuse to answer direct questions about any group having ONLY meetings where only those of their skin color can attend and not admit that is racist they delegitimize themselves and damage their cause.  Today, we are witnessing the insanity of hate and the feeble attempts to legitimize that which delegitimizes itself.  AMERICA, WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

In my view, the Leftist, Democrats, Activists, MSM, Hollywood liberals, and Establishment Republicans truly do not know what they are arguing for or against.  They have a hatred for President Trump and that is sufficient, in their minds, to justify their vitriolic diatribe and incessant rhetoric.  The harm done to those easily swayed by the liberal leftist mantra is of no concern to them.  The harm done to the Republic never enters this minds.  They, like a liberal I heard recently insist that the Antifa protesters, rioters, or whatever you might call them are JUSTIFIED because they are committing acts of violence against what they believe to be wrong.  When asked about Obama’s Pardon of a terrorist who killed Americans they quickly dodged that issue and blasted Trump for his pardon of Sheriff Joe.  Some have even gone so far as to insist that the pardon was Trump’s signal to the White Supremacist that they have an immediate “Get out of Jail Free Card”.  That is so dishonest it deserves no response but because of the mindlessness of so many followers of the liberal thought, we must address it.  Sheriff Joe was elected to six terms in his county.  I suppose that must mean that everyone who voted for him is a racist and evil.  That is exactly what the Leftist think about those of us who voted for Donald Trump as opposed to Hillary Clinton.  There is nothing we can do to appease them, even if we rolled over and proclaimed they are right and accepted every demand they make.  They would still blast the President and each of us on the Right.

America, there is no FREE RIDE.  Somebody Pays!  You are not entitled to what someone else has earned or built.  You are not entitled to reparation for what happened 150 years prior.  You are not entitled to live in a world where there is no possibility of being offended.  You are not entitled to have your preferences mandated by law trampling on the rights of others.  You are not entitled to be pleased in everything.  You have the right to LIFE and the kind of life you have is largely connected to your decisions and actions.  You have the right to LIBERTY or FREEDOM to live where you choose (if you can afford it) and go where you desire, believe what you choose, and speak your mind peaceably.  You have the right to PURSUE HAPPINESS but you do not have the right to expect HAPPINESS to be provided for you on a silver platter.  You do not have the right to rob and steal, burn and loot, or create mayhem as you become dissatisfied or disappointed in election outcomes.  You must choose the path you walk and assume accountability for your actions and choices.  If you choose to sit on your behind and refuse to work, I choose to allow you to go hungry and become homeless.  You may consider that mean but the Bible says, that if anyone WOULD NOT WORK (key words) they SHOULD NOT EAT.  If we give them handouts and entitlements, we do them harm not good and become enablers in their bad choices and wrong lifestyles.

What you have earned or built should be yours and I may wish I had what you have I have no right to demand you share it with me.  What I have earned or built is mine and you have no right to it.  If I choose to share it with you that is my choice and your blessing but if I choose not to do so that is my choice.  I believe in giving to the poor and helping my neighbor.  I believe in being charitable offering a hand up and, at times, a handout.  HOWEVER, that is to be my choice not a mandate by the government or any other human being.  Since those who believe they are entitled to what others have and entitled to sit on their fannies doing nothing feel they are justified in stealing or taking it by force I offer this warning.  There are millions of us who will not take that passively, so be warned, your attempt to force us to feed your addiction to entitlements may be costly in many many ways.

Mr. President, it is impossible to please the Leftist or the Establishment Republicans so please focus on your campaign promises, evict from your administration those who are not on board with those promises, and continue doing what you can.  I pray that enough of us will wake up in 2018 to say to those Republicans and Democrats who are taking stances detrimental to the fulfillment of those promises and not in the best interest of the Republic, YOU ARE FIRED!  We can make America Great and Constitutional again.  It will not be easy nor without setbacks but we can IF we refuse to give up or give in.

God, bless you and God bless America again.


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