Those on both sides of the political aisle would probably say, Amen, to that statement but let me clarify what I am talking about.  I believe that one party more than the other is on a campaign to infringe upon our Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties as identified by the Constitution of these United States of America.  The slate of candidates being offered by the Democratic Party are all proponents of Big Government, most of them fully embrace Socialism, and each of them wants higher and higher taxation.  Those are just a few of the items on the table. 

Those items affect our liberty, freedom, and inalienable rights but there are others that are possible more directly aimed at the limitation or revision of our rights and freedoms.  The inane and insane agenda to plunge us into the pre-industrialized eras and take from our right to ‘keep and bear arms’ which means stripping us of our ability for self-defense are clear infringements on the rights guaranteed not granted by the Constitution.  Our Founders sought to identify certain inalienable rights that did not and could not come from the government but from the Creator and protect them.  Those of the Left believe the Constitution to be antiquated and in need of revision if not replacement.  They do not recognize God-given Rights only Government-given liberties. 

There is also an assault on Freedom of Speech, Religion, and Thought.  The PC Police driven by the Snowflake Society is engaged in a direct assault on Freedom of Speech for anyone disagreeing with their liberal slant.  They are demanding that the government establish restrictions and mandate laws to force a Christian into the adoption of and cooperation with lifestyles and beliefs that are anathema to their core convictions.  The Founders would have been up in arms over that, as should every Freedom loving American.

History gives us incredibly dire and clear examples of what can happen to a society that fails to fight for its freedom.  The slow erosion of liberties is like water dripping on a rock, it bores a hole and weakens the integrity of the rock.  Those in Nazi Germany who sought to coexist with tyranny found that coexistence was impossible for anyone outside the ideological slant of those in power.  The plight of the Jews is well documented, and the horror of the holocaust should remind us of the need to be vigilant and diligent in the oversight of our government and those seeking to lead.

In modern times, we are witnessing government’s like that of the People’s Republic of China grow increasingly totalitarian.  Unlike the United States, the people of China have not enjoyed the provisions of self-rule through Representative Government and the erosion into complete totalitarianism is blossoming like a rose and the fruit is on the vine.  The Chinese government has systematically and effectively taken more and more control of every aspect of the people’s lives and stripped them of liberty after liberty. 

I’ve seen reports on the Chinese digital experiment that could rightly be called digital totalitarianism.  It began on a large scale in 2010 and has grown exponentially since.  This allows the government to both monitor and control every aspect of people’s lives.  We have the buddings of those designs in American technology and people are dismissing it as though it were nothing more Orwellian fiction.  The people of China are graded on a social credit scale and a lower social credit score can and does dramatically affect the individual’s life and could cost them their very existence.  There are designs for that in America and those designs are embraced by one party far more than the other.

I have long warned that for Big Government to achieve its objective of total control it must collect massive amounts of intricate detail and data on every citizen.  No one is too unimportant for surveillance.  Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the other social media venues are working in what appears to be a coordinated effort to build the platform and amass the data required for Total Control.  Yet, when I say that, many simply shrug their shoulders, roll their eyes, and say, “Conspiracist.” 

In the 2020 Elections, we will either vote to give the quest for control by the Leftist paramountcy or we will reject and defeat their agenda.  Millions of Americans are buying the snake oil that is being packaged and sold regarding the inherent dangers of Climate Change or Global Warming. 

They are buying the philosophy that somehow the inanimate firearm is the problem and by stripping law-abiding gun owners of their rights crime, murder, and evil will be eradicated.  They are buying the idea that the rich and corporations are the problem economically and if they are taxed into non-existence everyone will be better off.  They are buying the theory that it is within the scope of a woman’s right to choose and a matter of women’s health to kill that unwanted baby in the womb, disregarding that unborn babies right to life.  They are buying the idea that borders are inhumane, and we are citizens of the world, therefore, people should have free ingress and egress into America.  They are endorsing the philosophy of justification to force a Christian to abandon their core convictions to accommodate the beliefs of another group. 

We are being asked to voluntarily surrender our rights and freedoms and open the door to the very real possibility of having our Freedoms so abridged that any who hold to a conservative, constitutional, and/or Christian view being labeled a criminal.  In a totalitarian government, those of us not in power could find that our ability to read what we choose, watch what we desire, blog what we believe, go where we desire, and interact with others subject to the whim of the ruling powers.  We could lose those liberties or face jail time or death because of our actions or our inactions. 

I believe that is what is at stake in the 2020 Elections and people will either blindly, knowingly, or deludedly open the door to the surrender of their rights, liberties, and freedoms.  Sadly, their volunteering will not just affect them but all Americans.  No, I am not saying the Republican Party is saintly or right in everything.  What I am saying is that the National platform of the Democratic Party and those seeking to lead that Party are dangerously wrong for America.  The toxicity of liberalism the drive toward Socialism, and the stripping our nation of the ability to maintain its sovereignty is deadly. 

Therefore, if you like your Freedom and desire to keep it, please consider voting NO on the Leftists in November 2020.  I truly believe that our Constitutional Republic and our Freedoms are hanging in the balance.

God bless you and God bless America!

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