BLOG POST 2 - Belly Laugh

Okay, I am aware that my title, this picture and what I’m going to say will possibly offend some who are entrenched in the thought process of Albert Gore and his followers, but here we go.  Early this month, the infamous Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. the “Global Warming Guru” said, “Bitter Cold is exactly what we should expect from global warming.”  He said it with a straight face and in all seriousness.  NO, I don’t know if he was high but to make that kind of statement, in my view, one would have had to have checked their brain at the door when entering the room.  He cited so-called Climate Scientist, Michael Mann of Penn State University who declared that bitter cold is exactly what should be expected in global warming.  Pardon me professor, but how do you get COLD out of WARM?

I find it questionable and even laughable that Mr. Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth” failed to warn us of giant snowstorms and bitter cold.  Instead, the 2006 Oscar-winning documentary prophesied a 20-foot sea-level rise in near future.  When is the near future?  I’m sure that is a moving target as is the changing way of identifying Global Warming calling it Climate Change and in some circles Climate Disruption, whatever all that means.  He told us that the snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro would be gone and that there was some unverified scientific study that revealed polar bears drowned because they swam upwards of 60 miles to find ice.  The ice that has only decreased in some areas to increase in others.  Mr. Gore, I’m sure you recall the Inconvenient Truth that British Judge Michael Burton in October 2007 ruled were inaccurate.  The judge also ruled that your documentary was not an impartial analysis of climate change, another Inconvenient Truth, which you and your followers ignore.

Do you remember when the chameleon Al Gore declared in 2010 that “increased snowfalls are completely consistent with man-made global warming?”  Unfortunately, Mr. Gore had said months earlier in 2009 that the snow and ice around the world were rapidly disappearing.  Thanks for the belly laugh Mr. Global Warming.  You change your position so much I’m not sure you remember what position you are supposed to be supporting.  Anything, to continue the perpetuation of your unproven, and in my view, erroneous theory. After all, where would you get your money to buy your mansions, jumbo jets, and massive SUVs?  Hey, gotta keep the gravy train rolling!

I laughed heartily when I read and heard some of the proponents of Global Warming, Climate Change or Disruption declare they don’t understand the process that leads to the weather events at the close of 2017 and beginning of 2018 in the Northeast especially.  They ADMIT that they “don’t understand” the process, but they still want us to curtail our lifestyles, cut our CO2 emissions, and simply believe whatever they declare as law and gospel.  Thanks, Mr. Gore and your cronies, I needed a good laugh.  I confess I am one of those who believes that God created this planet and the entire universe, and He did not create a fickle planet.  Sorry, but I believe Him when He says we will always have “seed time and harvest, cold and heat or simply the seasons.”  The Climate is cyclical, and I’ve observed that throughout my numerous decades on planet earth.  There is no consistent pattern and I believe that one of the reasons for that is God has a purpose and possibly a sense of humor knowing the Climate Crowd would spin the spin they are spinning.

There are numerous scientist including Meteorologist Dr. Roger Pielke, Sr. who exhibit common sense saying, “For those who claim USA/Canada nor’easter is stronger because of ‘global warming,’ they apparently do not realize that it’s so strong because of especially strong horizontal temperature gradient in the troposphere. It ‘bombed’ because of usually cold air!”  Imagine that!  Another meteorologist Joe Bastardi went a step further calling the claims that the Bomb Cyclone was caused by global warming “flat-out insanity and deception.” He added of such declarations, “it’s not science; it’s witchcraft.”  I like that guy!!!  But, there are others who disagree with Albert Gore and his cronies including the University of Washington climatologist Cliff Mass saying, “Such claims make no sense and are inconsistent with observations and the best science.” Mass concluded that “The frequency of cold waves have decreased during the past fifty years, not increased. That alone shows that such claims are baseless.”

The Gore-ites had a friend in the White House in Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren who, in 2014 released a video claiming that the “Polar Vortex” of that year was directly connected to that dastardly global warming phenomenon.  An Inconvenient Truth for Mr. Gore and his followers is that Mr. Holdren later admitted that the video was not based on science but his own personal opinions.  No matter how debunked their claims are they continue to trot out the same old tired argument that no matter what happens, it is man-made global warming’s fault.  It can get bitterly cold or stiflingly hot and it’s the same culprit.  We can find evidence that there is “global cooling” and it is the fault of global warming.  I guess bitter cold is the new hot in the Gore World.

All I can say is “Thanks for the laughs Al, I believe that laughter does good like a medicine” and if I take your claims the way I believe I should they are therapeutic because they make me laugh.  Please understand I truly believe in being good stewards of the planet and resources we have been given.  I never want to see people waste resources or trash the planet.  I love the outdoors and have hunted and fished all my life.  I’d ten times rather be outside than confined within the four walls of any building and enjoy God’s creation.  However, I believe that it is just that GOD’S CREATION and puny man is not going to so disrupt the climate that mankind is destroyed as a result.  There is coming a time, according to the Bible when God will destroy this world with fire.  Could He use man to bring that about?  Of course.  Is that what causes it?  I seriously doubt it.  If He created the planet He is capable of taking it apart, so I trust Him and refuse to live in fear from the hysteria the Global Warming Alarmist continue to advance.  Go, ahead laugh or yell at me but before you demand that I agree with Global Warming as a man-made event, bring me proof, not theory and doctored data as has been used.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


RELEASE THE MEMO – – Yes or No???


