RUSSIAN COLLUSION? Was That What the Mueller Investigation Was All About?

No Alice, this is not wonderland so No it was never about Russian collusion by Trump or his team it was about delegitimizing a legitimate election.  It did not begin with Robert Mueller and will not end with him if he ever concludes his investigation.  We are going to see some interesting and troubling twists and turns now that the Democrats have resumed control of the House of Representatives.  Largely, it will be ‘much ado about nothing’ because they do not control the Senate, although there are a number of left-leaning liberal Republicans in the Senate majority.  That fact could prove to be problematic at some point, but for now, it appears to be a stalemate and more about perception, media talking points, and attempting to sway voters than substance.

The incoming Democrat chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler informed the press that he would shut down the Republican-led probes in January.  He will, no doubt, open Democrat probes into Republicans and more specifically, President Donald J. Trump.  Their quest and desire to “take him down” will not decrease and it will be more about investigation than legislation.  The fact that the House controls the purse strings is problematic enough but couple that with their intent on digging into everything and anything means we will have two long years of stagnation in Washington. 

He insisted that the process has been slow but the House Committee investigations by the Republicans have revealed a very large swath of information regarding the collusion and conspiracy of the Left to undermine this president.  Too much information has surfaced for those who want the truth, the conservatives, the Republicans, and the constitutionalist to cede to the Democrats and cower in the shadows like scared rabbits or rats.  Now is not the time for cowardice but boldness and determination.

President Trump has not only had to contend with the House Investigations but numerous other federal and State entities trying to ‘take him down.’  I have never witnessed such a determined effort to destroy a president in my lifetime.  It is not good for the Republic and sets a precedent for future actions that are egregious and frightful.  What the Democrats either fail to remember or believe will not be used is the weapon the president has to declassify documents that would, in all likelihood, destroy their thesis and expose them to public scrutiny and possible voter ire. 

Soon, there will be a new Attorney General, William Barr, who unlike Jeff Sessions appears to be a much more assertive and hands-on leader who will bring the Department of Justice back from its drift into chaos.  They seem to forget that the DOJ’s Inspector General is currently conducting an investigation and that investigation could shift it its focus once the new AG is in place.  That could mean problems for the Clintons the Obamas and other leading Democrats and Leftist Organizations.  They are seemingly oblivious to the fact that the Republicans still control the Senate.  Those are factors everyone should consider in this endless costly expedition spurred on by a fake dossier and the sour grapes of the Democrats.

The sentencing memorandum filed in the U.S. District Court in New York by the Department of Justice for Michael Cohen is revealing. The document detailed the charges against him as well as the assistance he gave the government.  It went into incredible detail about the seriousness of Cohen’s violation of campaign finance laws.  That, in my opinion, reveals how the prosecutors plan to trap the president.   

Former DOJ attorney, Neal Katyal, said on MSNBC appearing on The Beat, “The big news tonight is not about Michael Cohen, it’s not about Paul Manafort, it’s about one person, Donald Trump.  For the first time, you have federal prosecutors essentially saying that Donald Trump committed a felony.”  He went on to insist that this was not a filing by the Mueller Team but Trumps own DOJ, but he failed to note that it was being directed by Rod Rosenstein the leading Democrat advocate and boss of Robert Mueller.

The interesting factor in all this is there was not one shred of evidence of even inference of any Russian Collusion by President Trump.  There was no indication that the Russian government worked to help him win the election.  That, in my view, is further evidence that this has never been about Russian collusion but ‘taking down’ the president and even destroying his life and family.  That is how deeply they resent him and how angry they are at those of us who are, in their view, deplorables.  After almost two full years there is Nothing regarding Russian collusion nor will there ever be.  In that sense, it is a ‘witch hunt’ and clearly a ‘fishing expedition’.

I would recommend a book by Don Bongino entitled, “Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump”.  In that book, Mr. Bongino puts the pieces of the disconnected pieces of the puzzle together revealing the clear conspiracy of the Left to “take down” the president. 

The question I have, going forward, is will we, the American people, continue to tolerate this abuse of judicial and legislative power?  Will we continue to believe what is being spun by the media spin machines?  Will we determine that it is imperative that each of us individually and collectively investigate, sifting through the minutia and excrement offered by the haters and activist?  Will we wake up in time to save the Republic in 2020 for a more expansive and extensive take over by those following the toxic liberalism of the New Democratic Socialist Party?  Will we?  That will be answered in November 2020 and we will see the signs of awakening or decay between now and then. 

As for me and my house, we will stand for the Republic and fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom. We will resist the resistance and attempt to expose the lies of the Leftists and pray for our nation. 

God bless you and God bless America! 

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