THE CORRUPTION IN DC – They Knew but Designed Protection for Themselves…

BLOG POST 2 - Corruption

Virtually everybody in Washington, DC in the hallowed Halls of Congress knew what was going on regarding “sexual harassment”.  In that grouping (not groping) Congress, Barack Obama, Karl Rove, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, the MSM and hundreds of others KNEW but did nothing and said nothing.  The very fact that members of Congress spend 17 MILLION taxpayer dollars to settle at least 260 sexual misconduct complaints.  That is now public knowledge although they never intended that you and I know about it.  They exempted themselves from following the laws we must follow.

Congress knowingly and with forethought indemnified themselves by the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 (CAA).  They have been breaking the Law because the CAA required Congress and the various associated agencies and departments to follow the same laws and guidelines for employment and workplace safety that every other business must follow.  Until this Act was passed in 1995 Congress had been exempted from those requirements.  Imagine that!  Congress could pass laws that regulated business and mandated reporting requirements that they were exempt from following.  Simply, Congress was operating in the Pharisaical mode of “Do as we say, not as we do.”  That should outrage every American citizen.  I said SHOULD not that it does.

Hypocritically, Congress further insulated themselves by creating what they called “dispute resolution procedures” where complaints went through this process rather than litigating the matter in court where the public could and would see what was happening.  This was enacted by both Democrats and Republicans and passed with a vote of 390 to 0 in the House and 98 to 1 in the Senate.  Every member of Congress except for one lone Senator voted to CONCEAL from the public misconduct by predatory members of their illustrious body.  This allowed those predators to continue in office, not go to jail and the other members to turn a blind eye with faux piousness.  This, at the cost of MILLIONS to the taxpayers.  That should outrage every citizen.  SHOULD is the operative word.

I guess it is nice to know that you can commit immoral, unethical, and illegal acts of sexual misconduct and have no fear of being exposed or costing you anything.  NO, it is not nice it is reprehensible but that is our righteous Congress and the leaders KNEW what was happening making them accomplices in the crimes and misconduct.  We need to clean house in DC and demonstrate a complete unwillingness to allow the complicity to continue.  Were it not for the exposure of Harvey Weinstein and others going viral and the sins of Congress coming to light we would yet be in the dark.  This is another reason that I become outraged when various members of Congress, including those guilty of such crimes, publicly berate people outside of Congress for doing what is happening within their ranks.  They KNEW and if they did not KNOW they are so out of touch they do not deserve to remain in office.

This is one of many examples, such as Congress being able to engage in what can only be called insider trading and not be held to the same standards or laws as the rest of us, that verifies the CORRUPTION of Washington DC.  Congress, that legislative body that is supposed to provide legislation to protect us from such predatory vileness has demonstrated a willingness and ability to create a workplace that is nothing short of a taxpayer-funded private club. A club where incredible debauchery and depravity can take place knowing the other members of Congress will have their backs if not their backsides.  They protect themselves by concealing the unacceptable culture of drugs, depravity, lasciviousness, and drunkenness.  Las Vegas has been called sin city” but that moniker certainly can be used to describe Washington DC.

If you believe that members of Congress and the Leadership were UNAWARE, you are more naïve than even they think.  Members of Congress including Karl Rove and the MSM went after Herman Cain and painted him as one of the worst predators in human history.  Those hypocrites KNEW that various members of Congress were doing what Cain was accused of and more but sanctimoniously acted as if the elected elite were nothing short of sainthood.  They wanted Cain destroyed.  The same happened with Roy Moore and others while there was the nodding of the head and winking of the eye regarding sexual predators like Bill Clinton.  I am not saying that Judge Moore is not guilty, I do not know.  Allegations that are unproven and some have been partially or totally dismantled along with heavy outside money and the cooperation of the Republican Establishment defeated him in Alabama.  What is coming is more of the same in select races the Democrats hope to flip.  They will use allegations of some type and people will say as many Establishment types did about Judge Moore, “where there is smoke there must be some fire.”  What happened to innocent until proven guilty or does that only apply to Democrats?

Where is the outrage and wall to wall coverage by the media and the revelations of the number of aborted babies by staffers of members of Congress and the broken homes, and careers of those staffers through the threats from the powerful in Congress?  The brotherhood or fraternity in DC is tight and they have the ability and willingness to use powerful governmental agencies to destroy if one does not submit to their demands.  Where is the outrage from the members of Congress and the Media over Bill Clinton’s good buddy Jeffery Epstein who allegedly provides a fantasy island for deviant pedophiles among the rich and famous?  Bill Clinton’s deviant behavior goes all the way back to Arkansas, wove its way through Oxford and followed him into the White House, but no genuine outrage by Congress or the media.  It has been reported that former Vice President and Presidential Candidate Al Gore groped young male masseuses against their will.

If Congress can act as the tree monkeys and pretend to be Sgt. Schultz – I KNOW NOTHING, we have in Washington criminals passing laws making their behavior illegal for the rest of America.  Someone said, “Roy, Congress is a do-nothing organization.”  I contend that is not true for they WORK EXTREMELY HARD at protecting themselves and creating a culture of corruption that is legal for them but illegal for the rest of us.  That is doing something but not what America needs.  These are the people who are fighting so diligently trying to oust Donald Trump from office, partly because of his desire to drain the Swamp and keep his campaign promises threatens their abhorrent culture and behavior.  WHERE IS MY BROOM?  We must cease allowing the foxes to guard the henhouse or we destroy our Republic.

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer!

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