That’s the question before Congress, the Department of Justice, the Courts, the Media, and America.  My opinion is counter to many in Congress, the DOJ’s assertion, the Media, and should it get to the courts, I will probably be in the minority side of the issue, or on the side other than those groups.  What is my position?  RELEASE THE MEMO and let the chips fall where they may.  No, I do not want to do anything that jeopardizes our National Security but sometimes it seems that is an easy out for those in power to keep us in the dark.  If their concern is legitimate that would be a justifiable reason to delay or withhold the memo, but if it is to protect the Deep State, the Swamp Denizens, and the Establishment, my reaction is, GET OUT OF THE WAY and let the America people make the final decision!

I am not surprised that the Obama holdovers in the Department of Justice would desire to protect James Comey, Robert Mueller, the various FBI agents in question, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the many bureaucrats being brought into question.  They have had no problem tainting Donald Trump in an attempt to overturn the legitimate election of 2016 or damage his presidency to the point that he would resign or become politically impotent.  There is growing indication that there is and has been a “Secret Society within the FBI and other governmental agencies, and in the hierarchy of the intelligence community with the singular intent of destroying Donald J. Trump.  They wanted and want more than simply stopping him they want his head on a platter.  THAT DEMANDS or should that the Memo to be released for public consumption and allow the American citizens to see and decide for themselves what has happened and what is happening.  THE MEMO is being rewritten or a separate memo being devised by the Democrats in an attempt to put their spin and slant on the evidence so as to taint the view of the uninformed and non-thinking followers of their agenda.  They want to counter the factual evidence contained in that document attempting to make it meaningless.  It would not surprise me for the Democrats to leak their version to the media trying to mitigate the damage the real memo would do to their agenda and phony investigation of Russian collusion.  THAT IS DISGUSTING POLITICS but seems to be the norm today and is a present reality that we must face and should expect.  If the Republicans allow them to achieve that objective before releasing the real memo to the public, they will do incredible damage to the Republic.

I find it reprehensible that Senator Diane Feinstein would be allowed to release the testimony of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, blaming a head cold for her action.  However, it somehow requires a vote of the House Intelligence Committee to approve releasing a memo detailing the FBI and DOJ’s collusion to overthrow the President of the United States of America.  THEY COMMITTED TREASON if those allegations are true and should be held accountable. Keeping the public in the dark is unacceptable but that is the objective of the Leftist and allowing the Left to do anything they want with impunity.  THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!  No one should be above the Law, Democrat or Republican.  AMERICA, WE MUST DEMAND THE MEMO’S RELEASE IMMEDIATELY!  Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) is so closed minded that he is completely unable to see the truth even if it were to bite him in the behind.  He believes or seems to believe that the public is TOO STUPID to read and understand the memo.  Congressman, I’ll stack my cognitive skills against yours any day and so will most Americans.  He knows that if the public reads the memo there will be a groundswell demanding an immediate investigation and will destroy the leftist plot to overturn the 2016 election and the attempt to oust a sitting president.  Congressman Schiff is so blindly partisan he will never acknowledge the truth and only acknowledge the Democrat talking points on any given issue.  He is the congressman who accused the Committee Chair, Devin Nunes of conspiracy with Donald Trump and dove so deeply into the gutter of political feces that he accused the CIA contractors in Benghazi who was fighting the Islamist LIARS and suggested they were simply setting the stage to sell books.  THAT IS MORE THAN DISGUSTING!  It demands a swift and clear response from all Americans and he deserves to be shown the door.  He defended Hillary Clinton in her involvement with Uranium One where she gave or sold 20% of our uranium reserves to the Russians.  SO MUCH FOR BEING NON-PARTISAN and IMPARTIAL.  Congressman Schiff is not objective and clearly partisan to the point of being willingly blind to the truth and the facts.

The claim by the FBI and the DOJ that 5 months of texts between Peter Strozk and Lisa Page, the FBI clandestine lovers was missing due to a technological glitch is a disturbing attempt to hide evidence.  Those texts were discovered missing after it was revealed that they sought an “Insurance Policy” against Donald Trump were he to be elected president.  I realize that Jeff Sessions cannot control every aspect of the DOJ, but he can and should control this.  It is my call for the Attorney General to immediately produce those texts and pursue any potential prosecution of the guilty.  They are producing some of them, but we need to see all of them or all of them need to be fully vetted and investigated.  The willingness to cover the tracts of those involved is more than a little disturbing and quite revealing.  It appears that the former British spy, Christopher Steele may have lied to the FBI during his interviews.  WHERE IS THE CALL FOR INDICTMENT?  But his lying to the FBI seems to be meaningless to the Left but if anyone on the Right lies intentionally or unintentionally they are to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  It is easy and convenient to claim that a technological glitch caused the loss of the texts and emails but when it involves such a critical time period it is suspect.  The FBI is engaged in classic CYA and so is the DOJ and so are others in DC.  The Democrats do not want you and me to see what is in the Memo because they still hope to fabricate something that will allow them to remove Donald Trump from office or at least lay the groundwork to defeat him in 2020 and defeat the Republicans in the 2018 elections.  THEIR ONLY HOPE is that evidence allegedly contained in the memo remains secret and shielded from public view.  If they are exposed, they lose their cesspool from which they keep dipping to fan the flames in their diabolical and destructive efforts.

