I find it amusing and somewhat befuddling to observe the attacks of the Leftists on Howard Schultz.  The view him as a pariah in stark contrast to their view and relating to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and most of the other billionaires of the Left and some who claim to be on the right.  Why?  I am convinced as are many others that it is partly because he is unapologetic about his wealth and how he became wealthy.  The Left wants the billionaires to pretend to be repentant for being wealthy.  They want them to pretend to want to give back the lion’s share of their wealth.  They want them to set up foundations and pretend that their children will not inherit their wealth but will receive a token amount, which is beyond what most of us can even dream of acquiring.  They want them to support higher taxes on the wealthy, even though Congress provides loopholes for them and their shelters protect their fortunes. 

Howard Schultz grew up in government housing in New York.  This is not a statement of support for him or his political views, but he is an example of what can happen in America’s Free Market Capitalism.  He is anathema to the Democrats now because he does not fit their narrative that White Privilege keeps everyone but the wealthy ruling class from succeeding.  If you are a woman, black, or in other minorities and ethnic groups the system locks you out.  You have to be part of the ‘Ole Boy Network to reach that stratum of economic success and then you must be repentant of achieving your wealth. 

I don’t hate the rich or the poor and I refuse to envy those who have massive fortunes.  My life’s path has taken me down a road that was not conducive to amassing a great fortune.  My life has been one of Christian service, not fortune seeking.  I am not complaining or trying to make it sound as if I am better or worse than anyone, just making a statement.  I would not trade my life’s journey, it has been incredibly fulfilling.

For almost 100 years we have witnessed our American Social Order majorly transformed.  We are witnessing a social stratification that is very class conscious and the development and establishment of an Elitist Ruling Class.  That Ruling Class is actively waging war on America and Americans not in the classification.  The Ruling Class deems themselves the rightful heirs of all Power and Control and are worthy to Rule Us!  Below them, in their view, are the laborers who make our economy work and below that group are those have become totally dependent on the government for their sustenance.  In a very real sense, they have been enslaved by the Ruling Class and the corruption of politics. 

The Societal Elites have controlled our educational system, entertainment, media, and politics for decades.  The result of that indoctrination and propagandization has been to ‘dumb down’ our society to the point that millions are nothing more than docile sheep following their political shepherd wherever he/she wants them to go.  The indoctrination through our classrooms has instilled false hopes and false beliefs that are designed to quell debate stifle critical thinking.  The use of common sense and deductive reasoning are the mortal enemies of the Ruling Class. 

Some who have great wealth and those who embrace the ideological positions of the Liberal Leftists that make up the Ruling Class.  They have been brainwashed in the Universities of our nation by the Leftists and truly believe their positions are morally and intellectually superior to anything offered by those following a more biblical pathway or a conservative and constitutionalist view.  They recruit the naïve in the classrooms and after four or more years of indoctrination in the cocoon of University Safe Spaces, those recruits are released into society.  Many of them are nonfunctional because anything that dispels their views and challenges their positions are so unacceptable they want the view and the person removed from society. 

The price of admission into their Society is one must attack everything that is remotely biblical or constitutional.  Someone said, “The majority of those in the Ruling Class are mind-numbed and eternal adolescents hell-bent on pushing the boundaries of ethical and moral behavior and viewing all political and policy issues as a war between their side and their mortal enemies.”  Their mortal enemies are all of us who oppose the fundamental transformation of our Republic into a Socialist Oligarchy and stripping us of our Rights and Liberties.  They believe and are fighting to achieve an All-Powerful Central Government which controls every aspect of people’s lives.

I had a renewal of Hope in the 2016 Elections and saw the prospect and some evidence that America’s Sleeping Giant had been awakened.  That Giant was the average American citizen who had had enough of the Socialism and overreach of government to control and dominate as was experienced under Barack Obama.  In 2018, I came away from the Elections wondering if the 2016 Awakening was only a slight arousal and the deep sleep of political slumber had returned with the grip of apathy in full force.  I hope 2018 did not reflect that, but I am concerned. 

There was a time, in America, where threats and intimidation were not acceptable or laudable traits and activities.  However, in 2019 America those tactics commonly employed by the Left are deemed not only acceptable but praiseworthy.  They take no issue with the calls for assignations, and ethnic cleansing of white males and conservatives, and violence by the Left.  The Right hears the demands that we are supposed to be tolerant and inclusive in all but when we are attacked by the Leftist they insist that their attacks are justified.

The Power Elitists are obsessed with destroying Donald J. Trump.  I believe the reason is not Trump himself, but because of the fear the awakening of the average man and woman in America.  They not only hate him but any of us who voted for or supports him in any measure.  We, to them, are Public Enemy Number One!  Hillary called us “Deplorable” and Obama lamented calling us “Bitter Clingers.”  Bitter Clingers of what?  Our Bibles and our Guns as well as our Constitutional Rights. 

If the Republicans in Congress backed this president we could have seen a significant draining of the Swamp and the Deep State dismantled, at least marginally.  If we buy the Hate Trump rhetoric and accept their definition of who he is and what he stands for we will enable them to continue their war on America and achieve their desired Fundamental Transformation. 

All I ask is that you THINK and consider what is at stake.  How much are you willing to lose to prove some personal point regarding a political candidate you do not like?  I ask that those of you who pray to join me in interceding for the Republic and become involved.  The Future of the Republic is in our hands and the fate of the Nation is at stake.  Ignoring the War and allowing political apathy to prevail is destructive and counterproductive. 

I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I also know that there are no perfect candidates or politicians, therefore I must come to grips with the reality that no one person embodies all that I desire or American needs.  Together we can see our Republic preserved and return to our foundational moral moorings.   We can defeat this War and become the nation in which, all are recognized as being created equal and become a nation in which everyone can pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness without undue restriction and regulation by the Federal Government.

God bless you and God bless America!

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