BLOG POST 1 - Crystal Ball Broken

I don’t have a crystal ball so it isn’t broken BUT I can see the writing on the wall and know some of the tactics and patterns practiced by the Leftist and Deep State.  Therefore, I am 100% convinced that several things are absolute with regard to the trumped-up Russian investigation and the ever-expanding probe of Special Counsel Robert Muller.  He has already gone far beyond the scope of the proposed investigation and has used some very questionable tactics in his investigation and serving of warrants, etc.  He has a directive from the Leftist, Democrats, Establishment Elites, and the Deep State to FIND SOMETHING.  Not necessarily the truth but something that can damage Donald J. Trump and possibly end his presidency.

He, as did James Comey, already has enough documented evidence on Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Barack Obama to indict not to mention the illegalities of his buddy James Comey.  But, I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut hole that he will NEVER bring anything forth against any of them.  He, as have the Democrats and media found the net empty regarding any Russian collusion between Trump and the Russians so he must turn his attention to subordinates, volunteers, and family members of the president to try to pressure him to resign or allow Congress to issue articles of impeachment.  I do not gamble but I would hazard a guess that before they are through SOMEONE connected to President Trump will be indicted or offered a deal to turn on Trump.  It won’t matter if it is true or not, all they need is someone connected to Trump to say that he is guilty.  He has already been tried and convicted in the minds of the Leftist, Democrats, Establishment Elites, and the Never Trumpest so any suggestion by someone connected regardless of how remotely or closely that he either knew or was involved in something illegal or unethical.  Will they get it?  When it comes to people’s freedom and ability to continue to make money one never knows.

We know that James Clapper has lied repeatedly to Congress about the scope of their eavesdropping on people connected to the president.  We know that the Obama team has acknowledged they unmasked citizens who were not connected to any foreign threat and it is clear those being unmasked were exposed for political purposes.  We know that the criminal activities of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her aid or employee and those of Hillary Clinton and many others have been ignored and it is troubling that the Republicans would allow this to continue but equally troubling that they have not demanded a Special Counsel to investigate the activities of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton.  WHY HAVE THEY NOT?  The answer is simple, in my mind.  It is because they also hate Trump and want this person they consider an interloper removed and a clear message sent to all “outsiders” that they are not welcome in the political pool.  They want to put enough trepidation in the hearts of any person from outside the Establishment about the consequences of running they have little opposition.  How can we fix that?  VOTE THE ESTABLISHMENT OUT.

I cannot explain why Donald Trump backed Luther Strange in Alabama over Judge Roy Moore a true Constitutional Conservative.  There are many possibilities including the idea that if the President backed Mitch McConnell’s man Mitch might be more willing to advance the things the president wants.  If that is the thought, Mr. President, I suggest you begin a watch party for unicorns on the South Lawn and have someone document every flying pig they see flying overhead.  IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!  Mr. President, if you truly meant what you said during the campaign and have demonstrated, at least somewhat as president, then you need Senators like Roy Moore not Establishment Elitist like Mitch McConnell and his man Luther Strange.

How many of the Republicans in Congress would vote to Impeach if the articles were presented?  How many in the Senate would vote to convict if the President were Impeached by the House of Representatives?  It is one thing for the House to Impeach a president and we must never forget that impeachment is usually a political statement.
As we saw with Bill Clinton it is meaningless UNLESS the Senate votes to convict and remove from office.  I do not trust the Establishment Republicans any more than I trust Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff or any of the leading Democrats.  The Establishment of both parties working with the International Organizers are out to destroy this president and eventually this Republic.  I don’t know if anything will be forthcoming before the mid-term elections but I would suggest it is highly likely that sometime next year there will be a bombshell of some kind dropped with the intent of defeating the Republicans in the mid-term and restoring control to the Democrats.  If they regain power and control, the proverbial fat lady will have already sung and we can kiss the Constitutional Republic goodbye.  UNLESS, and this is a big UNLESS.  Unless we lock arms, become of one mind, and exhibit such commitment and determination that we go to the polls in great numbers and vote out the Democrats and vote in candidates who will honor the Constitution.  Voting out the Democrats is priority number one and close behind is voting out, during the primaries, the Republicans who DO NOT honor the constitution or their commitment to us.

Some do not believe as I, but as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I urge everyone who prays to seriously and earnestly pray for America.  God, please bless America again and restore us to our foundational principles and return us to our moral moorings and let us once again be a true beacon of hope to the world.  God, bless you and please stay engaged.


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