There is Growing Evidence that a massive scandal is brewing within the FBI surrounding James Comey, Robert Mueller, Peter Strozk, and others. I remember the argument during the “bank bailouts” that some were too big to fail and fear this is the same mentality regarding the corruption at the top of the FBI.  If the reports are true that there is within the FBI a “Secret Society as is referenced in reports of talks between FBI agents, it demands immediate investigation and action!  The cabal dedicated to defeating Donald Trump in the 2016 election and protecting Hillary Clinton in her email fiasco is real.  If that is true and can be documented, it would so discredit the FBI that a thorough and complete revamping with a massive house cleaning would be required for it to survive as a viable law enforcement arm of the government.  This type of scandal has the potential of opening a Pandora’s Box of problems and could facilitate the overturning of many cases developed by the FBI.  The corruption by the ideologues at the top endangers America and must be addressed.  That is even more reason for a RELEASE THE MEMO UPRISING to transpire.  I encourage you to call, text, email, and write to your elected officials and insist that they RELEASE THE MEMO.  If there is nothing to it, we will see that but if it is as damaging as some have suggested we need to see that as well.  If you agree, please contact your Congressman/woman and Senators.  If you disagree, then dismiss what I’ve said and do nothing. The decision is entirely yours and you have a legitimate right to your opinion.

God bless you and God bless America!





BLOG POST 3 - American

Some would say, “What is the difference?”  I contend that there should be no difference but considering what has transpired over the past few decades, there is a vast difference.  The continued devaluing of America and American citizenship by the liberal leftist progressive Democrats is an attempt to fulfill Barack Obama’s pledge to “fundamentally transform” America.  That transformation was to reduce America from sovereign nation status to citizens of the world.  How a person with such a perverted and distorted view of America, our history, and purpose became President is beyond my ability to fully comprehend.  I know how it happened, I have difficulty with why it happened.

There are hundreds of thousands of immigrants who come to this country with the desire to become AMERICANS and citizens of this great nation.  They want to embrace American culture and assimilate into our society and become productive members advancing their state as well as benefiting the nation by their contributions on every level.  However, there are those who are legal citizens who have no such desire and those who want to become citizens not to advance the cause of America but to tear her down.  THAT IS REPULSIVE TO ME!  It violates everything that America was founded to be and has been for over 200 years.  Sadly, there is an incessant attempt by the Left to erase our borders and throw the doors open to all who would come to this nation.  They hold the view that we are all citizens of the world and there is no value in American citizenship.  They would remove the restriction that you must be a citizen to vote in our elections.  They would make us amenable to and fully under the oversight and governance of the world body known as the United Nations.  They would either totally remove our Constitution or so rewrite and reinterpret it that it is meaningless in guiding the Democratic Republic that operates as a Representative Democracy of self-governance.  They, for the most part, do not believe we are capable of governing ourselves and therefore they must decide for us what rights, liberties, freedoms, and ideologies are acceptable.  THAT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!

If you were to attend an Immigration and Naturalization Citizenship ceremony you will find that the vast majority of those taking the citizenship oath have no desire to run to the nearest welfare office and sign up for freebies.  They came here with a dream and are willing to work tirelessly to make that dream come true.  They might be willing to receive a hand-up, but they have no desire for a handout.  Barack Obama’s drive to devalue American Citizenship resulted in exempting citizenship applicants from a major part of the Oath of Allegiance.  They no longer have to pledge to DEFEND OUR COUNTRY.  Did you hear me?  Why would we accept anyone unwilling to defend our Constitution and the Republic?  Why would we accept anyone who demonstrates and avows a stronger allegiance to another country than this nation?  WHY?  Because of the continued devaluation of American Citizenship by the Leftists of this nation.

In allowing tens of thousands or millions of illegals and unvetted refugees free passage over our borders we are endangering the Republic, legal American citizens, our economy, and our way of life.  Former President Barack Obama literally gave away American citizenship and if something is free it has little to no value.  The illegals are not citizens and should have no access to the benefits afforded citizens, they do.  That was part and parcel of the Obama “transformation”.  They now receive free attorneys, college tuition, welfare checks, abortions, food stamps, and more.  They supposedly do not vote but we have frequently found evidence that they did, often with impunity.  When I hear a politician speak against a strong immigration and secure border policy saying, “This is not what we are as Americans” I cringe.  IT IS WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT AS A REPUBLIC!  If you do not value your sovereignty as a nation no one else will and you will soon be sucked into the black hole of meaninglessness as a society and under the thumb of some despot or oligarchy.

