GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN – Fact and Fiction – Rhetoric and Spin…


By “Government Shutdown” most people think that the government shuts down, but that is a far cry from reality.  A “government shutdown” is when non-essential discretionary federal programs close or cease to receive funding.  The President is mandated to enact this action when Congress fails to appropriate funds to continue those programs.  The normal budget process requires Congress to appropriate those funds by September 30th for the following fiscal year.  If that does not happen, Congress can and often do pass a continuing resolution that extends the date weeks or months.  If after that time, Congress cannot agree there is a “government shutdown.” 

HOWEVER, IT IS NOT A COMPLETE SHUTDOWN and frankly, some of those programs are completely unnecessary whereas the essentials operations of the government continue.  The war in Congress is over what funds are allocated for what purposes and departments.  The Democrats want a blank check for discretionary spending in the form of entitlements and the Republicans want to increase defense spending, raising it to $700 BILLION but sequestration limits it to $549 BILLION.  That is largely the result of the Obama administration’s mishandling of virtually everything within our government.  The Democrats are demanding a dollar for dollar increase in non-defense discretionary programs, now limited to $516 BILLION.  They demand a plan that allows the illegals eligible for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to remain in the United States and make them legal.  Some of the so-called Dreamers are MS-13 GANG MEMBERS who came as unaccompanied children. The Trump immigration plan would end the program in the spring if Congress doesn’t develop a permanent fix.  Congress has failed to do their work and the Democrats want to blame the President, the Republicans, and all Conservatives and are threatening a “government shutdown.”

A limited list of the major departments impacted by a shutdown include some departments that cause some people to buy the rhetoric of the left and believe that it would be catastrophic.  However, we have endured “government shutdowns” before and survived quiet nicely.  In fact, some of the fat needs to be trimmed from many of those affected departments and this would be a wonderful time for the President and Congress to address the bloat and transition from a “baseline budgeting process” to a “zero-based budgeting process.”  That won’t happen, but it is a nice thought.  The Democrats oppose the border fence or wall and support keeping the Obamacare subsidies and virtually every other domestic spending and entitlement program.

The Democrats warned the Republicans when the Republicans threatened and actually brought about a “government shutdown” that it would catastrophic and mean the doom of the GOP forever.  That did not happen and now guess who is threatening a shutdown and threatening to hold the government hostage to get what they want in ransom payment.  Yep, you guessed, it is none other than the loving, caring liberal Democrats.  The loving and caring is sarcasm not a belief they are either of those things.

The question is, “How are the voters responding to the Democrat threat?”  Several polls that I have read indicate that the voters are rejecting the Democrat argument by a 2 to 1 margin.  Rasmussen Reports, “Just 27% agree with Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin’s call for a “government shutdown” in order to force a congressional decision on the Dreamers as a separate issue from border security.”  The report indicates that 55% oppose a “government shutdown” as proposed by the Democrats and only 17% are undecided.”  Even with 100% of the 17% the Democrats still come up on the short end of the stick, but they don’t believe the voters are important enough or intelligent enough to make their own decisions.  After all, they are our moral conscience, right?  (My cheek is hurting with my tongue so firmly pressed against it.) The poll indicated some interesting numbers including the fact that 58% of blacks, 49% of Democrats, 42% of liberals, and 63% of people who earn from $30,000 to $60,000 per year.  

That same poll asked, “How important is it to secure the border before dealing with the Dreamers question?”  Hang on to your hat liberals, you will hate this.  43% said it was VERY IMPORTANT and only 13% said it was UNIMPORTANT.  That is a 3.5 to 1 ratio in favor of border security BEFORE any amnesty strategy.  But, if you listen to the MSM, the activist, and the Democrats, AMNESTY is a burning issue for voters and garners a vast majority of support.  Not according to these polls and not according to all I can discover.

In my view, the Democrats are painting themselves into a corner and the GOP has a golden opportunity to nail their hides to the wall.  Will they?  Not likely, if past history is any indication of present reality.  They will sidestep the issue, swing and miss at the softballs being tossed their way by the Left, and fumble and bumble their way to allow the Democrats to walk away unscathed and it could prove costly to all who love the Constitutional Republic our Framers and Founders established for us.  WAKE UP GOP, the coffee is brewing, and you are sniffing around the manure bin.  I urge each of you to call your elected officials and let them know how you feel and demand they take definitive steps to fulfill the campaign promises, cut spending and taxes, and take another step toward draining the Swamp and dismantling the Deep State.

We can do this, but it will require much effort on our part and ousting some of the Establishment types in the primaries.  God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer.  Join me in the fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom!


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