I wondered why President Trump did not declassify much of the information regarding Hillary, the Steele Dossier, and much more months ago, but think I see a picture that is hopeful.  It appears that he, probably through the advice of some astute legal and political counsel waited until they had taken their best shot and came up empty.  Now would be a perfect time to put it all on the table, making public the declassified documents, data, and information.  That would put the Democrats and Media in a tizzy and in a pickle, they desperately want to avoid.

If the President declassifies much of the information regarding the Russia probe, the FBI spying, and even the involvement of Barack Obama or his administration, CNN, the New York Times and all the liberal leftist propaganda machines would not be unable to squash it.  They would try but the public and some that they are determined to keep in the dark would have the light shined on them.  Would it matter?  I suggest that it would to those on the fence, but not those on the Far Left or the Far Right, those camps are entrenched. 

I believe that his restraint was a stroke of brilliance and stole from the Left another possible means of accusing him of obstruction.  He waited, they dug, dug, dug, and manufactured and still came up empty.  Robert Mueller violated so many ethical protocols in his report as well as violating the constitutional guidelines and restraints imposed on him.  Do the Democrats care?  Not so far as I can see, but then what would I have expected.  Mueller’s letter as an addendum to his report was designed to provide them a tool to attack and proceed with their never-ending and desperate search for something to hang their impeachment hats upon. 

The public needs to know and the Department of Justice needs to investigate the process and the players in the FISA warrants obtained, the lies told, the fabricated data, to spy on Trump and his associates.  The public needs to be made fully aware of what Obama knew as well as when he knew it.  We need to know the depth of his involvement either directly or indirectly into this attempted coup to overturn a legitimate presidential election. 

We are not a third-world dictatorship where those in power ignore the rule of law and violate the constitution.  We are the United States of America founded on the premise and principle that “All men are created equal and have inalienable rights including the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  We have a long-standing principle that everyone is “innocent until proven guilty.”  That has been violated and ignored.

I believe that the declassification of as many documents as legally, constitutionally, while maintaining our national security will benefit the President and the GOP in November 2020.  Of course, the Left would insist that the declassified documents only tell part of the story and are slanted to benefit the President.  They would ignore facts, decry truth, and spin the spin to dupe the dupable keeping them in the fold of liberalism and blind to reality.

I believe that the very fabric of our American Republic is under attack by the Left and those wanting to, as did Barack H. Obama, to ‘fundamentally transform America’.  This is war and failure to recognize it will destroy us.   

If you have not, I urge you to search out and read the letter of Emmet T. Flood to the Attorney General in his response to the Mueller report as well as the investigation.  He details the flaws and failures as well as the incredible legal defect of Mueller’s report and actions.  If you read it objectively you will see the partisan bias from the beginning and the ignoring of ethical and normal prosecutorial procedures by the Mueller Team.  It reveals another reason for the President to declassify as much as he can and release it to the public.

We are witnessing many of our Freedoms and Liberties being eroded in this process.  Before you suggest that the Democrats going after Trump does not infringe on our liberties as citizens, I suggest you pause and think.  If the inversion of “innocence and guilt” are applied as a normal investigative process where does that put us? 

Imagine being accused of some crime and rather than the investigators seeking to find evidence of the crime, they put the burden of proof of innocence on you.  Simply, you become guilty and must prove your innocence.  You are laden with the burden to exonerate yourself.  It is bad enough to be accused of something because the stigma and doubt linger forever in the minds of some, but to be further burdened with exonerating yourself is beyond the scope of the law and the constitution’s guidelines.  That’s what this has been, and it is not only an attack on the President but every citizen who runs afoul of the Politically Correct Police and Ideological Leftist in power.  That is frightening or should be!

I have long prayed for God to expose all the corruption in government no matter what stripe the guilty wear.  I want to see the Swamp drained and the Deep State dismantled.  I want to see America return to being, the Constitutional Republic our Founders established, and we have enjoyed.  I want to see a return to Citizen Representation in Congress rather than career political elitist who have never held any other job governing us.  I want our full constitutional rights, liberties, freedoms, and privileges restored and see a society where everyone is expected to and does carry their own part of the burden of maintaining a Free Society and Republic.

This limited discussion explains, at least in part, why I cannot support the National Democratic Ticket for President.  Their diatribe, rhetoric, ideology, and agenda deter any possibility of my voting for them.  They oppose virtually everything I believe in and hold dear.  They pretend to be for the people but are for themselves and expansive dictatorial authoritarian government and control.  Yes, there are members of the GOP who are not much better, if any, but at least as a whole, the GOP’s basic platform is one I can support most of the time.  I ask that you join me in this struggle and pray for sanity to prevail, freedom to remain intact, and the Left go down in flames in November 2020.  It is up to us!

God bless you and God bless America!

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