BLOG POST 2 - Ray of Hope

I try to remain optimistic about everything in life.  In matters spiritual, I can manage that but when it comes to the American political scene I sometimes have difficulty.  There is a mountain of reasons for that and the major reasons I remain optimistic are GOD and American Patriots.  I still believe that most Americans want to maintain and retain our Constitutional Republic and preserve our Inalienable Rights and Freedoms.  Within that group, there are vast differences of opinion and some incredible ideological divides but I still believe that most want the United States of America to resist Socialism and be a Free Sovereign Nation.  I could be wrong and there are signs that say I am and signs that say I am not. 

The Democratic Party is rapidly moving toward radicalism politically that embraces Socialism, supports the dismantling of our Republic as a Free Sovereign Nation by eliminating our borders, endorse the Entitlement Mentality (Socialism in Action), and desires Big Government.  The idea that all America’s problems stem from our Constitution (outdated in their view), White Men, Big Business, and the Rich (the class many of them are charter members). 

Among the many things that clearly identify the shift or continued move of the Leftist Liberal Socialist Progressive Globalist (Democrats & RINOs) toward Socialism was evidenced in New York when an Establishment Democrat Incumbent was defeated by an avoid Socialist of the Bernie Sanders cult.  Then in California, the Democratic Party has refused to endorse incredibly liberal Senator Diane Feinstein and endorsed her Democratic opponent, Kevin De Leon.  With California’s “jungle primary” system means that he will be her opponent in November.  No Republican will be on the ballot.  De Leon wants to abolish ICE and implement many other Socialist and radical policies.  He received 65% of the California Democrat Executive Board.  In the Primary she defeated him 44% to 12% but the California Democratic Establishment in keeping with the mindset that has been painfully apparent in that State’s Leftist is FAR FAR LEFT with no thought of compromise or middle ground.  What will happen?  Feinstein will probably win but with the strong endorsement of the State Party Establishment and the supply of funds he will likely receive, it presents the prospects of being a very ugly race and that could hurt the Democrats both in that State and across the Nation.  I hope I’m seeing a Ray of Hope!

Another thing that gives me hope is Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia had some strong words for Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer regarding President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.  Chuck Schumer had previously made a statement about “whipping votes” among the party caucus.  Manchin said, “I’ll be 71 years old in August, you’re going to whip me?  Kiss my you know what.”  That is hopefully an indication that Schumer and the Toxicity of Liberalism that has a death grip on the Democratic Party is losing its power.    There are other Democrats who have joined Manchin publicly sending a shot across Schumer’s bow.  Senator Joe Donnelly, (D-IN) said, “My decision won’t have anything to do with Chuck Schumer.”  Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) was the third Democrat in the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to join Republicans in the confirmation vote.  I take that as a Ray of Hope and hope that I am not being overly optimistic.  The reality is, if all 51 Republicans vote YES, the Democrats can scream about a return to slavery or the end of women’s rights, or the impending slaughter of gay people till they are blue in the face and it will do them no good.  Anyone with any sense of reason and possessing any intelligence knows that those charges are TOTAL FABRICATIONS and designed as Scare Tactics, not realities.

I see a continued shift of the Leftist Liberal Democrats toward Socialism and the creation of an Oligarchy that strips Americans of their Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties.  I see a move toward Political Correctness becoming the Law of the Land if they regain power and control of Congress and/or the White House.  Their desire to grow government, grant amnesty to the illegals (their new voting base), raise taxes for more entitlement spending (to buy votes), and censorship of any views not consistent with their own.  They have an expressed desire to repeal the 2nd Amendment, not by the constitutional process but by legislation or executive edicts and the continued corruption of federal law enforcement.  I see a Democratic victory in November as the dark cloud of destruction for America as the Constitutional Republic we have known and enjoyed.  I could see that and the complicity of the propaganda arm of the Leftist, the Main Stream Media providing 24/7 spin and indoctrination to advance their cause and report their lies as truth and facts and grow despondent.  However, what I saw in 2016 was a rejection by America of the Leftist Agenda and the Propaganda of the Media.  That gives me a Ray of Hope in what would otherwise seem hopeless.

Another Ray of Hope is in the continued evidence that most American Voters reject Socialism for America.  The Democratic Party’s new mantra is FREEBIES and their embrace of Socialism should send chills down the spine of every Freedom Loving American.  A Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey reported that 74% of likely U.S. voters prefer a Free Market Economic System to Socialism.  Only 13% of those surveyed expressed a preference for Socialism and there were 13% who were undecided. How that is possible?  I can only explain by the tendency of some of the docile sheep to think they can stay on the fence and the wolf won’t eat them.  I could find it incredibly depressing that 13% of voters in America could ever embrace the idea of Socialism.  One commentator said, “Being undecided between Socialism and Free Market Capitalism is like being undecided between Bar Refaeli and Nancy Pelosi. But I suppose you could find 13% of poll respondents would say the Sun rises in the West.”  Today’s face of Socialism is Venezuela and if you do some simple examination you will find what a disaster that is.  WHO COULD PREFER THAT TO AMERICA?  That gives me a Ray of Hope!

AMERICAN PATRIOTS, I ask you to seriously think about what is happening and the dangers that will become real calamities should the Democrats win in November.  I wish we had a smorgasbord of choices and could pick and choose whatever we preferred and be successful in moving America toward continued Freedom and Liberty but we do not.  We have a choice of voting in such a way as to DEFEAT the DEMOCRATS or vote in such a way that EMPOWERS and ENABLES THEM in November.  My brother said correctly, “We MUST defeat the Democrats in November and then in 2020 and beyond we MUST work to primary as many RINOs and Establishment Republicans who will not support the Constitution and defend our Inalienable Rights as possible.”  That being said, in this election I see only one option and that is to DEFEAT THE LEFTISTS.  I pray that you will agree and join those of us who are fighting for America and our American Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!

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