The Left desires and believes they should control every aspect of our lives and they are working diligently toward that objective.  The Entitlement and Amnesty ideological stances of the Left so erode America as a Free Republic it is frightening.  They chide us about “fairness” and “compassion”.  They celebrate those who have developed a lifestyle of entitlements and teach them how to stay on the dole generationally.  They devalue the Bible, the Family, the American ideal of Earning, and wage war on those of us who stand against those destructive views.  I believe the Bible and when it says that if a person WOULD NOT WORK they SHOULD NOT EAT I believe that is the right direction for us to take.  WHY?  Because if you make it easy for a person to remain in poverty they will do less and less for themselves and become more self-centered and self-serving expecting everything to be provided for them.  They will hate those who work and have rather than seeing the way out of their state.  They become lazy losing all drive, desire, pride, and self-respect and become slaves to the Leftists who are responsible for getting them their monthly check.  They sell their souls for money and that is prostitution, of the worst kind.

How would you feel if someone broke into your home uninvited, took food from your refrigerator or pantry, turned on your television, sit on your sofa and propped their feet up on your coffee table?  How would you feel if they occupied your home and expected or demanded that you provide for them while they provided nothing?  How would you feel if when you complained of a home invasion, the police, media, and government called you a racist, a hater, a Xenophobe, a misogynist, and more vile names?  How would you feel if the government, taxed you excessively in order to enable those invaders to occupy your home?  WELL, that’s how we feel about the illegals flooding across our borders and thumbing their noses at our laws and system of government.

You may despise Donald J. Trump, the current president of these United States, and hate his immigration policy, but I applaud it.  I applaud raising the bar for citizenship and access to America.  I applaud vetting those desiring to come and screening out as many undesirables as possible.  By undesirables, I mean those who want to do harm to America or Americans, and those who want to come to drink at the Entitlement Trough and become a parasite rather than a productive member of society.  Call me whatever you please but only Legal Immigration should be allowed and ANYONE coming Illegally should be shown the door.  America can only remain the Free Constitutional Republic so long as her citizens protect and defend the American Constitution and demand that our government follows the Rule of Law.  If we lose our Sovereignty we lose our Republic!  I am not against Immigration, I am against Illegal Immigration or any Immigration that does not include Assimilation.

God bless you and God bless America!




I said to my brother, recently and to others that I am concerned that America, or much of it, has lost its collective mind.  The Political Correctness and the incessant fanning the flames of hatred making everything racist, or phobic is destroying us.  I may be wrong, it may not be destroying but may have already destroyed us as the Free Constitutional Republic that was founded on some principles vital to the survival of any nation or people.  I hope that is not the case but virtually every day, I am confronted with something new that reveals just how far down the path of destruction we have gone.  Those promoting Political Correctness and fanning the flames of Hate seem to believe that MISERY is the new normal and that since they are miserable everyone should be.

I am going to walk through a few things that you are undoubtedly aware of, state my views and beliefs knowing that some will applaud, and some will begin boiling the tar and searching for the feathers or worse.  Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” would argue that I should not do what I am about to do, but WHAT I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE.  It is my right, as what you believe is yours.  I believe that too often “silence is consent” or deemed to be so, and if I were to remain silent some might mistake that as agreement and my Faith in God and Love for America are too great to allow that.  So, whether after you read what I write you love me or hate me, is almost inconsequential to exposing the lies and advancing the truth.  I hope what I say resonates with you.

Recently two professors from San Diego State University published a new book in which they argue that the “Farmer’s Markets” in the Urban areas are weed-like “White Spaces” and responsible for oppression.  I AM NOT KIDDING!  Pascale Jossart-Marcelli and Fernando J Bosco are authors of a book released this month entitled, “Just Green Enough.”  They argue that there is a direct connection between the “Whiteness of Farmer’s Markets” and “Gentrification.”  Imagine that!  Food is now Racist!  The amazing thing is that their argument is that “Farmer’s Markets” cater to “households from higher socio-economic backgrounds.”  How’s that for stereotyping non-whites?  I didn’t do it these two geniuses, or should I say race baiters did.  There is much more that could be said about this, but I hope you see the ridiculousness of it and possibly do as I did and scratch your head and wonder.  WHAT???

One of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in America, Swarthmore College is now advancing what they call a “Queer Theology” which, as is reported is designed to ‘destabilize traditional beliefs’ about what the Bible says about gender and sexuality.  The course being offered is “Queering the Bible” and “Queering God.”  This college founded by the Quakers has gone bonkers, in my view.  The Bible makes no bones about God’s view of gender and sexuality.  There are numerous Old and New Testament Passage that addresses His view of “same-sex relationships”.  You can call me whatever you wish, but I believe that God was quite capable of saying what He meant and guiding the translators throughout history to get it right.  One of their stated objectives is to “sanitize and neutralize the prohibitions on homosexual acts that the Bible unequivocally condemns.”  Wow!    Prostituting Scripture is not new, and I find this so outlandish that I am stunned that it is happening.  I should not be for the Bible clearly tells us that in the last days, people will give heed to seducing spirits and believe doctrines of devils.  Just as with “sex changes” I would hate to stand before God and try to explain why I decided to alter His word and make Him Queer.  I wonder if that college will also develop courses on “Queering Mohammed” and “Queering the Koran.”  I suspect the answer is no for those are not deemed their enemies, but the Bible and traditional Christianity is.  When you destroy the moral foundation of a society you can transform it into something very different.  Our Constitution and Laws require a certain element of morality to survive and thrive.

