BLOG POST 1 - Democrats 1

I realize that if any Democrats read this, I will likely be a bane to them and someone they would like to inflict severe pain and misery upon.  I wondered for eight years what America could have possibly been thinking in electing Barack Obama not once but twice.  The first time, I could somewhat understand the FEAR and even DESIRE of some, to project to the world they were not racist and to demonstrate an inclusiveness and openness that, in their minds, would be lauded as almost saintly.  I had some tell me, before the first election, “I cannot vote against the first black president without being called a racist.”  My argument has always been that politics, in today’s world, is not about race but ideology and agenda.  That fell on deaf ears because many of them worked in places of employment where the political climate was toxic and any suggestion of not voting for Obama would result in ostracization and create a very hostile work environment.  So, rather than risk their livelihood, the either quietly voted Republican and pretended to vote Democrat or they caved and voted for someone who stood for something they did not believe in or desire.  THAT IS TRAGIC!

I’ve heard the word “Transference” and “Projectionism” bandied about as explanations of Obama’s most recent political rants against Donald Trump and either directly or indirectly the millions who voted for him.  Transference is defined as the ability to take your faults and ascribe them to others.  Projectionism is much the same and either or both fit the latest Obama diatribe and rhetoric.  I had to laugh when I heard part of his speech and listened as he “attacked” or “accused” President Trump for fomenting paranoia and division.  I then grew angry, not so much at Mr. Obama, because I’ve learned that is who he is, but toward the millions who believe his maniacal raving.  Have we reached the point in our American Society that we allow HATE to transcend REASON?  Well, probably not reached but exposed what has largely been there all along. 

To Hillary Clinton, those of us who opposed her, and the Leftist Agenda were DEPLORABLE.  Her insinuation and inference were that we were all a bunch of ignorant red-neck hillbillies not having sense enough to come in out of the rain.  Her complete lack of ability to grasp the reality that some of us might not agree with their self-perceived greatness and saintliness.  It would appear, that THINKING might be a crime in the minds of those embracing the toxicity of liberalism and now Socialism that is the face of their party.  In her mind, Obama’s mind, and the minds of the MSM, and the National Democrats because we dissent we are the problem.  We, to them, are the cause of division, we are resentful and vengeful, we are paranoid and in need of being housed in padded cells.  Clearly, to them, we must be deranged or severely mentally challenged else we would buy their Snake Oil and Dance to their Drummer.

One of the many incidents in which former President Obama spoke without the facts, a charge he has leveled at President Trump, was in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Remember Harvard Professor Harry Louis Gates and the police incident at his home?  The police were investigation reported burglaries in the area and responded as any rational law enforcement representative would only to have Gates become belligerent and immediately leveling the charge of racism.  Obama jumped on that bandwagon and deemed it a problem of Systemic Police Racism against blacks in America.  No facts, just hyperbole.  He did the same in the Travon Martin case, and in Ferguson, Missouri and encouraged the false narrative of Black Lives Matter and in many ways encouraged violence and chaos.

Mr. Obama has openly trashed our military, law enforcement, and those who want a Secure Border, and a strong national security with an immigration policy that screens potential terrorist such as those following fundamental Islam.  In his mind, accepting Islam is simply religious tolerance but woe be unto the Christian baker who refuses to bake a cake for a same-sex marriage because it violates his religious convictions.  He has frequently attempted to tie the Crusades to everything and thereby justify the offenses of Islamic Terrorism and the hatred in the hearts of some blacks regarding the history of slavery in America.  By and large, the national Democrats parrot his words because that is their ideological mindset.

The brazen attempt to rewrite history regarding his administration’s failure in Benghazi and to do a little CYA for both Obama and Hillary he insists that Benghazi was more of a conspiracy theory than body bags.  MR. OBAMA, wild conspiracy theories do not produce body bags and Benghazi did.  I was encouraged when Kris “Tanto” Paronto, one of the heroes who witnessed, first hand, the slaughter of his friends and comrades in arms die came forth immediately.  Kris tweeted that the words of the former president were disgusting, and he was right.  He tweeted: “Benghazi is a conspiracy @BarackObama?! How bout we do this, let’s put your cowardly ass on the top of a roof with 6 of your buddies & shoot rpg’s & Ak47’s at you while terrorists lob 81mm mortars killing 2 of your buddies all while waiting for US support that you never sent.”  He used language I avoid but the sentiments of one who was there are understandable and praiseworthy.  The facts have long supported Mr. Paronto’s assertions and arguments about the help that Hillary and Obama refused to send.  WHY?  I wish we could get a complete and truthful answer from them, but we never will.

Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party have long asserted that there was no “magic wand” to jumpstart the economy and now that it has been jumpstarted seek to claim that Obama laid the foundation for it to happen.  NO, Mr. O and all you Leftists, the economy was put into high-gear by some basic economic principles and removal of some of the stifling restrictions and regulations imposed by the Obama administration.  It was pretty simple, and many of us had been calling for just that for years.  No magic wand, just simple and reasonable government action.  Now, I ask the Democrats, “since President Trump has shown you how to do it will you move from your New Socialism Position?”  The answer is NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!  They appear more willing to go into extinction than move to the center or the right.

We have people like Maxine Waters doubling down on her call for violence and disruption vowing that SHE WILL GET HIM, meaning President Trump.  If anyone on the Right had made that claim or proposed that pathway they would have been ridden out of town on a rail or might be in jail.  Former Special Prosecutor, Ken Starr acknowledged that he had considered perjury charges against Hillary Clinton during the Bill Clinton investigation for her outlandish and obviously false testimony.  She had no fear of lying to the prosecutor because she knew that her back was covered by the Democrats in Congress and should Bill be removed from office by Al Gore who would then become president and she was covered.  The history of the Democrats has been to do whatever it takes to win and eliminate anyone who stands in your way.

The voter fraud that has been exposed is, in my view, the tip of the iceberg and it is largely committed by those on the Donkey side of the ledger.  America we are faced with a crisis in America and if we allow the Corruption of the Liberal Leftist Socialist Democrats to reclaim power, we will have signed off on the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.  CAN YOU DO THAT?  That is the question for November.  I realize that some will contend, “We will make it just fine, it will only be another bump in the road.”  I warn IT WILL NOT!  The dangers for the Republic are greater than we have ever experienced.  SO, PLEASE, please, please get out the Vote and Vote to Stop the Leftists in November!

God bless you and God bless America!

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