CORRUPTION IN WASHINGTON – Are Indictments Forthcoming?

Unless we are talking about Republicans targeted by the Mueller Team, the FBI, the Democrats, and other partisan entities, the number of indictments for the corrupt will be ZERO!  If you are talking about members of the Trump team or other Conservative Republicans, then the sky is the limit on the number of indictments that are in the works.  I keep hearing about the thousands of sealed indictments targeting prominent Democrats and operatives, but I take that with a grain of salt and until I see it happen will not wait with bated breath.  I don’t like to play ‘what if’ games and speculate on what might be based on what should be or what I want to be a reality.  The Corruption of Washington, DC is so deep I expect little in the way of true exposure.

There is a Protected Class of Corrupt Politicians and their cover is broad and deep.  If they only lurked in the shadows and did their devious deeds in the dark that would be bad enough, but today they are operating in the open.  The Protected Class of the Corrupt no longer attempt to hide their deeds because they are confident their cover is sufficient to keep them out of harm’s way and prison.  They have bought enough votes and emotionally, mentally, and politically enslaved enough voters to virtually guarantee their election and reelection.  That fact keeps them in positions of power where they can sell their souls to the highest bidder with deep enough pockets to keep them safe. 

Many of us have asked repeatedly and for a very long time, “Why are the Democrats rarely indicted even when the collude with our enemies and trample our laws and the constitution and Republicans targeted for spitting on the sidewalk?”  There is an answer and it is vividly obvious, but those who don’t want to see it do not and those of us who do have little power to change it.  The abuse of our federal agencies rose to new and despicable heights under former President Barack Hussein Obama.  I hoped that would change with the election of Donald Trump but the maniacal obsession with finding something to hang on Trump has revealed the power of the Swamp and Deep State has revealed just how deep, widespread, and powerful the Protected Class of the Corrupt truly is. 

One event exposes this Gestapo style abuse was so blatant that only the willingly blind are unable to see the farce and overkill media photo-op arrest for what it is. That event was a media event and the abuse and misuse of government funds and agencies that should be addressed by Congress immediately.  What am I talking about?  The Roger Stone arrest!  The FBI and Robert Mueller deemed it necessary to send a taskforce larger than the security detail at Benghazi to arrest this 66-year-old man.  I was not aware Mr. Stone was such a violent threat that it would require a 29-man and 17-vehicle tactical unit to take him down.  Either he is far more dangerous than Osama bin Laden or this was a political stunt to dramatize the arrest and garner as much public notice and sentiment as possible.  I think you know which, so I won’t go into it.

Lying to the FBI and the Mueller Team, if you are a Republican, is an indictable offense and the full weight of the law is brought down on you.  However, if you are a Democrat, a member of the Obama or Clinton teams, and a partisan Leftists you can lie until hell freezes over and there won’t be even a raised eyebrow.  How can that be?  How does that not scream of biases and partisan bias?  Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Christopher Steele, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr and his wife, Susan Rice, and Sally Yates to list a few lied multiple times and nobody at the FBI or on the Mueller team seemed to care. 

Some of those lied to the FBI, some to Mueller, and some to Congress, but all of them lied to the American people and they have either been granted immunity or have no fear of being indicted.  How can that be?  The Mueller team was tainted from the start and when they assisted in the wiping clean of the cellphones of both Strzok and Page any credibility they had evaporated.  I guess what someone said about this is accurate.  They said, “Being a prominent Democrat means never having to say you are sorry because the rule of law does not apply to you, only to Republicans and the Trump team.”  There are never pre-drawn guns in a raid to arrest any Democrat only if there is the need or desire to dramatize the arrest of a person with any Trump connection.  I guess that being a Republican means you are a Domestic Terrorist and more dangerous than ISIS and the MS-13 gang members. 

The wannabe presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton while serving as Secretary of State engineered the sale of a significant portion of our uranium to the Russians with the side benefit of a $500,000 payday for Bill to give a 20-minute speech in Moscow and a $140 Million donation to the “Clinton Foundation.”  Basically, a donation to their foundation was a donation to the Clinton coffers as the facts and books reveal.  She also, through her legal team, paid a foreign national millions of dollars to compile a dossier enabling a foreign national and foreign governments to interfere with our elections trying to Stop Trump.  She used a ‘bathroom server’ illegally and incredibly unwisely as a cover to hide her activities and keep Congress in the dark.

When testifying before Congress and quizzed about the deaths of our people in Benghazi she said, “What difference does that now make?”  American lives appear to be meaningless to her and the trail of suicides and suspicious deaths of people with any potential dirt on the Clintons suggests that Al Capone has nothing on them.  None of the Democrats in this series of events has faced financial ruin, but virtually every Republican targeted has.  Their lives and careers have been destroyed but the Democrats have been rewarded financially and in their careers.  How is that not clear to everyone?

The lies by Comey, Brennan, and Clapper alone should have been enough to end the endless investigation of Robert Mueller but rather than ending it, there has been an escalation.  Why?  Because with every revelation of another Democrat operative being corrupt and violating numerous laws there must be some renewed and stepped up effort, to arrest a Trump associate.  Attention had to be diverted away from the Democrats and their corruption. 

How about the American voters electing an anti-Semitic Muslim Congresswoman who married her brother to commit immigration fraud?  Congresswoman Ilhan Omar won the seat vacated by Keith Ellison and Official School records support the claim that she married her brother in 2009.  They divorced in 2017 but the marriage was an apparent attempt to commit immigration and student loan fraud.  She claims that he is not her brother, but official archived high school records and other corroborating sources strongly support that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is her brother.  That would implicate her in numerous state and federal felonies, but nothing is and likely nothing will be done to her.

The list of Democrats immune from prosecution is long and growing.  The list of Republicans indicted and under investigation is also growing.  Republicans in Congress and Mitch McConnell can I ask why you allow the Democrats to continue this travesty?  Why are you so docile and impotent?  Is it that you want to take Trump down and you really don’t care about what happens to our system of government or the Republic?  Are your position and power that important to you?

I would call to Drain the Swamp and Dismantle the Deep State but unless we clean house in Congress that would be a futile call.  America it is up to us and I only pray that we are not so far up the proverbial creek without a paddle that we cannot rectify this situation.  We can defeat this darkness but not by simply talking about it but by Prayer and Work!

God bless you and God bless America!

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