A Boston University theater professor launched an assault on one of the most well-known Christmas carols in the world and calls it racist.  What is the carol?  JINGLE BELLS.  He argued that it was initially designed to make fun of non-whites, especially blacks.  Could he be right?  Yes, but methinks he makes much ado about nothing in an attempt to taint Christmas and the festive spirit of all races of people who participate.  This, in my view, is another of the many pieces of evidence that those on the Left are so filled with HATE and MISERY they truly believe that everything is Racist, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Gender-phobic or something of that sort.  They believe they are mandated to force EVERYONE to comply with their view and demand TOLERANCE from others but offer no Tolerance.

As I watched the Democrats react to the Tax Reform Bill and everything else that this Administration and the GOP attempt to advance, I concluded there is something sinister in their actions, rhetoric, and diatribe.  They are either so miserable themselves they believe that everyone else is or they have a diabolical scheme to make everyone as miserable as possible so they can appear the Champions of Whatever Cause a group, voting bloc, or sect advances.  It reminds me of Absalom in the Bible when he would go into the gathering places and suggest to everyone, “If I were King, you’d get justice and what you need.”  His inference was that his father David was inept and uncaring, but he was both capable and caring.  He turned the hearts of people, mostly those who were seeking self-gratification.  Politicians have an ability to sound as though they are in our corner and fighting for us while they are placing us in political and economic chains, stripping us of our Freedoms and Rights, and building their own empires.  Most do not realize what has happened until it is too late and some refuse to believe the truth.

That is why I say, I fear that America, much of it, has lost its collective mind and we are losing if we have not lost the Republic.  I refuse to believe that it is lost because I believe that if we Pray, Seek God’s Face, Repent, of our Sins, and Return to our Founding Principles there is HOPE.  I believe that if we will unite and evict enough of the Establishment Politicians from office we can change the culture of Washington, D.C. and advance the cause of Liberty and Freedom.  IT WILL NOT BE EASY, and IT WILL NOT BE QUICK, but IT IS POSSIBLE!  I hope that whether you agree with my views on the various issues I raised you will agree that America is a Prize worth, Fighting For.  I hope you will agree that WE MUST NOT GIVE UP or GIVE IN and we must Work, Pray, and Vote.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Hope

My heart has been heavy over this past year because of the over-the-top diatribe, rhetoric, protests, incessant wrangling and partisan jockeying to hurt, remove or destroy the duly elected President of these United States.  Couple that with the activities or lack of support by the Establishment Republicans and the Never Trump crowd, we have seen a golden opportunity slip through our fingers.  I and many others warned after the election in 2016 that we had a very small window of opportunity given us.  That opportunity was to restore and reclaim our Constitutional Republic, rekindle the Spirit of 1776 advancing the cause of Constitutional Liberty and Freedom, jumpstarting the economy, securing the border, and reestablishing America at the forefront of world policies and politics.  There is a country song by Dierks Bentley, “What Was I Thinkin’” and I often wonder what the Republicans have been thinking?  I have wondered and still do, what they perceive is the benefit of being weights against the progress of the conservative agenda that enabled Donald J. Trump to win the Presidency and the Republicans to maintain control of both Houses of Congress?  I would like to confront each of them and ask, “What Are You Thinking?”  Better yet, “Why Aren’t You Thinking?”

That being said, I STILL HAVE HOPE for America!  NO, I do not think we will successfully drain the Swamp or dismantle the Deep State during President Trump’s first term in office.  There are too many so-called Republicans who claim to embrace the principles of constitutionalism and conservativism who have been and will continue to resist.  What are they thinking?  Do they honestly believe that all their constituents are so blind, dumb, and lazy that we cannot see what is happening and recognize the MISSED OPPORTUNITIES?  I do believe the answer to that is, YES!  They have been successful at the polls enough they believe that we will forgive and forget, or we will never truly understand the damage they are doing and the squandering of opportunities.  HEY, CONGRESS – We are waking up!

Someone asked me, “Roy do you believe it is your assignment to save the world?”  I wish I could, but NO I believe that it is my assignment to INFORM as many people as I can regarding what is happening in politics and life and point them to a BETTER WAY.  I don’t know how many I have won over effecting a change of mind or heart during the past few years of active involvement on Social Media, and speaking wherever and whenever I can to expose the lies and present the truth politically, economically, and societally.  I have a better handle on those I have influenced positively spiritually and that is far more important to me.  Yet, I hope I have been an encouragement to those who are lovers of Liberty and Freedom and American Patriots.  I hope that I have, at times, armed you with information that enables you to solidify your beliefs and counter the leftist liberal arguments of Progressivism and Socialism.  If I have, then my time has been well spent.  On Facebook, I only go a few days at a time before someone bids me adieu because of some stance I have taken either politically, morally, or biblically.  I don’t always know why they left or who it is that left but my friends list decreases.  I only mention that to say, I take heart in the words of Winston Churchill, “You have enemies?  Good.  That means you’ve stood up for something, in your life.”   Jesus said in Luke 6:26, “Woe to you when all people speak well of you and praise you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets in the same way.”  He went on to admonish us to do good to those that hate us and that is incredibly difficult to do.  However, He did not say concede to their demands that you follow their ideological view when it is contrary to right and reason.  He prayed and urged us to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

