I continue to believe in the American people although sometimes that is incredibly difficult.  I don’t trust the polls, but I do view them and take them into account when I am assessing the situation politically.  I weigh them and try to determine which bent they pollsters have ideologically.  I seek to know who did the poll, where the data came from, and if those producing the information have a revealed political agenda.  Facts matter and polls could be valuable if they are honest and unbiased in their questions.  However, few are.

When the Democrats reclaimed control of the House of Representatives after the 2018 elections, I expected much of what we have gotten.  I wondered if there would be any moderate Democrats (if there is such a creature) would speak out against the incredible shift to the far far far far left by the party.  I was pleasantly surprised that a few, precious few, did.  I wondered if the leading voices in the Democrat Party would listen and heed their cautions.  They did not, which was no surprise.

The Democrats had a noticeable if not sizeable advantage in favorability among the voting public prior to that election.  I wondered if they would squander their political capital as the Republicans have frequently done and blow it?  I cannot say for certain that they have, are, or will but there are signs that encourage me that they are losing ground.  That is good for conservatives, constitutionalists, and the Republic. 

The Tsunami of Blue did not occur as they predicted but they did pick up over 40 seats as opposed to the Republicans who gained marginally in the Senate.  A recent poll that I saw suggested that the Blue advantage had vanished.

I include this poll because of its source.  You cannot accuse the pollsters of being heavily pro-Trump, this was the New York Times and Pew Research.  Many are suggesting that this shift must be laid at the feet of the Democratic 2020 presidential candidates.  There are specifics that can be referred to as catalysts but being deaf to America is the #1 in my view.

Of the Left’s key issues here’s what was reported:

Decriminalizing illegal border crossings – 67% viewed that as a bad idea while 27% thought it is a good idea.  Slavery reparations – 63% viewed that as a bad idea with 26% thinking it is a good idea. Replacing private insurance – 55% viewed that as a bad idea with 40% thinking it is a good idea.  Repeal Obamacare – 50% viewed that as a bad idea with 45% thinking it is a good idea.  (The Left is still winning on that last one. Why I will never understand.)

When it comes to the impossible Utopian dream of Free Everything the poll was interesting and disturbing:

Free Public College – 45% thought it was a bad idea and 51% a good idea.  $15 minimum wage – 42% thought it was a bad idea and 55% a good idea.  A Green New Deal – 34% thought it was a bad idea and 60% a good idea.  Millionaire Tax – 34% thought that was a bad idea and 61% a good idea. (Envy and Greed kicked in big time).  

Pathway to citizenship for illegals – 32% thought that was a bad idea and 63% a good idea.  (Goodbye America if that happens as the Democrats are proposing.)  Regulation of drug prices – 28% considered that a bad idea and 67% a good idea.  (What the government regulates it controls and it won’t stop with drug prices but distribution as well.) 

Voluntary Medicare for All – 26% thought that was a bad idea and 69% a good idea.  Gun background checks expansion – 10% considered that a bad idea and 88% a good idea.  (Know that the gun control and confiscation movement is picking up steam.)

Some of these make me wonder if people are thinking beyond the question.  Let me answer that, No, they are not!  Support for the Green New Deal is seemingly strong when those same people are asked about government control and cost, the support drops dramatically.  I wonder how the questions were posed and how much thought people put into their answers. 

I continue to hope that if the Democrats nominate someone like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren that the public will immediately reject those extreme radical views and in the words of Nancy Reagan, ‘Just say No!  The stakes are incredibly high in the 2020 presidential election.  Actually, it is high in all the elections.  If Biden wins the nomination, he might voice some more Left Center views and have some support that I believe Sanders and Warren would lose.  That is if the American people actually think for a millisecond.

We are facing a crisis in America politically and if we fail to defeat the Leftist, Activists, Globalists, Socialists, Democrats we will watch the incredible destruction of much of our Republic if not its complete demise.  Call me an Alarmist, I don’t care.  I see the danger and I’m not chicken little yelling that the sky is falling and do not have my finger poked in the hole in the dam.  The threat is real, and it is imperative that we pray like never before, work tirelessly, and above all Vote and Vote for America and against the Destruction of the Republic proposed by the Left.

God bless you and God bless America!

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