BLOG POST 2 - Fatalism

I ask that with all seriousness because I had a person who identifies as a constitutional conservative accuse me of that.  He used the following quote in his argument:  “Fatalism is the lazy man’s way of accepting the inevitable.” I will go into why he leveled the accusation momentarily, but first I’d like to walk through what I see happening in the political world, especially in Washington, D.C. today.  I do not see a rosy picture where optimism is high, and the glass is half-full, but I also do not see total cataclysmic doom either.  I try to be realistic without being pessimistic and find the best path to travel in this journey of life and the fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.

In the aftermath of another mass shooting in a public school, the Leftist are everywhere demanding more stringent “gun laws” with many demanding a “total ban” on what they are calling military-style weapons and often referring to them as “automatic weapons”.  Style, if we mean appearance might be accurate but when they call a semi-automatic firearm a machine gun or an automatic weapon they are not only wrong they are purveyors of hysteria and paranoia that is dangerous and detrimental to our Free Society. That is the kind of misinformation that continues to be reported by the Mass Media Outlets usually amounting to nothing more than the “talking points” of the Leftist who have a Globalist Agenda and desire to strip citizens of most if not all of our inalienable and constitutional rights.  The saddest part of this equation is that there are too many, and one would be too many, Republicans joining the chorus and singing the same song.  That demands action on the part of the voters and identifies the depth, breadth, and width of the Swamp and the Deep State.  We truly do need to “clean house.”  That is an undeniable reality, but HOW?  How do we “clean house” in Washington and purge the ranks of both Democrats and Republicans of all who will not honor, protect, and defend the constitution and follow the rule of law WITHOUT destroying ourselves in the process?  That’s my problem and part of why I was told that my views are fatalistic.

When people like former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice make public declarations such as, “I think it is time for us to have a conversation about what the right to bear arms means in the modern world.  I don’t understand why civilians need to have access to military weapons.”  First, Secretary Rice, THEY DON’T!  The AR-15 IS NOT a Military Weapon and you should know that but then I never considered you a true constitutional conservative any more than I considered your former boss one.  As to the conversation about the right to bear arms, it is one of our INALIENABLE RIGHTS and if you were truly a constitutional scholar and one who wants to protect and defend that document along with all our rights and freedoms you would understand why the Framers and Founders included it.  People of her mindset are another evidence of the need to “clean house” in Washington, D.C., a fact I readily acknowledge.  But again, HOW do we do that without destroying ourselves in the process?

I need say nothing with regard to the Leftist, Globalist, Progressive, Liberal, Democrats and the need to defeat them but when I call Republicans to task I am questioned as to why I would ever vote for one of them again.  That is a valid question and one that I’ll try to answer and if you find yourself in the same boat facing the same predicament maybe it’ll resonate with you.  If not, you too will likely view me as being fatalistic and not appreciate my reasoning.  First, I am very Pro-America.  I consider myself a patriot, I am a Vietnam veteran, and believe that my views are both constitutional and conservative.  I am a Christian and believe that the Bible is our Guide and Rule for Faith and Practice in life.  Those views place me at odds with many politicians on a regular basis.  If I allowed myself I’d be continually frustrated and angry with the Democrats to the point of wanting to slap some sense into them.  If I allowed myself I’d become so discouraged over the Republicans I’d desire to be a recluse, throw up my hands, and give up.  I cannot do either, for the Republic called the United States of America is too valuable to cede to the Leftist who want to “fundamentally transform” her into something other than what the Framers and Founders envisioned and established.

The person that called me a Fatalist said so because he thought I should abandon all Republicans and vote for the particular Third Party he was embracing.  He argued that we need to lose a few elections by withholding our votes from the Republican Candidates in order to dismantle that Party and formulate a replacement.  I asked, “How many elections we would have to lose to accomplish that feat.”  I also asked, “What Third-Party is going to replace the GOP?”  I had a number of questions along those lines and then what made him furious was my question, “In light of the eight years of Barack Obama, how long do you think it would take the Democrats to totally transform the Republic, strip us of our gun rights, entrench Obamacare to the point of making it impossible to remove, repeal the Tax Cuts, open the borders and give Amnesty to millions of illegals, and strip us of most if not all our constitutional rights?”  The speed with which they advanced their cause under Obama was alarming and had Hillary won it would have been going forward at “warp speed” today.  Therefore, is it more principled to withhold my vote from a Republican that from time to time or even most of the time shows a liberal bent to make a statement or to prevent the Leftist Democrats from completely destroying the republic?  He became furious and called me names that I would never have expected to hear from a person claiming to be a Christian who is a constitutional conservative.

In my home state, Texas, we are seeing the color of political purple becoming more and more apparent and that troubles me.  With the increase of illegals and the outside money flooding into our Statewide as well as some local elections the influence of Liberalism is growing.  One of the doorways through which this liberalism is gaining inroads is by people willingly withholding their votes for the Republicans and voting Third-Party or not voting.  If the Democrats become energized and smell blood in the water heading to the polls in droves while the conservatives and constitutionalist stay home or split their votes the result will be the Red State turning Purple or Blue and that would be a disaster for the State and the Nation.  My position has long been that IN THE PRIMARIES we need to attempt to unseat the RINOs and replace them with constitutional conservatives.  However, because of the incredible danger, I see if the Democrats win the General Election, I see little alternative to voting for the Republican BECAUSE I do believe there is enough difference in the parties to matter.  I readily acknowledge that far too often there is little difference BUT there is a small sliver of hope if the Democrats are stopped.  Is that a fatalistic attitude?  Possibly.  Would we be better off ceding the election and the republic to the Democrats in an effort to create a viable Third-Party to replace the GOP?  If I thought, we could do it without losing the Republic I’d likely get onboard, but I don’t see that train as having enough steam to climb the mountain while providing a defense against the globalist leftist liberal agenda of the Democrat Party.

I’m quite sure that I’ll get some negative reaction for what I’ve argued but in Texas and across the United States of America this 2018 mid-term election is, in my view, the most critical we have faced.  If we allow the Democrats to take back one or both Houses of Congress any hope of realizing the fulfillment of the Promises made to us in 2016 will be history.  We will be stuck with Obamacare permanently, our Tax Cuts will be in danger, Impeachment will become a reality (maybe not a conviction but impeachment), our borders will be thrown wide open, Amnesty will become a reality, spending will go through the roof, and our national defense will be in grave danger.  I cannot, in good conscience, participate in that so, if you deem my view of STOPPING the Democrats as Job Number One fatalistic, I can live with that.  I believe it is Patriotic and my duty as a lover of Freedom. 

God bless you and God bless America!


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