But why am I still Hopeful?  There are many factors in my HOPE that I wish to mention and know that you will be able to add much more to this list.  I have HOPE because American is a Constitutional Republic.  We are not yet subjected to the whims of a Tyrant or Oligarchy, although the Ole Boy Crowd is trying to force that upon us.  The Courts, although failing at times, still recognize the Constitution as the Law of the Land.  The American people are showing signs of waking up and desiring a return to Constitutionalism in this nation.  We managed to defeat one of the most prolific leftists in modern American history in Hillary Rodham Clinton in November 2016 and maintained control of both Houses of Congress.  The Constitution has provided us a basis of self-government for 241 years, if we use July 4, 1776, as the birthdate of the Republic.  Even Barack Hussein Obama lamented that the Constitution was a document too restrictive on government and that it was a document of “negative liberties.”  He believed as do the leftist that our Rights come from Government, but the Founders and Framers insisted they do not come from man but for the Creator Himself and therefore man has no right to attempt to take them away.  Therefore, providing we can secure the appointment of additional Supreme Court Justices who will honor the Constitution and Rule of Law we will not only survive but thrive and can return to our constitutional and moral moorings that enabled the United States of America to become the great nation she has been for these 200 plus years.

I have HOPE because I believe in God and believe in the power of prayer.  You may vehemently disagree that God’s hand was in the election of 2016 and that is your right, but I believe that the polls were not that wrong UNTIL something changed hearts and minds as they went to the voting booths across this land.  What was that something?  I believe it was God giving America another chance and opening a small window of opportunity for us to RETURN to the Principles upon which this nation was founded and has survived almost 2 ½ centuries.  PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME that I am saying that Donald J. Trump is a saint or even a righteous man.  I don’t know his heart so I will leave that determination to the Lord Himself.  However, I do believe that in his heart of hearts something happened to him to inspire him to run for office with a desire to see America return to her former greatness.  I also believe that during the campaign, based on what I observed and what I’ve heard from some men of God who had direct contact with him, that there was a new or renewed willingness to pursue what is right and needed in America.  He is not the typical political ideologue and therefore his manner of doing things is outside the proverbial politically box.  He is who he is and has always been.  He is a fighter, a businessman, and as most politicians quite egotistical.  I believe that his business background and desire for success affords him the ability to cross political lines to get things done.  He appears more interested in achieving the objective than who he works with to get there.  That can be good and bad depending on the objective and the compromises made.

How can we ignore the incredible rise in the Stock Market, and the willingness to take on difficult issues as well as restoring America’s stance with despots and terrorist to a position of strength?  Again, you may disagree with that assessment, but the judicial appointments encourage me.  However, the inclusion of some Swamp Denizens in his cabinet and the allowing Obama holdovers to remain in various appointive positions is troubling.  I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt and pray that he will do the right thing for America and continue to move us toward a return to Constitutionalism.  If he does that, America will reap the rewards for decades to come.

I have HOPE because I see the opportunity if the GOP Establishment will get out of the way, to solidify the hold on Congress in 2018 and take a giant step in 2020.  It could go bad quickly if the Establishment makes 2018 a carbon copy of 2017 in their resistance to what we voted for and what they promised.  But, I HAVE HOPE that enough people will intercede, become involved in the process, and exercise their Constitutional Right and VOTE for America in every election.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 5 - Question Nobody Asks

In today’s politically correct world where the Left continually argue that the millionaires and billionaires are evil, press for redistribution of wealth, and fan the flames of CLASS WARFARE regarding MONEY something is missing, in my view.  When did it become socially, morally, and politically right to take from someone who earned, created, or inherited and give it to someone who did nothing to deserve it?  I have a question for all the HATERS of those who are wealthy, (I am not wealthy or a hater).  If someone is worth $100 today and 3, 5, 10 years later through their entrepreneurial ventures, hard work, or good fortune become worth $100 million how is that wrong and how is it right for you to expect to share in their wealth?

I agree with Thomas Jefferson in his letter to Joseph Milligan dated April 6, 1816, “To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.”  James Madison said it in a different way when he addressed the Virginia Convention, “It is sufficiently obvious, that persons and property are the two great subjects on which Governments are to act; and that the rights of persons, and the rights of property, are the objects, for the protection of which Government was instituted. These rights cannot well be separated. The personal right to acquire property, which is a natural right, gives to property, when acquired, a right to protection, as a social right.”  If you earned it, worked for it, invented something or inherited something IT IS YOURS and NO ONE deserves any portion of it other than what you CHOOSE to share with them.  If they are in your employ they deserve their salary and any agreed upon benefits or bonuses you choose to convey to them, NOTHING MORE.  If your good fortune is to become wealthy that is nothing to me unless an inspiration to try harder, venture and risk more and strive to climb that ladder.  The Bible warns against COVETOUSNESS.  It also addresses GREED, but a greedy heart affects me only as I do business with that individual.

