THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT – We Must Maintain to Survive…

BLOG POST 2 - Separation of Powers

There has been much ado about Donald Trump’s action of repealing Barack Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional DACA Program.  There is no mention of the multiple times that then President Barack Obama declared that he did not have the authority via Executive Fiat to ignore America’s immigration laws.  He asserted, rightly, that Congress must pass the laws and then once signed into law the President must enforce those laws and the Courts must interpret them.  He repeatedly said, “I do not have the power or authority” and then acted unilaterally bypassing Congress and the courts and used his Executive Pen to do what he said he had no authority to do.

Donald Trump promised in the campaign to reverse Obama’s actions and his action on DACA is, hopefully, the right one.  I understand the dilemma, ethically, morally, and even legally in dealing with the children who were brought here having no say in the matter by their parents.  Their parents brought them into the United States illegally.  I understand this is the only home they have ever known and some of them are functioning as productive members of society and making valuable contributions.  I understand this is a sensitive matter and one that most find complicated and fraught with issues that have the potential to open a difficult can of worms.

HOWEVER, I believe Donald Trump was right in his action to rescind the illegal and unconstitutional action of Barack Obama on the matter.  He took an additional step that, in my view, was a wise one.  He has given Congress six-months do pass a comprehensive set of immigration laws and laws to deal with this issue in a manner that is right and workable for everyone while protecting our national sovereignty.  His end game may be to provide amnesty as some are suggesting but Donald Trump expressed, during the campaign, an understanding of our system of government and that this was a matter for Congress.  Congress has sidestepped the matter for years and would continue to do so, had President Trump not taken this action.  NOW, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnell the ball is in your court.  WHAT WILL YOU DO?

I have heard arguments from all sides on this matter and my purpose is not to advance a singular position on what to do with the reported 800,000 Dreamers who are here illegally.  I am not without opinion on this matter but my focus in this article is not my opinion on what to do with them but whose responsibility it is to write legislation that deals with the matter IF the current legislation is deemed inappropriate.  It is the responsibility of Congress to write the Laws and if the Laws written are deemed acceptable to the President he can and will sign them.  At that point, it is the responsibility of the Department of Justice to fully and fairly enforce those laws without favoritism.  That is what I desire to see, which would be a return to Constitutional Government. 

Congress may pass laws that I do not like and the President might sign them.  I will argue against those laws I disagree with and attempt to elect people to the House and Senate who will overturn those Laws and write new Laws that are more consistent with my views and the Original Intent of the Framers and Founders of our Constitution.  We are or must be, a Nation of Laws and if the Constitution is not followed and our Laws are selectively enforced based on the political ideology of the occupant of the White House, we will lose the Republic.  If the President and DOJ can pick and choose in one area what is to prevent them from picking and choosing in other areas?  If they can suspend our rights on one matter without our consent what is to prevent them from doing so in other matters?  What I am concerned about is following the Constitution and the Rule of Law, which Barack Obama did not do, the Democrats are unwilling to do, and the cowardly Republicans demonstrate too much timidity for comfort.

If they do not do what they promised, it is incumbent upon you and me to VOTE THEM OUT and VOTE IN those who will do what the Constitution instructs.  We are the rightful overseers of government according to our Constitution and our greatest power is our vote and financial support.  If we can win enough elections we can get their attention and bring about real change in Washington.  Therefore, I urge you to stay alert, engaged, and active.  VOTE in every election from Dog Catcher to President and make your voice heard.

God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!

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