The blatant hypocrisy and evil vitriol of the Leftists are more than disturbing it is frightening.  It is frightening because there are millions who listen to them and assume that because one is in the media, Hollywood, successful in business, or elected to Congress they are all knowing.  THEY ARE NOT!  The Muslim Democrat from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib’s profanity-laced rant about Donald Trump should be censored by Congress but since she is a Democrat, a Muslim, and of lesser importance to them, a woman, she will receive praise not censor.  That is disturbing for me and should be for everyone in America who loves freedom.

            Her promise was, “We’re gonna impeach the ***********.”  No, I won’t include her word in my comments, but it is incredibly vile.  Hey, Democrats if Donald Trump is deemed to be crude, caustic, vile, offensive, and a potty mouth, what about this woman?  Do you applaud her or find her words disgusting and divisive?  I know some Democrats who have vehemently attacked President Trump for his language who find this woman worthy of some national honor.  Their double-standard and hypocrisy demanded me call them out.  Their defense was, well she is not the President.  Really?  If she killed someone, would that be okay because she is not the President?  If she colluded with the Russians or Islamic Terrorists and caused the death of Americans would that be okay because she is not the President?  Surely, you cannot be serious!

This plan and intent of the Democrats to Impeach the President before the 2020 elections is a clear example of placing partisan gamesmanship ahead of country.  This is a direct threat to our system of government and our national security.  This is worse than a frivolous lawsuit, it borders on insanity and places our Republic in grave danger both from without and within.  Democrats, is that really what you want your part to be all about?  Is stopping Trump your prime objective?  Was that truly what you believe you were elected to do?  Is that what you truly believe the Constitution charges you to do?  If so, we are in the worst constitutional crisis of our lifetime.

After two years of digging, prodding, and even attempting to manufacture evidence, there is no evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to interfere or change the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.  There is evidence that Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, and even the FBI and other governmental agencies did all they could to interfere, illegally with the election.  The Steele dossier was the Clinton Insurance Policy in case she lost, which she did.  It was supposed to guarantee that she did not lose, and it failed.  The simple facts are, Donald Trump won in enough states with enough electoral votes to defeat the terrible Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  She may have felt entitled and the Left may have felt it was a slam dunk, but SHE LOST!  Get over it and focus on 2020 not a bogus attempt to impeach a legitimate sitting president.

Representative Brad Sherman, (D-CA) is reintroducing articles of impeachment for obstruction of justice against the president.  What obstruction?  He fired James Comey as Director of the FBI something that is within the scope of his authority as the chief executive of the Republic.  They are still counting on something in the Mueller Report to give them a basis to proceed regardless of how feeble or factual it might be.  Reports are that Robert Mueller will submit his report to the Attorney General by mid-February and if that is accurate the Democrats will be hell-bent on destruction shortly thereafter.

The firing of the FBI Director is not obstruction of justice without some incredible nefarious actions included and evidence to support such a charge.  There does not appear to be any of that, else there would have been leaks or attempts to indict or empower the Democrats and sway Republicans to proceed with impeachment hoping to then convict him in the Senate. 

Andy McCarthy of National Review released a statement that Mueller does not have a case but is investigating trying to find something.  In short, it shows me the man and I’ll find the crime rather than show me the crime and I’ll investigate to see where it leads.  That is a perversion of justice if not obstruction.  William Barr the nominee for Attorney General sent Deputy Rod Rosenstein a memo last June regarding this matter of the firing of James Comey. 

McCarthy said: If the public reports of Mueller’s theory of obstruction are true, then that obstruction theory is not viable under federal law because it’s an extravagant extension of it. What it would say is that instead of obstruction, which are things like tampering with witnesses, tampering with evidence, destroying evidence, things that are innately corrupt, evil acts taken to undermine a proceeding, Mueller’s theory would apply to any act of the President, even legitimate exercises of his constitutional prerogatives even if a prosecutor decides that they were politically motivated. And what Barr says, and I think he’s correct about this, is that is not a viable extension or expansion of the obstruction statute.”

What we have is a political party, the Democrats, willing to stretch the law or rewrite existing law and reinterpret the Constitution to fit their agenda rather than following the rule of law and the constitution.  That is tragic and would be equally tragic if the Republicans had done the same thing.  That is not the American design by our Founding Fathers and should not be tolerated by the American voters.  This has been far from a blind search for truth, it has been a devoted and dogged effort to find something or anything to use against the man the Left despises to the point they would destroy the Republic to hurt or dethrone him.

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz weighed in on this matter and correctly stated: The framers of the Constitution were very careful not to allow a president to be removed based on political differences…They specified that a president could be removed only if he committed crimes such as bribery, treason or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Nothing that’s come out publicly, at least so far, fits those very, very specific categorizations.”  What is happening, in my opinion, is the willingness and desire of the Democrats to use impeachment rather than elections.  That is not what our system of government was designed to do or be.  WE MUST RESIST!

The vile language, the calls for violence, the inappropriate and destructive language, and the endangering of America and Americans by the Left is what should be on trial not some bogus charges against this president.  Why the Republicans allowed this to continue leads one to believe that many of them are in agreement with the Democrats and want Trump Gone!  That will not bode well in 2020 and if we are to Free the Republic from would be Oligarchs and an Oligarchical Tyranny we must join forces in 2020 and defeat every Democrat and Republican that does not put America first and demonstrate a willingness to follow the Rule of Law and protect and defend the Constitution.

Disagree with me if you please and even hate me if you choose but consider what is at stake and how disruptive the path we are now on that the Democrats are advancing, and I do not believe you can honestly say it is what we need.  If you love America and stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom I ask you to pray earnestly for our nation and vote!

God bless you and God bless America!  

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