Warren Buffett, reportedly worth over $75 BILLION continues to spin the idea that there is something inherently flawed and possible evil in our Capitalist System while enjoying the benefits of that system.  His rhetoric is a page out of the Leftist Playbook and although he and other MULTI-BILLIONAIRES talk about how mistreated and lacking the rest of society is, few of them are opening their checkbooks to those who are on the lower end of the spectrum.  Some of them do, but the problem is not that the system is flawed it is that some do not invest the time, energy, ideas, and pursue the doors of opportunity to achieve that dream of wealth.  Many complain about some from other parts of the world who immigrate to America becoming wealthy.  On one hand, when the government subsidizes those individuals but not natural born Americans I find that objectionable.  But, when I view the work ethic, the entrepreneurial energy and willingness to risk all that produces success I applaud and sometimes am shamed by the fact that I have not demonstrated the same enterprise.

It is my personal view, and that of our Founders and the Framers of the Constitution that PROPERTY RIGHTS are as important as the other rights.  I wonder how it would be perceived today had the Declaration of Independence used the Lockean formula, “life, liberty, and property” rather than “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?”  That would be a death knell to the Leftist Democrat philosophy and argument that the rich are evil and their ability to engender CLASS HATRED in millions.  Would it have caused or cause people to realize that what one has is theirs and if you do not have it is incumbent on you to either recognize you cannot afford it and deal with that or labor and save to acquire it?  Would it have inspired more to RISK in the arena of economics?  Would it diffuse the Class Hatred?  Had that been the stated philosophy in the Declaration of Independence rather than the inferred philosophy it possibly would have an effect on many today.  That was the view of our Founders and Framers and not until we entered the 20th Century where people adopted a mentality of entitlement and political bribery to secure votes people may have envied the rich but they understood a simple truth, forgotten today.  That truth was that what someone else had was theirs and theirs alone!

In the new TAX REFORM bill passed by Congress and signed into law by the President the political views on both sides of the aisle have allowed it to be flawed.  There are good things in it, but there is bad in it as well.  Take the property tax exemptions being reduced, that is bad not for blue states or red states but PEOPLE.  If you used your money to purchase the property it is yours.  Some Republicans called the deduction a government subsidy.  SERIOUSLY?  I paid taxes on the money used to buy the property and now I must pay taxes on the property and now by paying this tax and not being allowed to deduct it, I am paying more taxes or in a very real sense a second tax on that money.  If we had a flat or fair tax I would find it less offensive to take the mortgage deduction away.  However, when anyone argues it is not fair because everyone cannot afford a mortgage I go back to the arguments of Jefferson and Madison and ask, “Is everyone entitled to a mortgage?”  Are we a Socialist country where the government basically owns everything, and everyone has property equally or are we a Free Enterprise nation where our financial system is capitalism?  Are we obligated to guarantee everyone a home, a job, a car, a cell-phone, the internet, a computer, or even healthcare?  Have we become a nation where what you have or what you have earned is not yours but belongs to the government allowing them to redistribute it to whomever they choose? 

If you become a BILLIONAIRE overnight that affects me ZERO and I will never hate you for being so fortunate.  I will fight against envy for that is biblically and morally wrong.  I may admire you and be inspired by your good fortune or success and listen carefully for opportunity’s knock on my door, but hate you I will not.  No, I do not believe that simply being rich makes one evil.  I do not believe that anyone has the right to demand from another what that person has earned or owns.  It may be morally questionable for them to horde their wealth and ignore the plight of others, but I have no right to demand they SHARE THE WEALTH.  I have the right to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” which would include the right to attempt to climb the ladder of success.  I personally, invested most of my adult life in the gospel ministry and in that have not amassed a lot of this world’s goods.  That is not a complaint because I would not trade my experience and service for the billions of the Warren Buffets of this world.  I know what it is to live from paycheck to paycheck or offering to offering.  I know what it is to pray your vehicle from one destination to another asking for divine help in keeping it intact and running because there was not enough money to replace or repair it.  I know what it is like to make $50 per week and spend $25 every two weeks at the doctor’s office caring for a child.  I know what it is like to be POOR and I know what it is like to have enough to not worry about things like I mentioned.  As the apostle Paul, “I know what it is like to be abased and to abound” but neither is my focus.  If I ENVY you and allow HATE to develop a root of bitterness will develop and I will be affected and others as well.  I, as do most of you, know some wealthy people who are incredibly generous and some who are stingy.  I believe Luke 6:38, “Give, and it will be given to you.  They will pour into your lap a good measure – pressed down, shaken together, and running over [with no space left for more].  For with the standard of measurement you use [when you do good to others], it will be measured to you in return.”  What you GIVE you GET.  You reap WHAT you sow, LATER than you sow, and MORE than you sow.  If you have abundance, I praise God for you that He has blessed you so.  If you have lack, I pray to God that He provide your every need according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus.  Yes, I connect my faith to my politics and make no apology for it because it has shaped my worldview and life view.

God bless you and God bless America!




