BLOG POST 3 - Question

If Donald J. Trump and his campaign team were colluding with the Russians to get “dirt” on Hillary, what might that “dirt” be?  There has been much consternation over the allegations that Trump and his team were trying to “dig up dirt” on Hillary.  Well, if there was “no dirt” what was the concern?  Why has there been such an expression of outrage and pretended shock over the possibility of Trump colluding with the Russians, if there was “no dirt”? 

Dirt on the Clintons?  How could that be?  Bill and Hillary Clinton with “dirt” on their hands, how could that be?  Would you care to stroll down memory lane and examine some of the skeletons in their closets?  What could the Russians have that we do not already know?  Why would Trump need the Russians to help him unearth “dirt” on Hillary Clinton when the “dirt” is everywhere visible and there is little attempt to hide it.  She and Bill have enjoyed immunity to the point one would wonder if they could commit murder and get away with it?  WAIT, maybe they have.  No, I did not say, they murdered anyone but there is the strange phenomenon of people mysteriously dying or committing suicide who had supposedly had “dirt” on them or dared to publicly suggest they had committed unethical or illegal acts.

If one were to go back to their stent in Arkansas it would be virtually impossible to miss some of the scandalous shenanigans while William Jefferson Clinton was governor of that fair state.  One could sum it up with lying, greed, and serious abuse of power.  That leaves out the possibility of fraud, extortion, hush-money for sexual scandals, and more.  Whitewater with the missing billing records, the apparent sale of pardons, and dare we miss the sale of uranium to the Russians.  How about stealing Whitehouse silverware when they vacated the premises, the amassing of FBI files on Republicans, and Hillary’s involvement in covering up the “Bubba Rape” charges and accusations?  Then there is the FBI coverup of her illegal if not treasonous email scandal using a private server as Secretary of State.  Then there is “Travelgate” and a myriad of other situations, incidents, and scandals.  What would Trump need the Russians for, when we have so much already known about the Clinton corruption?  What could the Russians possibly have that was not already known or could not easily be discovered?

If the Russians had anything more than what is already known on Hillary, it must be something so valuable that had she been elected, Vladimir Putin would have “owned her”.  Putin is likely quite capable of holding his own and having his back covered to protect himself from the fate of untimely demise as has been the case of many who crossed Hillary and/or Bill.  Was there something in the Uranium One deal that would have completely shipwrecked her campaign?  What could the Russians possible have on Hillary?  What “dirt” could possibly warrant the never-ending investigation and accusations of “collusion” against Donald Trump?

Let me suggest that based on what we already know, there would be virtually nothing that would surpass the known.  Therefore, this is a complete charade and is nothing more than “sour grapes” by the Democrats and the Never Trump Crowd.  They thought they could connect Trump to the hated Russians during the campaign and that would shipwreck any hopes he had of becoming president.  If they truly believed that Hillary was a “shoe-in” to become the 45th President, why bother?  If they truly believed that Donald Trump was such a weak candidate that he would self-destruct and had a less than zero chance of winning the election, why bother?

Why waste the taxpayer’s money, except as a continuing effort to taint Donald Trump as a treasonous egotist who loves himself far more than he loves America?  Why use fraudulent intelligence (Steel Dossier) and look under every rock to find anything to taint Trump associates unless it was a desire to diminish Trump’s standing in the eyes of voters especially the swing voters who supported him?  Realistically, the Clinton and Obama supporters would not care if the Russians revealed she had committed Treason.  They would not care no matter what was revealed after all the previous 40 years have had no bearing on people’s willingness to vote Clinton, so why worry?  This whole thing falls apart and is so absurd and even laughable because the facts reveal that Hillary and her team had to pay Steele to fabricate dirt on Donald Trump while the dirt on Hillary is visible to anyone who will open their eyes.

Remember how Hillary and the DNC maneuvered to guarantee that Bernie Sanders had no chance of winning the nomination.  Remember how Hillary and her team destroyed evidence in the email scandal and conveniently lost thousands of documents.  Remember?  Remember how she and her surrogates lied to the FBI and Congress.  And, as a bit of icing on the cake REMEMBER BENGHAZI?  I do, and so do millions of other patriotic Americans and the families of those at the embassy.  Hillary, the 3 AM phone call came and you ignored it.  Then you had the audacity to sit before Congress and say, regarding those deaths, “What difference does it now make?”  WHAT DIFFERENCE?  As a Vietnam veteran, an American citizen, a Christian, a father, and a person who has worked all his life to earn a living, IT MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE TO ME.

Fellow patriots, if we allow the Democrats to regain control of Congress in November we will have completed the whitewash of the Clinton corruption, and closed the door on any hopes we have of dismantling the Deep State or draining the Swamp to any degree.  We will have lost not only the battle for Freedom but probably the war as well.  That is why I am fully invested in keeping the Democrats out of power in 2018 and beyond.  Not because I think the Republicans in Congress are so wonderful but because the Democratic Leadership is so bad.

God bless you and God bless America!

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