In our politically charged world filled to overflowing with Political Correctness and interminable raving against the current president, I have an observation and a question for everyone.  My observation is that considering the incessant diatribe rhetoric allegations and calls for violence against him, he has been surprisingly calm. 

Before, you blast me claiming that he is anything but calm try to put yourself in his shoes.  Try imagining every day of your life being called a traitor, accused of treason, called a phobic degenerate of some kind.  Try imagining every day of your life where someone on television, in the media, in Hollywood, and in Congress calling for your head.  Try imagining every day where someone is calling for your murder, beheading, the rape, and sodomization of your family and more.  I doubt you can imagine that but try anyway.

Now, try to place yourself in his shoes with the power to fire people under the Constitution and end some of the attacks, would you?  I dare say that most would, but he has not.  He allowed the Mueller investigation to continue even when, I’m sure, he would have liked to nip it in the bud.  He has gone on the offensive and defensive on Twitter and people are calling him every name under the sun for that.  He has called the investigation and charade of the Democrats in Congress and the complicity of the Republicans in allowing them to drive this bus a ‘witch hunt.’  Does that make him a traitor, a racist, a bigot, a phobic degenerate or any of the charges leveled at him? 

I recall former President Barack Obama jumping into situations and taking a side before the facts were known.  I recall the Obama’s and the Clinton’s using various federal agencies to target their perceived enemies.  Bill and Hillary called Ken Starr anything but a human being in his investigation of Bill.  Barack Obama used the IRS, the DOJ, and other agencies to target those who opposed him.  Donald Trump has done less of that than either of those two, but somehow, he is an unrestrained loose cannon that is mentally deranged and unfit for the office of the President. 

I am a Christian, a veteran, a lover of Freedom and Free Speech and consider my self a conservative constitutionalist and a patriot.  That being said, I can tell you, not proudly, but factually, that had someone gone public with the call for one of my children to be kidnapped, raped, and sodomized, I would not have been calm.  My indignation would have reached the boiling point and I would probably not have been too concerned if it was righteous or not.  That’s an honest confession and may make reduce your opinion of me.  You can touch me all you please and I can exercise restraint but touch my family and we have a problem.  I may have to do some serious repenting later but in the immediate, we have a problem!

President Donald Trump has endured over two years of digging, fishing, and investigations into every aspect of his life.  If he does not fully disclose every document and detail that those attacking him want, he is worthy of impeachment to them.  They all seem to forget that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others still refuse to give various bits of information requested by those trying to find something on them, but that was okay.  Seriously?  What happened to ‘equal protection under the law’?  What happened to unbiased and bipartisan searches for the truth?  My observation is, that is a mythical creature when it comes to Democrats investigating this President and anyone connected to him. 

In the Hillary scandals, we are told, “that’s ancient history, move on.”  With Brett Kavanaugh, everything from his childhood on was fair game.  With Barack Obama we are told, “that’s ancient history, move on.”  With Donald Trump, everything from the time of his birth is fair game.  The mantra has been and will continue to be that Donald J. Trump is the scum of the earth and so reprehensible that no sane person could support him, although millions did.  The attacks on his name, his character, his victory, his agenda, some which are quite similar to previous presidents is never-ending.  In the minds of the Left and those who detest him so deeply they’d prefer Hillary as president, Trump is garbage and anyone supporting him is, in the words of Hillary, “Deplorable.”  Barack Obama called those of us who support Life, the 2nd Amendment, and our religious freedom, “Bitter Clingers.” 

How are those words acceptable but Trump calling MS-13 Gang members animals, which they are, vile?  It is my observation that this President has demonstrated incredible restraint when, if he were what he is accused of, a tyrant, a totalitarian, and the myriad of other classifications, he would have squashed those opposing him like a bug. 

Those on the Left like Bernie Sanders who want Government Everything are more totalitarian than Trump has been.  Those on the Left who have rioted in the streets destroying public and private property while committing acts of violence claiming to be Anti-Fascist are being Fascist in their actions.  Trump has not done that.  Barack Obama called for those who supported him to ‘get in their faces’ and he called for his followers to ‘bring a gun when the other side brings a knife.’  Hillary expressed that she believes the rest of us incapable of raising our kids because she supported programs, as did the Obama’s that would strip parents of their rights and ability to train their children according to their beliefs.  She even said, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  No, Hillary, it takes a mother and father in a loving home following basic moral principles to train a child to become a responsible and productive adult.

So, it is my observation that no matter what President Trump and his supporters do, they are wrong in the eyes of those on the Left and worthy of extermination.  It is my question for everyone, “If you had to walk a mile or one day in his shoes and have the charges hurled at you that have been incessantly hurled at him, how would you respond?”  

If your plan is to give me a pious response, I must remind you that God is listening and one day you will have to give account for any prevarications.  I’m not saying you would respond in a full-blown attack, but would you have used your power to retaliate?  I believe that Obama did, I know that the Clinton’s did, and can say without fear of having to retract my words, George W. Bush did.  They all did in some measure.  Does that make any of Trump’s flaws justifiable?  No, but his ability to continue trying to achieve what he promised is impressive in the face of this daily fusillade or accusations and innuendos.

Love me or hate me, I love America and will back any President that is willing to put his all on the line to defend and protect this nation and preserve our freedoms and liberties.  I pray that millions wake up before the 2020 elections and help those of us who want to see limited government and a restoration of the Constitutional Republic defeat the followers of toxic liberalism in the Party of the Donkey.

God bless you and God bless America!

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