BLOG POST 3 - Help Me Understand

First of all, the rhetoric, faux piousness, and being offended by the language or purported language of Donald J. Trump by the left IS A RUSE!  It is their avenue or excuse by which they will continue to RESIST and HARM AMERICA by their unfailing commitment to the Leftist Agenda and Ideology of failed policies.  If any Republicans boycotted or threatened to boycott President Obama’s “State of the Union Address” they were deemed racists, obstructionist, or something sinisterly diabolical was afoot.  However, now there is a growing list of Liberal Leftists Democrats who are proudly proclaiming they are the true patriots of America in their intent to BOYCOTT TRUMP at the State of the Union Address.  How, exactly is that different?  

I had to laugh when Representative Frederica Wilson declared that due to President Trump’s recent racist and incendiary remarks about Haiti and African nations as her reason for boycotting the “State of the Union Address.”  She said, “For the first time since I began serving in the House of Representatives I will not be attending.”  Seriously?  You were elected in 2010 and only served under one other president.  You served under a president who was often blatantly and openly racist and incredibly divisive regarding racial conditions, namely, Barack Hussein Obama.  Your long tenure in the House of Representatives that spanned so many Presidents, right?  She joins other Leftist that include, Representative Maxine Waters, D-California; Representative John Lewis, D-Georgia; and Representative Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon.  Representative Wilson asked the question that Republicans could have asked regarding her illustrious President Obama, “Why would I take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar?”    Representative Wilson, I’m not sure you’d recognize the truth if it bit you in the behind.

Others are going but going in the fashion of the Hollywood Protesters clad in BLACK.  Representative Jackie Speier, D-California has promised to dress as though in mourning.  Others are bringing guests who have encountered sexual assault or their advocates.  Do you remember the outrage at Representative Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina blurted out “You Lie” during President Obama’s address at the joint session of Congress in 2009 and it cost him his political career?  I’m quite sure that these Democrats will be lauded by the MSM, the Establishment (probably from both sides of the aisle) as courageous patriots and deemed heroes for their protest.

I remember Senator Ted Cruz, Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Antonin Scalia skipping Obama’s final State of the Union Address in 2016 and they were vilified.  I found watching the former President painful because many of the things he said were document fabrications and ran counter to revealed facts and reality.  He could stand with a straight face and lecture all of America on our unforgivable sins while working or appearing to work with those who chant, “Death to America.”  He did more, in my view, to produce irrevocable division in America than Donald Trump could ever do.  Trump’s sin is that he is not a politician, and does not dance to the music of the establishment.  Of course, his mortal sin is that he defeated the heiress-apparent to the Democrat Presidential Throne, Hillary Clinton.  He has done things to force Congress to get off their collective behinds and do their job.  He has taken actions to secure our borders, strengthen our national security, put Americans back to work, and attempted to deal with the Tax issues and Obamacare.  You may call him divisive, but the division is in the Liberal Leftist Democrats who refuse to accept their loss and work with him to govern.  The Leftists in obstructionism being unwilling to cooperate or compromise on anything and they are called patriots.  The Republicans opposing the Leftist agenda are deemed evil obstructionist who hates women, children, the elderly, and any immigrant.

Leftist Democrats, I’m waiting for you to explain to me how your childishness is somehow good for the country.  How have your failed socialistic policies benefitted America? What they have done is provide entitlements to a group of people to ensure they vote for your party without fail?  You have and continue to abuse your office and violate your oath failing to understand that you were elected to serve your constituents and your states?  You promised to “protect and defend” the Constitution of these United States of America, where is that in your continual diatribe, rhetoric, and protests?  How does your vile language filled with hate and sour grapes benefit anyone including your liberal leftist constituents?  You accuse Donald Trump of being a predator and sexual assaulter but defend Bill Clinton as an innocent lamb or in the words of Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it now make?” 

I pray that all Americans will stop the childishness of name-calling and pettiness that is being engaged in not only in Hollywood, the MSM, by activist groups, but in Congress as well.  I pray that we will reach a point that both Democrats and Republicans will set aside their thirst for POWER and CONTROL and consider what is good for America and what will restore that which has been lost, diminished, or tarnished in America.  If you give President Trump a reasonable chance to do what he promised, and he fails, or his policies fail, then vote no on him the next time around.  However, if you find that his policies and promises boost our economy, make dramatic corrections to our Tax Policies, deal with the diabolical law of Obamacare, secures our borders, and strengthens our national security – HOW IS THAT BAD FOR AMERICA?  Those who spend more time parsing every word, phrase and inflection of the President need to realize they are creating a condition for weakening our Republic and System of Government.  Those who seize upon how the First Lady dresses or doesn’t dress, trying to analyze the body language of President Trump, and attempting to explain or define his words often taking them out of context need to realize you are as much the problem as you accuse him of being.

If we truly love America, regardless of which party is in power we must demand that the elected officials follow the rule of law and honor the Constitution.  We must be strong enough and fearless enough that we are willing to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE if they persist in blatant partisanship and ignore their true duties.  If we did that a few electoral cycles, we could dramatically move toward fixing what is wrong in America.  If we all dropped the racial overtones, forgot skin color, and realized that we are all descendants of Adam and Human Beings we could move toward resolution in a wonderful way.

God bless you and God bless America!