BLOG POST 6 - Ashamed

NO, I AM NOT but it seems that many including Barack and Michelle Obama as well as many of the Leftist Democrats are.  Some have even said so, and Barack Obama, as president, went on an apology tour of the world decrying American Exceptionalism and citing what he claimed were our grave sins, dark past, and arrogance.  His words and deeds indicated that he believed and believes that America is an Evil Empire established by Evil Men with Evil Motives, on the backs of the Poor, especially those not white.  I found that offensive then and find it offensive now.  I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN even with the reality of some of our dark past, and failures.  I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN because of our Founding Principles and our System of Government which affords anyone and everyone the right to Pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness.  We have existed with a system of Risk and Reward and although everyone will not rise to the top, there exists that possibility.  That is completely opposite of the Socialist Communist nations of the world.  Only the select of the elect who are chosen and designated can rise to the top and no matter how qualified or how rich your ideas are if you are relegated to a particular class, there you stay.

I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with the self-righteous whining of the Left about how ashamed they are to be American.  I’m fed up with the diatribe and blatant lies that we became a wealthy and prosperous nation “on the backs” of the “oppressed”.  I’m tired of hearing the spin that sounds as though no American ever earned anything for himself.  I’m tired of hearing how bad we treated various people.  What happened, happened but we, I thought, were moving forward and overcoming many of the stigmas and roadblocks for the advancement of our society UNTIL Barack H. Obama became president and we have turned back the clock 50 or more years.  I’m tired of hearing that the rich are still rich and the poor are still poor.  Even Jesus said, “The poor you will have with you always.”  Some will be poor no matter what opportunities are set before them.  That is not meant to be a condemnation but a facing of reality that some, for whatever reason, will never climb out of the poverty basement and up the ladder of success.

Most students in today’s schools, as well as many who are teaching history, have no clue regarding our 500-year history on the continent or our 241 years as a Republic.  They seem to pick out and focus on a few isolated incidents and periods of history and make them the whole.  I readily acknowledge the terribleness of Slavery but that does not define America or should not.  Slavery was not unique to America and the fact that only about 1.4% of the population owned slaves and that number included both blacks and whites who were slave-owners.  There were over 600,000 Americans killed in the Civil War and that is a tragic reflection of a time in our history where people on both sides of the many issues of the War stopped talking and resorted to force.  It is a lesson or should be and the current attempts to sanitize history by removing every reminder of the Civil War South does not help it further divides and that is tragic.

We have had some dark times in our American history other than slavery.  The Salem Witch Trials, the Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, the decimation of the Great Plains bison herds and other incidents are tragic.  Some of our dark times have been rooted in carelessness, apathy, and evil but did not and do not reflect the mindset of the vast majority of the public.  In our system of Capitalism or Free-Enterprise some grow rich and others poor.  Some gain and some lose and to most rational people that are a normal part of life but to the Leftist, it is unthinkable that some could become rich while others become poor.  After all, we must make everything fair and even.  WE CAN’T.  WE WON’T.  WE NEVER WILL.  They ignore that our poor, much of the world would consider wealthy.  Our poor, for the most part, have hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing, electricity, TV’s, cell phones, automobiles, and food.  Cherry picking either the good or the bad will not help us move forward, that will only further divide our nation.

I realize that what I am about to say will get me in hot water with some but if we are going to continue to focus on what happened 100-200 years ago, and fail to focus on the present we are writing our own death-warrant.  I listened to some black leaders, as they discussed some of the issues facing that community and one of those leaders said, “Nobody is focusing on the data that 70% of black babies are born out of wedlock.  The home and family are fragmented and the absence of the father as a role model is doing incredible damage.”  Another said, “Yes, and two-thirds of black males grow up without a father in the home or influencing their lives because the government has eliminated the need for them to stay and do their duty.  Welfare and entitlements have done more damage to our people than anything done by anyone else.”  As the discussion continued there was lamenting of black youths gunning down other black youths because they have not been taught not to.  Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty did more to enslave people in the inner cities than anything I can think of.  When we force those in those communities into failing schools giving them no choice we guarantee failure.  WHY?  Why is the Left so adamant in their demand that we do not give choice to parents who want a better life for their children?  One reason is DEPENDENCE.  They want to keep people dependent on government and in so doing dependent on the Democrat Party the Party of Entitlements.

One of the darkest things of our past and present, in my mind, is Abortion on Demand.  We have taken the lives of 60 MILLION innocent unborn babies since 1973 and that blood is on our hands.  You may find my position objectionable but if you truly believe that EVERYONE has a right to Life then surely you want to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  What group among us is more unable to defend itself than the unborn?  We have evicted God from our public schools, banned Him and the biblical moral teaching from everything public and wonder why we have problems.  I am not asking that everyone believe what I believe but I am asking that we stop attempting to sanitize history, cease attempting to over protect everyone to the point that no one can have or express an opinion.  Freedom of Speech must be protected.  Freedom of Thought must be encouraged.  Personal Responsibility must be restored.  The Constitution must be honored, defended, and protected.  I ask that everyone who prays, pray for America.  I ask that everyone who loves the ideal of the Free Constitutional Republic where every can Pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness become involved, informed, and exercise your privilege and responsibility and VOTE.  Let’s clean up DC at the ballot box and in so doing we will get the attention of the entire Swamp and Deep State and notify them that we are serious about reclaiming our Republic.

God, bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


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