BLOG POST 8 - Witch Hunt

Why has the Clinton Foundation, the Obama Administration, and Queen Hillary not investigated with equal fervor and determination?  The Inspector General’s report indicates and reveals that the Obama Justice Department worked diligently and determinedly to shut down or limit the investigation into the widespread allegations of financial crimes and the selling of influence by the Clintons.  If the real impetus is to uncover ‘obstruction of justice’ or ‘collusion’ then the astonishing involvement by the DOJ under Barack Obama to impede any investigation into the potential crimes of the Clintons should be the subject of serious investigation.

During the presidential campaign, senior officials in the Obama Department of Justice expressed concerns about FBI agents taking overt steps in the Clinton Foundation Investigation.  From the information available McCabe lied, leaked, and facilitated the desire of the Obama DOJ to impede the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, Hillary herself, and probably protected the Obama White House as well.  The amazing fact is that these same high-level Deep State, Swamp Denizens, DOJ and FBI actors are the same ones who are orchestrating the ongoing attacks on President Donald J. Trump.  I suspect that those attacks are being orchestrated at the behest of Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett’s PAC.

We should find it suspicious and unacceptable that the FBI would refuse to turn over documents regarding the meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac.  The FBI claims the documents are too “highly classified” to be released.  That is amazing since both Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch contend that the meeting was simply about small talk regarding the weather and grandkids.  How is that “highly classified”?   If what they claim (Clinton and Lynch) is true, then there would be nothing “highly classified” in those documents.  That can only lead to the conclusion that something is rotten in Denmark and what was discussed is possibly criminal and rises to the level of “obstruction of justice.”  It appears that there has been a severe violation of the public trust and, as with Hillary’s emails which violated numerous federal laws.  But then, Bill, Loretta, Barack, and Hillary are Democrats and therefore exempt from the scrutiny of the investigative eye of a Special Investigator.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a Republican and a threat to their apple cart ole boy system and corruption.  You decide if there is anything fishy or not.

Andrew McCabe, the leaker, lied to his boss James Comey about the leaks and his knowledge of who was responsible.  It was McCabe himself and he violated the FBI Offense Code 2.5 (Lack of Candor – No Oath).  On May 9, 2017, McCabe was questioned, under oath, by FBI agents from INSD and he was not forthcoming about his authorization of the leaks to the Wall Street Journal.  He claimed he did not authorize them and did not know who did – HE LIED.  This was a violation of FBI Offense Code 2.6 (Lack of Candor – Under Oath).  He lied to the OIG, to his boss James Comey, and based on the OIG report lied and continues to lie.  He not only should have been fired, he should be prosecuted, and it appears that his boss is in the same boat and part of collusion and corruption to impede any real investigation into the Clintons or the Obama administration.  However, the Mueller Investigation into Trump has now crossed all legal and legitimate lines in raiding Trump’s attorney’s home and taking documents that are clearly protected by the “attorney/client” privilege of our law.  When did the raid on the Clinton Lawyer take place?  Oh, I forgot, it didn’t.

There is evidence that Obama Justice Department pressured McCabe to limit the FBI agents in the field from pursuing the Clintons.  Why has there been such a push to protect the Clintons when former FBI Director James Comey acknowledge that Hillary lied and was grossly negligent in her use of a private server.  There have been so many revelations of the corruption by liberal political activist within the Justice Department and the FBI to protect the Clintons, the Obamas, and to attack Donald Trump with a vengeance it is astounding that nothing is being done to rectify that situation.  If the Mueller Investigation is not a “witch hunt” then why the non-stop digging while ignoring criminality, collusion, corruption, and obstruction of justice by the former administration and the Clintons?  Why are those activist within the DOJ and FBI walking free unprosecuted and those connected to Trump who committed acts far below the level of some of those under indictment or threat?

My concern in all this is America.  If we continue to allow the ignoring of potential crimes by high-level leftist Democrats and the unrelenting pursuit of anything against Donald Trump, we are destroying our System of Government and our Republic.  Where is the current Department of Justice, the FBI, and Congress on this?  Why are they defending Mueller and praising Comey, and acting as though Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were the greatest patriots in American history?  The only way Congress is going to act is if we pose enough threat to their reelection bids to get their attention.  THAT WILL REQUIRE UNIFICATION and COMMITMENT on the part of WE THE PEOPLE.  I wish I could say that I thought that would happen but at this juncture, the disjointedness of the various efforts to seek truth and justice suggest otherwise.  Those in Congress seem to only be interested in our concerns UNTIL they receive our votes and then revert to ‘business as usual’ and engage in the political cronyism of Washington, D.C.

What can we do, America?  We can utilize spiritual weapons to combat this evil and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.  We can become involved in the political process educating and informing as many as possible of what is going on, what has gone on, and what is at stake.  Finally, we can VOTE!  No, we can’t vote early and often as some on the left, but WE CAN VOTE!

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!

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