BLOG POST 1 - not what it seeems

The surface is not always a clear picture of the whole, only the part that is visible and can be used emotionally to elicit a particular response or attitude.  The clamor over the children separated from their parents, as my friend Jack Niewold recently said regarding the mass hysteria of the Leftist is most assuredly a spectacle to behold.  The Democrats want to keep the “families” together and as Jack stated,and effectively release them into the interior of the country, where they disappear.”  WHY?  Why do the Democrats want to do this?  That is too easy to miss.  It is not the moral aspect or even the humane dimension of the issue but is two-fold, “keep the Republicans in a negative light in the public view” and “build the Democrat voting base in the future.”  This issue is far more complicated than the surface knee-jerk reaction that is being displayed and politicians are falling prey to the ploy including many Republicans who should know better.

Jack pointed out that this opens the door for the Mexican Drug Cartel’s and human traffickers to abduct and sell children as a free pass into the United States.  IS THAT WHAT WE WANT?  No, but no one is talking about the real problem and no one wants to acknowledge that the children are separated from their parents for a very short time, normally.  Additionally, those children are in a much safer housing and sustenance situation than they would be if they stayed with their parents.  Photo ops play a far bigger role in moving the needle than truth, facts, or cognitive reason.  Whatever happened to good old “common or in today’s society uncommon sense?” 

I saw the response of Hillary Clinton to Jeff Sessions and others as she claimed to be a biblical expert, having studied both the Old and New Testaments.  I have seen nothing in Hillary Clinton that makes me think of a Bible Scholar or a Saint, but alas, I am just a mere mortal who loves America and wants the hypocrisy and rhetoric to cease.  Her purpose is to turn as much of America as possible against President Trump and the Republicans and paint fallacious pictures of what is really happening on the border with the “children.”  None of us want the inhumane treatment of children or anyone else for that matter but we also want to ensure the safety of America for Americans who are here legally.  Yes, we want to exhibit compassion and empathy but we must not simply become caught up in the moment and allow a particular bias or hatred fuel our reactions and plunge us over the abysmal cliff to destruction as a nation and a free people.

I am an ordained minister and I have studied the Old and New Testaments for almost 50 years, so I believe I can speak with as much qualification as does Hillary Rodham Clinton.  I have studied the original languages, served as senior pastor, traveled as an evangelist, and worked with numerous ministries and charities and taught the Bible for decades.  Hillary claimed that Bill spent Father’s Day thinking about the thousands of children separated from their parents at the border.  REALLY?  That would be quite a change from the demonstrated womanizer who has spent most of his adult life chasing skirts rather than fending for the children.  I can only think about the Clinton Foundation and the fraud involved in their raising millions for Haiti and yet only a trickle of that got to those it was supposedly intended to help.  However, millions made its way into the pockets of the Clintons.  So, Hillary, I must ask, “When did Bill get that particular epiphany?”  Wait, was it the children of his pedophile friend where underaged girls were molested, abused, sodomized, and passed around to anyone who could afford the price?  Yes, I’m being harsh but how many times did he visit that island?  He would not be the poster boy to speak of someone thinking about the Children.

Hillary attempted to use Matthew 19:14 as the proof-text for her argument saying, “Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto Me.  He did not say let the little children suffer.”  [Hillary’s interpretation of that passage].  Unfortunately for Ms. Clinton that verse did not contend or justify the exploitation of children for the maniacal self-serving purpose of deconstruction of a Constitutionally ordered society.  I find it astounding that there is such an uproar over the few thousand children on the border being temporarily separated from their parents while there is not so much as a whimper over the 60 MILLION babies separated from their parents in ABORTION.  If we are going to express concern about the CHILDREN let’s include the UNBORN, for they too are children being separated from their parents.  Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that to Hillary and the Leftist those are not HUMAN BEINGS but mere globs of tissue.  Forget the fact, they have fingerprints, heartbeats, and can feel.  That is inconsequential for in Hillary’s expressed view, they are not human beings UNTIL they have exited the birth canal in a live birth.  However, she and they must modify that too because they allow “partial birth abortions” where babies in a botched abortion are slaughtered and somehow find it morally justifiable.  So much for using biblical principles, for if you are going to be consistent with Scripture you would use the whole of scripture, not partial texts to support your argument.

It seems that nothing in politics is what it appears on the surface and another reason that so few trust politicians.  The history and track record of most politicians and politics, in general, have earned that distrust and disrespect.  Therefore, I contend that we cannot depend on politicians to solve the problems of our society or even our government.  We continue to send people to Washington to govern who are more interested in their agenda and personal gain than they are about America.  WHAT DO WE DO?  We can complain and continue to reelect them or we can PRAY, WORK, VET, SUPPORT, and ELECT men and women who will honestly and devotedly follow the Rule of Law and the Constitution.  That is much easier to advance as a possible solution than it is to make a reality.  That means some of those hearing this will need to become involved as candidates.  We begin at the lowest level of government and work toward the top.  Many of us do not have enough time left in this life to see it become reality but we can lay the groundwork for those following to pick up the Torch of Freedom and Run for the Cause.  Please, hear me, we MUST NOT ALLOW the Leftist Liberal Progressive Socialist Globalist to return to power in November.  WE MUST NOT! 

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!

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