No, I am not talking about the end of the world but the incessant effort of the Left to destroy the current president of these United States of America.  The longer the so-called Russian Collusion Investigation goes on the more we discover that reveals this was never about Russia but Trump.  The intent was revealed in the texts and emails between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page with such clarity it could only be missed by willing blindness.  But alas, there are millions of sheep in the Democrat herd that cannot see the forest for the trees. 

The recent report of the Inspector General exposed the Mueller fraud and possible criminal activity.  Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Office (SCO) destroyed a pile of evidence regarding the infamous “insurance policy” proposed and planned by the FBI at the hands of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  James Comey knew it about the plan, Robert Mueller knew about it, Andrew McCabe knew about it, Barack Obama knew about it and so did Hillary Clinton.  If that’s not collusion, I guess I don’t know what collusion is and neither does anyone else.

Whatever was in those pieces of evidence, apparently the Mueller Team deemed them unworthy of outside scrutiny.  Imagine that, with the scandalous, heinous, and disgraceful tone of the communications between the lovebirds of the revealed text one could reasonable assume all communications between them would demand examination.  Not so, according to the actions of the Mueller “Get Trump Team.”  There was a gap in the text messages between Page and Strzok from 12/15/16 to 7/17/17.  That is a very long period of time.  Are we to believe they did not communicate after 12/15/16?  We know better.

The OIG considered it egregious enough they asked the Cyber Investigations Office of the OIG’s office to attempt to recover those deleted emails and texts.  There was an amazing discovery once that effort was announced.  The phones of those two agents were not to be found.  The two had been using different phones had been used.  They had been issued both iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones to use.  Don’t you wonder why?  The SCO iPhones used by Strzok had been reassigned to another agent and sufficiently scrubbed.  The FBI turned that phone over to the OIG.  It has been reset to factory settings and reconfigured for the new user.  It no longer contained Strzok’s data.  Convenient isn’t it?

The SCO insisted that was not a problem because none of Strzok’s texts were of any value.  The iPhone assigned to Page was discovered and alas, the same scenario as Strozk’s phone had transpired.  Fortunately, the Samsung phones did leave some digital footprints that the OIG could follow.  In that effort, they discovered and recovered thousands of texts between Strzok and Page, even though the FBI claimed there were none or none of importance. 

The Mueller Team and those pulling their strings have been so determined to find something to use against Trump they have committed crimes, as did Hillary, in destroying evidence that pointed another direction.  Unless it was usable against Trump and offered some potential value in that pursuit, they tried to hide it from public view. 

Do you recall who the agent was when Mueller was investigating General Flynn?  One of the agents who interviewed the General was Peter Strzok.  Then, conveniently, after he was fired for biased texts on his FBI phone, the SCO iPhone was scrubbed clean.  This is outrageous.

Hillary Clinton attempted to and did destroy a myriad of emails and other communications from her unsecured and unauthorized server and phone and nobody seemed to care.  She and her cohorts lied to the FBI.  Obama used the intelligence community as well as the IRS to harass, spy on, and attempt to do damage to conservatives and conservative groups, and nobody seemed to care.  Al Sharpton has been guilty of income tax evasion and not paying his taxes amounting to millions of dollars and nobody seems to care.  Members of the Democratic hierarchy have been accused and appear guilty of sexual misconduct, and nobody seems to care. 

However, if any Republican, especially if they have any ties to the President, jaywalks they are indicted and painted as being the most reprehensible of human beings.  The age-old principle and precept that we have followed in America that a person is “innocent until proven guilty” has been modified.  If you are a Democrat that principle is demanded.  If you are a Republican and have any ties to the President, you are “guilty until proven innocent” and even then, the presentation for public perception is “He or She is still guilty, and they somehow manipulated the evidence and facts.”  It is more than a double standard it is a diabolical assault on our system of government and justice system.

America, if we allow this to continue and allow the Democrats to keep control of the House or make inroads or gain control of the Senate and/or the White House in 2020 we are signing the ‘death warrant’ of the Republic.  The precedent being set in this dogged effort to destroy a sitting president will have a shelf-life far into the future and its continued damage will be felt for decades.  We must stop it now! When will it end? When we the People put a stop to it and not before! Will it end? Not unless we evict the vast majority of elected officials and bureaucrats from Washington.

God bless you and God bless America!

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