Those healing hands we hear about seem to have lost their healing touch in today’s American politics and much of our society.  The increasing divide is increasing at an alarming rate and the partisan ideological divide is becoming an impassable chasm that no man can span.  That is or should be, alarming and disconcerting to every American citizen regardless of political persuasion.

There have been pockets of detractors and haters in most of the presidents of my lifetime, but the overflow of hate that exists today defies the saying, “Time heals all wounds.”  How much time will be required to overcome the bitterness and animosity that has been birthed by those who despise this current president?  I’m not sure there is enough time and as with most infections, if allowed to spread and continue often results in death.  The infection becomes gangrene and the necrosis produces incredible pain and destruction leading to loss of limb or death.  That’s what the toxicity of liberalism is producing in the so-called resistance movements and parlaying of political power by the Democrats.

The Republicans are not immune and have not been inoculated against the disease of hate and partisan ideological blindness, so this is a warning to all Americans.  I have never witnessed the overt use of the media platform, Hollywood, and outside influences and bankrolling of activism as we are seeing today.  There was animosity toward Barack Obama, and I was deeply disturbed and detested much of his agenda, but I did not see the incessant and undisguised attempt to overthrow him as I witness today. 

The hatred for Donald John Trump the 45th President of these United States is of such gargantuan size and scope it is a genuine threat to our Republican system of Government as the Constitutional Republic.  If the Left is successful in ousting this President, the precedent will be established for all future administrations.  We will have seen our Republic transformed into the governmental system of other nations where coalition governments are formed on unstable agreements and frequently collapse requiring new elections.  We will have effectively tossed out our process of electing Presidents and that could easily seep into every elected office in our nation. 

Some people have such an enormous capacity to hate and hold grudges that they become embittered to the point that they are unable to focus on anything but the object of their disgust.  That seems to be the case with many on the Left in today’s political world.  When T.V. show hosts can argue that any Republican Legislator that does not speak badly of President Trump should be faced with prison time, we have lost our collective minds and all sense of reason and decency nationally.  When, those who are comics or actors can call for the beheading, sodomizing, and rape of the President and/or his family, the infection of hate has the putrid stench of gangrene and is destroying all hope of restoration.

Hate and political differences have brought about the assignation of presidents in America and that is tragic beyond words.  The fact that we claim to be a civilized society operating under a system of government that is a Representative Democracy or a Constitutional Republic and allows this, defies our claims of civility.  The appetite of persons in Congress, the Media, Hollywood, and various Activist Organizations for incivility are or should be warning signs of a cancerous political condition that will destroy us if allowed to continue.  We need the Healing Hands of Time to begin working its magic.

The Bible speaks of allowing a ‘root of bitterness’ to spring up in our hearts.  The warning and appeal are that we pursue peace with all men and righteousness.  We are urged to fight against allowing hate, envy, jealousy, and discord to fester to the point of infecting us with bitterness.  It speaks of bitterness as a root and in the natural a root produces a plant that produces a fruit and the fruit of bitterness is chaos, discord, hate, violence, and even murder.  It is irreconcilable and never placated.  It demands vengeance and its pound of flesh.  It believes that it has been deprived of what is rightfully his and demands its own brand of justice. 

Generational Racism and Hate are produced from a root of bitterness and the longer it continues the more embedded it becomes in the heart and society.  In politics roots of bitterness produce such division that there is no room for reason in the discussion. The object of hate and that which stands in the way of an ideological position’s ascension to power becomes the total focus.  In that condition, the infection of hate is so pronounced that time only makes it worse, not better.  It never ends well.

What can we do?  You may or may not agree but the first step is to return to God and our moral moorings as a society and as individuals.  In the Bible, we find the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14 informs us that if we would repent, seek God’s face, pray, and turn from our wickedness God would heal our land and restore us.  It is my firm conviction that we need a spiritual revival in America.  But, even if you reject the religious aspect of my position surely you would agree that allowing hate to boil over into violence is not the answer. 

It is therefore imperative that you and I strive to impress upon our elected officials the need for civility and reason.  I did not say compromise or abandoning our principles and foundational beliefs.  I said, civility and seeking to find some common ground that would not violate the aforementioned but would allow us to diffuse the bitterness and prevent the infectious gangrene from ripping us to shreds.

We are rapidly reaching a condition where if we fail to elect people to positions of government, at all levels, who will honestly pursue what is best not what is partisan we will see our nation perish.  I know that is doom and gloom, but I believe it is a present reality.  We are rapidly approaching a time where the political party must be secondary to what is prudent in the best interest of the Republic. 

The present condition of our political world makes it impossible for me to vote for a Democrat because of the ideological shift to socialism and globalism.  The positions on abortion, same-sex marriage, our inalienable rights, and freedoms pushes me to the Republican camp.  Do those politicians always follow pathways that protect, preserve, and defend our constitution and fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom?  No, and that breaks my heart but in my continued push for Constitutional Restoration of America, I have little choice.

You must decide what is best for you and we must all strive to allow healing to come to our hearts and refuse to allow the ‘root of bitterness’ to spring up and the fruit thereof to defile others and our nation. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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