THE LIBERAL’S AMERICA – Is Not a Safe America…

BLOG POST 4 - Liberal America

There are many things that validate my constant call for rejection of the liberal, leftist, socialist, globalist, progressive agenda and VOTE NO on the Democrats.  You may or may not agree with my observations, but the effects of Liberal Democrat Control are resulting in harm to citizens, damage to our Constitutional Republic, and reveals an ineptitude or diabolicalness that is alarming.  YET, with each election cycle in some states and cities, the Leftists are returned to power and the carnage continues.  Someone said, “The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing expecting a different result.” 

Cities like Chicago, Detroit, and States like California are prime examples of the insanity of allowing the Liberal Leftist Democrats control the agenda and direction.  In California, a self-proclaimed ‘Sanctuary State’ we now know that OVER 1 MILLION Illegals [undocumented] aliens [immigrants] have received California driver’s licenses.  They are not alone in allowing ILLEGALS to gain official ID’s and given driving privileges.  There are twelve states plus Washington, DC (imagine that, the seat of our government) which allow ILLEGALS to obtain driver’s licenses.  The irony of this is that until 1993, illegals could get driver’s licenses anywhere in the United States UNTIL California became the first state to restrict access and then 45 other states followed…  NOW, California is taking the lead again, they are ALLOWING the Illegals to obtain driver’s licenses which can and will probably be used to allow them to VOTE.  There are many issues I have with ILLEGALS being allowed to obtain driver’s licenses but one thing that touches every citizen’s pocketbook is the amount of money those entities are spending on opening new field offices and personnel to grant those licenses.  In California, it is estimated that it will cost approximately $141 MILLION over the next three-years.  Yes, there is supposed to be a distinctive identifier on the license but ILLEGALS being Legal Drivers is, to me, oxymoronic.

We also know that once again, the authorities either failed to heed or ignored a warning about a potential shooter.  The YouTube HQ shooter’s father contacted the authorities and reported his daughter missing. The authorities located her in the Mountain View, California and informed her family she was safe.  The problem in this is her family knew she was near YouTube’s HQ and informed the police she had a problem with YouTube.   She had been ranting that the company [YouTube] was ruining her life.  They informed the police of her rants and asked them to keep an eye on her.  The police said, “Not so, she never mentioned YouTube, was cooperative and calm.”  BUT, considering the most recent revelations that the FBI and police had been warned about the Parkland Florida shooter, one would think that “keeping an eye on her” would be a minimal action by prudent law enforcement.  The police deny that her father or brother informed them of any potential dangers.  Her brother said he Googled Mountain View and realized it was very near YouTube’s HQ and the fact that she had traveled from San Diego to Northern California near the company’s headquarters caused him great concern.  He called the local police.  However, it seems that that information and concern was not relayed to the Bay Area, San Bruno police department.

Let me state, I fully understand the need to maintain our Constitutional Rights and the Right to Privacy but communication between law enforcement agencies seems to be sorely lacking.  Is that a result of what is happening in our government and society today?  Is that a reflection of the lackadaisical attitude many have about the real problem because it does not advance the liberal agenda of Gun Control?  The Left has a deep interest in blaming the NRA and guns but no desire to address failures in law enforcement and government to address concerns and warnings that are human.  Never blame the real cause (people), rather blame the inanimate object or weapon of choice.  Blame the NRA or Conservative views and values, but never blame the one committing the crime and heinous act.  Another reason to ensure that the Left never takes back control of our government.

In Academia the situation is is no better and it appears that our entire educational system, especially at the higher education level has gone off the deep end toward liberalism and socialism.  Some colleges are now requiring a 2-hour “Campus Clarity” course that is purportedly designed to give the students a “comprehensive foundation in sexual violence protection, bystander awareness” and “sex in college and partying smart.”  SERIOUSLY?  This is clearly about indoctrination of the incoming students with the liberal ideology and seeks to cause them to either accept docilely the views of the Left or embrace them.  This course seeks to promote the LGBTQ agenda and some of the wording its tests target conservatives as intolerant bigots and that embracing the same-sex orientation is to be liberated.  That is their Campus Clarity?  Higher education has ceased to be about education but about indoctrination.  Conservative views and values including the Traditional Family are anathema and conservatives who openly express their views become targets of both students and teachers.  THAT IS THE LIBERAL AMERICA of the Democrats. 

None of these may bother you as they do me.  You may consider them minor issues, but the Bible says, “it is the little foxes that spoil the vine” and “a little leaven leavens the lump.”  If you were to begin dropping bb’s in a small boat, you would find that the cumulative weight of the little things (bb’s) would eventually sink the boat.  Little things matter!

God bless you and God bless America!


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